The Underdogs: Giants Are Favorites in Just One Game in 2020

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants have been a bit of a doormat in the NFL the past six seasons, posting just one winning season since 2012 and posting a .438 winning percentage for the 2010-2019 decade, their lowest win/loss percentage since the Wilderness Years of the 1970s.

So, it makes perfect sense that the oddsmakers, who now have the full NFL regular season schedule in their hands – have made the Giants favorites in just one game for the 2020 season. They are underdogs in 12 games and pick’em in three.

WEEK 1: Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants +3 (Monday)
WEEK 2: New York Giants @ Chicago Bears -5
WEEK 3:  San Francisco 49ers @ New York Giants +6½
WEEK 4:  New York Giants @ Los Angeles Rams -6½
WEEK 5:  New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys -7½
WEEK 6:  Washington Redskins @ New York Giants -5
WEEK 7:  New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles -7 (Thursday)
WEEK 8:  Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New York Giants +3 (Monday)
WEEK 9:  New York Giants @ Washington Redskins pk
WEEK 10:  Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants +3½
WEEK 12:  New York Giants @ Cincinnati Bengals pk
WEEK 13:  New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks -8½
WEEK 14:  Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants pk
WEEK 15:  Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants +1
WEEK 16:  New York Giants @ Baltimore Ravens -12½
WEEK 17:  Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants +3

Last season, the Giants were favorites five times and had an against the spread record of 7-9.

Some interesting facts about the upcoming season from

Baltimore is favored in all 16 games.
New Orleans is favored in 14 with two pick’ems.
San Francisco is favored in 13, one game a underdog, and two as a pick’em.
Kansas City is favored in 14 and underdogs for two.
Tampa Bay is favored in 12, underdogs for three and a pick’em for one.
Jacksonville is an underdog in all 16 games.
Cincinnati is favored in 1, underdogs in 14 and a pick’em in one
Carolina is favored in two, underdogs in 13 with one pick’em.
Washington is favored in two, underdogs in 13 with one pick’em.

Home team is favored 166 times, 64.8% of the time
Road team is favored 74 times, 28.9% of the time
16 games are a pick’em, 6.3% of the time
Week 5 has the most home favorites with 14 of 15
Week 7 is the only week where more road teams are favored (5-7-2)