New York Islanders: 2 Trades Lou Lamoriello Must Make

New York Islanders, Nick Leddy

The number of times I’ve said that the New York Islanders have no cap space is too numerous to count. The Islanders aren’t loaded with pieces to move other pieces. What I’m saying is that the Isles cannot make a Marc Staal-esque trade. Since the Isles are in a difficult cap situation with no great trade pieces, there are only two trades I know the Isles must make, and it involves some defensemen.

Nick Leddy

This may be surprising to NHL fans, but Nick Leddy has trade value. Nick Leddy had a solid year, but it’s Noah Dobson’s time to shine. Leddy’s trade value apparently has been ramping up as of late.

It’s looking like the minimum return for Leddy is a 2nd round pick. The Islanders have zero second-round picks until the 2022 NHL Entry Draft. Now the Isles can either ship Leddy off for cap space or package him. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team like Ottawa would offer up Anthony Duclair for Leddy and maybe Leo Komarov. A Leddy trade is something the Isles must do.

Johnny Boychuk

Johnny Boychuk’s cap hit is absolutely terrible. The fact that Garth Snow believed this contract would help the Isles, in the long run, is ridiculous. Boychuk is a great player and an ageless wonder, but it’s past his time. He’s hurt often now and was benched in favor of Andy Greene during the playoff run.

Now the question is who in the right mind would take on Boychuk’s contract? Well, no one is taking on Boychuk straight up, there has to be a deal sweetener. Josh Ho-Sang seems like someone that has a little trade value. Ho-Sang and Boychuk for I guess a 7th round pick. If the Isles can make that trade, they are complete masterminds of the trade market.

New York Islanders: Is Patrick Laine a Real Possibility?

The New York Islanders might finally make the biggest splash of the summer. According to Roger Dicklund, a former NHL scout, the Jets and the Islanders have been making a ton of noise over a Patrick Laine deal. Now, this doesn’t mean the Islanders are 100% getting Laine, and that you should get his jersey right now. But, this does mean that there is a chance this deal could happen. The Islanders would have to give up on some big-time players if they want to obtain Laine. What would the deal look like?

3-Way Trade?

The Islanders might have to make a 3-way trade due to cap space restrictions. The problem with a 3-way trade is that the Islanders have to do all of the heavy lifting. And by heavy lifting, I mean getting rid of good young prospects.

So, in this scenario, I have a trade between the Jets, Islanders, and Lightning. The Islanders obviously receive Laine, but they have to trade Leo Komarov, Oliver Wahlstrom, and Nick Leddy to the Jets. While the Jets have to trade Laurent Brossoit and a first to the Lightning for Anthony Cirelli. This trade is a little bonkers, to say the least, but who says no?

Straight Up Trade?

The Islanders can make a straight-up trade with the Jets, but do the Jets want to take on a bad salary? Probably not, but at the same time, they can just lose Laine next year, so they don’t have a choice. So this trade is Patrick Laine for Leo Komarov, Nick Leddy, a 4th round pick, and Otto Koviula. I don’t think this is a bad trade, but it’s not a great trade. What are your thoughts on this?

New York Islanders: Will Noah Dobson Get the Starting Spot Next Year?

New York Islanders, Noah Dobson

New York Islanders‘ defenseman Noah Dobson is close to NHL ready. There’s one problem for Dobson, though; there’s a million other defensemen on the roster. The Islanders have established defensemen like Nick Leddy and Johnny Boychuk. Both of those defenders have long, expensive contracts. This makes them hard to trade and lowers Dobson’s chances of starting a lot.  How can Noah Dobson start next year?

Have a Strong Training Camp

Training camp is a time for unproven draft picks, old veterans, and undrafted free agents to show that they have what it takes. Noah Dobson is no different. Just because he was the number 12th overall pick doesn’t mean he gets a hall pass. Dobson has to give it his all on every single rep and take the spot away. Last year, general manager Lou Lamoriello has stated that he would give Dobson every shot to make the team. It won’t be as hard to make the team for Dobson, but it will still be a challenge, especially if he wants to be in the top 6. Sliding in with Nick Leddy or whoever stays around isn’t a gift; he will have to earn every minute.

Trading Talent

There are a few defenders that need to go if Noah Dobson wants a shot of making the team. Nick Leddy has the most trade value out of all those defenders. If the Islanders can unload Nick Leddy off for someone like Tomas Tatar, Dobson moves up in the depth chart. Johnny Boychuk already has one foot in the grave. Andy Greene took his spot for the playoffs indefinitely. Boychuk doesn’t have much trade value; he’s old and costs a lot of money. It would be nice for the Islanders to trade Boychuk due to cap space problems, but it’s unlikely.


Noah Dobson has a good shot to start next year, but he has to work for it. There are many obstacles in front of him, but adversity builds character.