Yankees News: Gleyber Torres responds to losing shortstop job, Nestor Cortes continues to dominate

New York Yankees, Nestor Cortes Jr.

The New York Yankees are currently on a three-game winning streak as they try to retain their spot in the Wild Card. However, both Toronto and Boston emerged victorious on Wednesday, leaving the three teams in a tie at the top of the WC standings.

Both Boston and New York barely emerged victorious, as the Red Sox went into extra innings, eventually beating Seattle 9-4, and the Yankees required a 9th inning single by Brett Gardner to take the lead. However, there are changes and shifts being made to the Yankees team, especially with a lack of starting pitching talent currently available.

Thankfully, one of the team’s most underrated players, Nestor Cortes Jr., pitched 6.1 innings against Baltimore, allowing just three hits and one run, striking out 11 batters. Cortes currently holds a 2.60 ERA and has established himself as a primary starter for the team. The bullpen has struggled at times — Chad Green allowed two hits and two runs over 1.1 innings.

It required a bit of luck to steal a win from Baltimore on Wednesday, as Gardern’s single blooped into shallow left field in the pouring rain, making the play even more problematic.

The Yankees are making moves in the infield:

The Yankees have been experimenting with different combinations in the infield, as they have permanently moved Gleyber Torres back to second base. To supplement that move, the Yankees moved DJ LeMahieu to third base and Gio Urshela to shortstop. Torres admitted that he struggled at SS, and he would do whatever it takes for the team to win more games, even if that means changing positions. He’s made 18 errors this season at arguably the most important infield position, which has hurt the Yankees on multiple occasions.

“Everything for the team,” Torres said before Tuesday night’s game at the Baltimore Orioles. “I didn’t really do a good job at short. I made too many errors and I feel the way we are right now we can’t make any errors. So, I feel really good to move to second and I just want to be part of the team.”

With one more contest against Baltimore on Thursday evening, the Yankees will closely be watching Boston and Toronto, who continue to win as well. Jordan Montgomery will feature on the mound, hosting a 3.71 ERA over 138.1 innings pitched this year. He’s allowed 127 hits and struck out 137 batters. On the other side, Baltimore will start Chris Ellis, who has a 2.08 ERA this season but has only pitched a small sample size of 21.2 innings. This is a must-win game for the Yankees as they prepare to host Cleveland on Friday night.

New York Yankees: Takeaways from a once in 100-year embarrassment

New York Yankees, Nestor Cortes Jr.

After losing 3 straight to the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Yankees entered last night’s game with the hope of winning at least one game against the surging Canadian rival. The Yankees had Nestor Cortes Jr. on the mound pitted against the Jays’ Jose Berrios. It probably wasn’t a surprise to Yankees fans that they failed again. The Yankees lost the game 6-4.

Is Nasty Nestor tiring out?

Nasty Nestor is called that for his ability to be nasty in getting opponent hitters out. Cortes Jr. has been a Godsend for the New York Yankees ever since he took over for the injured Corey Kluber. But last night, cracks showed up in his armor. Right off the bat, he gave up a home run to Bo Bichette, who led off for the Jays and started with a Blue Jays lead with a massive homer to left field. Semien followed with a single to left. Right then and there, it seemed Cortes didn’t have his best stuff.

Nevertheless, Cortes gave the Yankees length going six innings and only giving up 2 earned runs. He struck out 5 and didn’t walk anyone. But a question arises going forward. Is Cortes tiring? Cortes has always been a reliever, pitching an inning or two every few days. But now that he is a starter, he is pitching more than in his entire career. Since the beginning of August, he has pitched over 40 innings. Pitching six or seven innings takes a lot more out of a pitcher than pitching just an inning or two, both physically and emotionally.

All this being said, in fairness to Cortes, giving up two runs over six innings more often than not will get you a win, but not with this Yankee team that gives little run support.

Too little too late

The Yankees bats, for the most part, have been dead over the last week or so. Last night was no different. Over the first eight innings, the Yankees only had an Anthony Rizzo home run and a couple of other hits. But in the ninth inning, the Yankees behind by 4 runs, the bats erupted. Gary Sanchez and Luke Voit, pinch-hitting hit back-to-back home runs. But it was too little too late as Urshela followed by striking out and ending the game with the Yankees’ sixth loss in a row.

Challenges build for banged-up rotation

If you wanted to overview the Yankees pitching situation, you would see a banged-up rotation and a bullpen that is spent. Although this is bad anytime during the season, it is especially concerning in the last weeks of the season as the New York Yankees are fighting to stay alive and play in the postseason.

Yankee fans found out last night that Jameson Taillon had an injured ankle tendon that will cause him to miss at least one start. He was put on the 10 day IL retroactive to September 7th. This is after Gerrit Cole left his game against the Blue Jays with hamstring tightness. He may also miss a start. Corey Kluber is back but very rusty after not pitching for three months.

With various starters not going deep into games and an ineffective closer in Aroldis Chapman, it has caused a once great bullpen to be totally overworked and tired out. So last night Sal Romano, a minor leaguer, was called up to shore up the pen. But, unfortunately, he took the loss for the Yankees.




New York Yankees: Takeaways from the Yankees struggle to win over the O’s (video)

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

After a disappointing road trip when the New York Yankees went 5-4 and a day off yesterday, they entered a 3 game series with the Baltimore Orioles last night. With their race to the postseason in jeopardy, the Yankees should win if not sweep a series against a team that will lose 110 games this season. In-game one, the Yankees sent Nestor Cortes Jr. to the mound to face the Orioles, John Means. In a game that should have been won easily, it went into the eleventh inning with Giancarlo Stanton walking off Aaron Judge for the Yankee 4-3 win.

A struggle to beat the worst team in baseball

Last night’s win over the Orioles in the eleventh inning was a joyful event worth celebrating on the field as the Yankees pulled out a walk-off win in the eleventh inning. But looking deeper into the win, the Yankees should be concerned, very concerned. The New York Yankees aren’t just any team; they are a team that was fighting for a win in the AL East, that is now fighting to hold onto a wild card berth just 1 1/2 games ahead of the Red Sox.

The bottom line in all of this is that the Yankees must dominate teams they should win over. The Texas Rangers, and yes, the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles are on pace to lose 110 games or more this season. The Yankees have to be more consistent and sweep these teams. For most of the season, the Yankees have blown open games or have gone nearly hitless. Those gone hitless games are why the Yankees are in this desperate situation. Last night against the worst team in baseball, they produced only 3 hits off starter John Means.

You may say, yes, but he is the Oriole’s ace, that’s true, but he is an ace with a losing record. In the next four innings off of three relievers, they could only muster up another hit. The Yankees must do better than this if they want to advance in the postseason, or it will be just another Yankee failed season.

Nestor Cortes Jr. continues to be nasty

One of the brightest memories of this season will arise out of hardship; two-time Cy Young Award winner Cory Kluber went on the IL for 3 months suffering from a shoulder strain. Enter Nestor Cortes Jr., a reliever with an ERA of 11.5 in the first two years of his professional career with the Seattle Mariners and the Baltimore Orioles. General manager Brian Cashman saw something in Cortes and signed him to a minor league contract. The rest is history. Learn more here.

When Kluber went onto the IL, the New York Yankees looked for help; it came in the form of Nestor Cortes Jr. The reliever turned starter has been a Godsend for the Yankees. Although his win-loss record may not be impressive, he has kept the Yankees in the game in seven of his eight starts. He has allowed only 13 runs in those eight starts. Last night was one of his best outings, pitching into the sixth inning only giving up one earned run while striking out seven.

Giancarlo Stanton, the Yankee’s powerhouse

Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton will fight it out for the New York Yankees named MVP this season, but this piece is not about that; it’s about Stanton’s power. No major league hitter hits the ball harder than Giancarlo Stanton. On October 1, 2017, Stanton had a 122.2 mph single off the Braves’ Max Fried shocking the baseball world with his exit velocity off the bat.

His time with the Yankees may not have been what Yankee fans hoped for, but something that never left him was his power. Through no fault of his own, Stanton has been riddled with injuries during his Yankee career, but this is 2021, a season that he has been mostly healthy and is showing signs of his 2017 NL MVP season. He has hit the Yankee’s eight most powerful hits of the season. He hit a grand slam off the Orioles that exited his bat at 115.1 mph earlier in the season. According to Bryan Hock against the Royals, he duplicated the 2017 feat hitting a ball 122.2 mph for his 2021 record. Stanton owns the record for the three hardest hits in baseball and the eight hardest-hit balls of 2021.

Last night  Stanton blasted a 424′ homer in the fourth to left field off of John Means. But the highlight of the night was in the eleventh inning with Aaron Judge on base. Stanton hit his second hardest (121.1 mph) hit of the season, a single driving-in Judge for the Yankees walk-off win.  It was the hardest walk-off hit since Statcast kept records in 2015.

New York Yankees Recap: Stanton walked off Judge in the eleventh for the Yankee win

After a disappointing road trip when the New York Yankees went 5-4 and a day off yesterday, tonight they entered a 3 game series with the Baltimore Orioles. With their race to the postseason in jeopardy, the Yankees should win if not sweep a series against a team that will lose 110 games this season. In game one, the Yankees sent Nestor Cortes Jr. to the mound to face the Orioles, John Means. In a game that should have been won easily, it went into the eleventh inning with Giancarlo Stanton walking off Aaron Judge for the Yankee 4-3 win.

Leading off the first inning was the O’s Cedric Mullins, who against Cortes, flew out to Gallo in left. Ryan Mountcastle flew out to Judge in centerfield. Austin Hays went down on strikes for a 1-2-3 inning for Cortes. At the bottom, DJ LeMahiew faced the O’s John Means and ground out to third. Joey Gallo walked. Aaron Judge, who hit over .500 during the road trip, struck out swinging. Giancarlo Stanton went down on strikes to end the scoreless inning.

The top of the second was led off by Trey Mancini, who singled up the middle. Ramon Urias popped out to LeMahieu on the right side. Anthony Santander popped out to catcher Sanchez. Jorge Mateo went down on strike. In the bottom, Anthony Rizzo flew out to the warning track in centerfield. Luke Voit went down looking. Gleyber Torres, in his first at-bat since going on the IL with a thumb strain, struck out. No score.

Jahmai Jones led off the third inning by going down on strikes. Austin Wynns singled in front of Stanton in the right field. Mullins went down on strikes. Mountcastle got the third strikeout of the inning. At the bottom, Rougie Odor led off by striking out. Gary Sanchez ground out to third base. LeMahieu flew out to center for another scoreless inning.

The fourth inning was led off by Hays, who flew out to Stanton in right. Mancini went down on another four-seamer from Cortes. Urias walked. Santander singled, moving Urias to second. Mateo ground out to Odor to end the inning. At the bottom, Gallo led off by going down swinging. Judge flew out in front of the right-field wall. Stanton homered to right (424′). Rizzo followed with a long double to center field. Voit ground out to end the inning. Means had not allowed a Yankee hit until Stanton’s home run. New York Yankees 1 O’s 0.

Jones led off the fifth inning by striking out swinging. Wynn flew out to Gallo in left. Mullins ground out to first with an assist from Cortes. At the bottom, Torres flew out to the warning track in right-center. Odor worked a walk. Sanchez singled with Odor taking third. LeMahieu with men on the corners and one out had a sac fly driving in Odor from third. Gallo struck out, but the Yankees tacked on another run. New York Yankees 2 O’s 0.

The sixth inning was led off by Mountcastle, who walked. Hays hit into a double play. Mancini put the Orioles on the board with a homer off the second deck facing in left, and that was the end of the night for Cortes Jr. Jonathan Loaisiga came in to face Urias, who went down on Loaisiga’s 11th pitch. Aaron Judge led off the bottom by doubling to left. Stanton flew out to shallow left. Rizzo walked. Voit with two on and one out went down looking. Torres flew out deep to center. New York Yankees 2 Baltimore Orioles 1.

Santander led off the seventh inning and ground out to first. Mateo just homered to the left to tie the game up at 2. Stewart pinch-hitting ground out. Wynns flew out to Judge to end the inning. At the bottom, Odor went down on strikes. Sanchez ground out to third. LeMahieu tapped out in front of the plate to end the inning. Yankees 2 Orioles 2.

The eighth inning was led off by Mullins, who ground out to left. Mountcastle ground out to Torres at short. Hays hit a double to left-center. Mancini was intentionally walked. Urias struck out swinging. At the bottom, Gallo struck out. Judge reached on an E6 at short. Stanton flew out to center. Rizzo struck out swinging after putting one into the second deck just foul. Yankees 2 Orioles 2.

The ninth inning saw closer Aroldis Chapman on the mound facing Santander, who went down strikes that David Cone called a forkball. Mateo walked.  Kelvin Gutierrez pinch-hitting went down on strikes. Wynns struck out swinging to end the half, leaving a walk-off win for the Yankees a possibility. At the bottom, Voit went down on the ninth pitch. Torres ground out to third. Odor faced the new O’s pitcher Cole Sulser and went down swinging as the game went into the tenth inning. The game tied at 2.

The tenth inning was started with ghost runner Ryan McKenna at second base. Mullins, with Wandy Peralta pitching, struck out. Mountcastle singled, driving in McKenna for the Orioles lead. Mountcastle went to second on the throw. Hays walked. With two on and one out, Mancini hit into a double play to end the half, but the O’s took the lead. The Yankees, with the last licks going into the bottom, had Tyler Wade as the ghost runner. Sanchez struck out. LeMahieu doubled with Tyler Wade scoring to tie the game at 3. LeMahieu moved to third on a passed ball. Gallo flew out to the infield. Judge faced another O’s reliever in Dillon Tate. Judge ground out to end the inning and bring it into the eleventh. Game tied at 3.

Urias faced Clay Holmes with Mancini as the ghost runner; he got a base hit to right, moving Mancini to third. Santander with two on and no outs popped out. Mateo flew out to right, and Stanton fired into home, preventing Mancini from advancing. Kelvin Gutierrez was called out on strikes giving the Yankees another chance of a walk-off win. In the bottom, with ghost runner Aaron Judge at second. Giancarlo Stanton led off by walking off Aaron Judge with a single up the middle for the New York Yankees win.

The final score was the New York Yankees 4 and the Baltimore Orioles 3. The winning pitcher was Clay Holmes, and the loser was Dillon Tate.






New York Yankees: Yankees start three games with the Orioles, here’s the preview

The New York Yankees are back at Yankee Stadium after a road trip to Atlanta and the West Coast. The Yankees went 5-4 over the span. This evening at the Stadium in the Bronx, the Yankees have their first game of three in a weekend series with the Baltimore Orioles. With the loss of 4 games during the road trip, the Yankees had slipped back in the AL East standings. However, while the Yankees were idle yesterday, they gained on the Tampa Bay Rays as they lost to the Red Sox. They are now 6.5 games behind the Rays.

This is an important series for the Yankees as they chase the Tampa Bay Rays for the lead in the AL East with only 28 games left to go in the regular season. To help the Yankees accomplish that, they must sweep this series over a team that will lose 110 games this season. The Rays steamrolled them early last week, and even the Red Sox swept them, scoring 30 runs to their 5. Sweeping the Orioles will give the Yankees good vibes entering a difficult four-game series with the Toronto Blue Jays.

After the Blue Jays, the Yankees will face the crosstown New York Mets for a weekend series. After that, they will have another 3 game series with the Orioles. Then to close out the season, they will have 3 with the Indians, Rangers, Red Sox, the Blue Jays again, and finally the last 3 of the regular season with the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. If the Yankees can win more games than the Rays over the span, the season could come down to those last three against the Rays at the Stadium.

Tonight, September 3, 7:05 pm:

Tonight, the New York Yankees will start a three-game series with the Baltimore Orioles. Nestor Cortes Jr. will be on the mound for the Yankees. Cortes Jr. has been a Godsend for the Yankees during Corey Kluber and Domingo German’s injuries issues. Cortes, reliever turned starter, is 2-2 with an ERA of 2.77 and 64 strikeouts in 9 games, of which the Yankees won 6 of them.  Few Orioles has seen Cortes pitch, but those that have are hitless of him.

Cortes Jr. will face the Orioles John Means, who is 5-6 with an ERA of 3.46 and 104 strikeouts. The Yankees are very familiar with Means, having faced him many times in recent years. However, means is coming off a horrid August with the Orioles losing all of his five starts. Brett Gardner and Giancarlo Stanton have hit best off of Means. In multiple at-bats, Gardner has a .429 batting average off him and Stanton .500 in 8 at-bats.

Saturday, September 4, 1:05 pm:

Yankee lefty Jordan Montgomery will start Saturday’s matinee. “Monty” is 5-5 with an ERA of 3.52 and 126 strikeouts. He has pitched much better than his record would indicate. Of all Yankee pitchers, he has gotten the least run support. Nevertheless, the Yankees won 3 of his 4 starts in August. His last start was a loss from the Athletics when he went six innings with the Yankees giving him zero run support. He gave up no earned runs in his outing.

Montgomery will face the Orioles Chris Ellis, who is a righty. His record is 1-0 with a 3.09 ERA. Ellis’s only win this season came as a reliever for the Tampa Bay Rays before he was traded to the Orioles. As an Oriole, he has pitched in two games. With the Orioles needing starters, he got his chance to start games but has only gone a maximum of 4.1 innings in his last outing, a loss to the Toronto Blue Jays. However, he has a bit of an edge going onto this game as no Yankee has ever seen him pitch except in videos.

Sunday, September 5, 1:05 pm:

Sunday’s matinee will feature Corey Kluber’s second start back off the injured list while suffering a shoulder ailment. In Kluber’s first start, he showed a considerable amount of rust after pitching the Yankees only no-hitter earlier in the season. After missing three months of the season and not pitching for nearly two years before being acquired by the Yankees, the rust is not a surprise. Kluber is 4-3 with an ERA of 3.61 and 61 strikeouts in eleven games. The Yankees won 4 of his 5 starts in May, including his complete-game no-hitter on May 19th against the Rangers. Therefore, the Yankees will look for an improvement this outing.

Kluber will face the Oriole’s Keegan Akin, a lefty with an elevated ERA of 6.90 with 68 strikeouts in 20 games, 13 as a starter. He is coming off a win against the Toronto Blue Jays, but the Orioles have lost 12 of the last 13 games he pitched in. He lasted only three innings in a loss to the Yankees on August 3rd. Brett Gardner, DJ LeMahieu, Aaron Judge, Tyler Wade, and Kyle Higasioka have hit .500 off them this season.

Note: All three of these games will be televised on the YES Network and MASN. Saturday’s matinee will also be available on MLBN out of market.

New York Yankees Recap: Yankees winning streak ends at 13, A’s 3-2

New York Yankees, NYY, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton

Today the New York Yankees went for win number 14 in a row. It was the third game of a four-game set between the Yankees and the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum. Nestor Cortes Jr. was on the mound for the Yankees and Frankie Montas for the Athletics. The winning streak was broken as the Athletics won the game 3-2.

DJ LeMahieu led off for the Yankees and chopped out to first. Anthony Rizzo flew out to left field. Aaron Judge, who accounted for four of yesterday’s Yankees runs, hit a doubled on a hit to left that Canha couldn’t handle. For Judge, it was his 20th game on base. Giancarlo Stanton went down on strikes to end the half. At the bottom, Josh Harrison led off by striking out. Starling Marte flew out to Stanton in right. Matt Olson worked a walk. Then, Yan Gomes flew out to Judge in center to end the inning scoreless.

The second inning was led off by Joey Gallo, who lined out to center. Luke Voit struck out swinging. Gary Sanchez ground out to third.  Matt Chapman led off the bottom by flying out to Gallo and left. Mark Canha flew out to Judge in center. Chad Pinder doubled to left. Sean Murphy walked. Tony Kemp got an RBI single scoring Pinder. With runners on the corners, Harrison popped out to right, but Cortes was called on a balk driving in another run. Oakland Athletics 2 and the Yankees 0.

Rougie Odor struck out to start the third inning. Andrew Velazquez ground out. LeMahieu went down on strikes letting the Yankees go down in order. At the bottom, Marte led off by doubling on an unsuccessful scoop by Rizzo. Marte stole third but was out, but Boone couldn’t challenge. Olson struck out. Gomes lined out to short, but Marte was caught off third base for the final out.  Oakland 2 Yankees 0. That final out, he was clearly safe, but the review called him out. Bob Melvin, the Oakland manager, argued and was thrown out of the game.

Rizzo led off the fourth but flying out to left. Judge flew out to the center-field wall. Stanton flew out to foul territory in left. At the bottom, Chapman hit a home run putting the A’s up by three runs. Canha flew out to left. Pinder walked. Murphy flew out to left. Kemp ground out to end the inning. Oakland 3 Yankees 0.

Gallo popped out to left. Voit lined out to right. Sanchez ground out for a very fast inning for Montas. At the bottom, Harrison popped out. Marte singled on a ball not handled by Rizzo for an E3. Marte stole second. Olson struck out swinging. Gomes went down on strikes to end the inning. Oakland 3 Yankees 0.

The sixth inning was led off by Rougie Odor ground out to first. Velazquez popped out to third baseman Chapman. LeMahieu walked. Rizzo tapped into the glove of the catcher Gomes for the final out. Chapman led off the bottom of the sixth by lining out to Velazquez. Canha singled when Rizzo couldn’t come up with the ball, and that ended Cortes’s game. Albert Abreu came in to face Pinder, who popped out to Velazquez to end the inning. Oakland 3 Yankees 0.

Montas has only allowed one hit in the game up to the seventh. Aaron Judge led off the seventh inning by getting a hit to left field. Judge got both of the hits in the game. Stanton struck out. Gallo hit into a double play to end the half scoreless for the Yankees. At the bottom, Kemp doubled to right. Harrison ground out to second. Marte ground out. Olson was intentionally walked. Gomes struck out to end the inning. Oakland 3 Yankees 0.

Montas was out of the game in the eighth inning, replaced by Andrew Chafin, who faced Luke Voit, who singled to center. Sanchez lined out to second. Odor struck out swinging. Velazquez was pinch-hit by Gio Urshela, who chopped one to third to end the half. At the bottom, Chapman against Lucas Luetge flew out to Gallo, who saved a run. Canha hit out sharply to short. Pinder struck out to end the inning. Athletics 3 Yankees 0.

At the top of the ninth with last licks for the New York Yankees, they faced the Athletics closer, Sergio Romo. For the Yankees, it was the top of the lineup with LeMahieu leading off; he lined out to third. Rizzo got a single to no man’s land in center. Aaron Judge hit a two-run homer drawing the Yankees within one run. Stanton popped out to second. Gallo ground to Harrison to end the game and end the Yankees winning streak at 13 consecutive games.

The final score was the Oakland Athletics 3 and the New York Yankees 2. The winning pitcher was Sean Montas, the loser Nestor Cortes Jr. and the save went to Sergio Romo.



New York Yankees: Nestor Cortes Jr. and the Yankees look to number 14

The New York Yankees are looking forward to their 14th consecutive win in today’s 4:07 pm EDT game at Oakland Coliseum. It would be the third win over the Oakland Athletics and another series win. If they can reach 14, it will be the first time the Yankees have had 14 consecutive wins since 1941.

The Saturday matinee will pit Nestor Cortes Jr. against Frankie Montas. Cortes has been a blessing for the Yankees since taking over for the injured Corey Kluber. The Yankees won 6 of his 8 starts as he was stretched from a reliever to a starter. His last win was against the Twins when he threw 104 pitches, getting seven strikeouts giving up only 2 runs. Half of the A’s have never seen Cortes pitch. Only Matt Olsen has been successful off him.

Cortes will face Frankie Montas, 9-9, with an ERA of 3.84 and 161 strikeouts. Only the ex-Ranger Yankees have faced Montas, Rougie Odor, and Joey Gallo have hit well off of him.  Montes is coming off two straight losses, one against the White Sox and one against the Giants.

Last night the New York Yankees won their 13 straight games in an already historic road trip. The Yankees have won over the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, and the Athletics during their winning streak. The last time the Yankees won 13 in a row was back in 1961. Then, it was a 4-3 win over the White Sox at Comiskey Park with a team with such famous names as Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Elston Howard, Bobby Richardson, Tony Kubek, Bill Skowron, Hector Lopez, Clete Boyer, and Ralph Terry pitching.

Going for their 14th consecutive win is a feat that has only been done six times in the Yankee’s 120-year history, from when they were the Baltimore Orioles. The last time the feat was accomplished was 70 years ago, from June 28 -July 13, 1941. This was completed during Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak. It was his 40th to 53rd game with a hit.  Consecutive win number 14 resulted from Red Ruffing pitching an 11th inning shutout 1-0 win.

The New York Yankees had a 15 consecutive game win in 1906 and 1960, a 16 game streak in 1926, and an 18 in a row streak in 1953. the most consecutive win in Yankees history was 19 from June 29th to July 17th back in 1947. That feat is even more incredible because the Yankees had to play four doubleheaders in three cities across a six-day span. They swept them all, including two in Cleveland on July 17th, to stretch to 19 wins.

New York Yankees 4 game series with the dangerous Athletics, here’s the preview

The New York Yankees are coming off 11 straight wins and have gone 28-8 since July 17th, escalated them to just 4.5 games behind the AL East-leading Tampa Bay Rays. The Red Sox are 3 games behind the Yankees and the Blue Jays 8 back from the Yanks. The pitiful Baltimore Orioles will lose over 100 games this season.

During this winning period, the Yankees have faced some pretty tough teams. Late in July, they took a series from the Tampa Bay Rays; they beat the White Sox and Seattle Mariners and swept the Boston Red Sox. They also did what they needed to against the lesser Marlins, Royals, and Orioles. In addition, they are coming off a series win of the number 1 Atlanta Braves. Now tonight, they start a four-game weekend set against the dangerous Oakland Athletics.

Earlier in the month, the New York Yankees were fighting for that second wildcard berth with the Athletics. Since then, the Yankees a gotten the first berth, and the Athletics have slipped 1.5 games behind Boston for the second spot. The Yankees are playing their best baseball of the season, and the Athletics not so much, only going 2-8 in their last ten and losing four in a row.  But because the A’s have not been great recently, the Yankees can’t be complacent; the A’s are a very dangerous team at the Oakland Coliseum.

Tonight, August 26, 9:40 pm

Tonight the Yankees will start Jameson Taillon, who has been the Yankee’s best pitcher during their 28-8 winning streak. The righty is 8-4 with an ERA of 3.94 with 121 strikeouts. The Yankees have won all of his last seven starts. He is coming off his 8th win of the season against the Minnesota Twins, although he gave up three runs in 5.1 innings of work. Tonight is the exact same matchup as when the Yankees met up with the A’s on June 18th. The Yankees lost that game, but Taillon only gave up two runs. Wandy Peralta took the loss when he gave up 3 runs in the sixth inning.

Taillon will face one of the Athletics’ best pitchers in righty James Kaprielian who is 7-4 with a 3.25 ERA and 87 strikeouts. Kaprielian is coming off three straight wins, two against the Rangers and the most recent against the Giants. Kappy isn’t going to be happy when he sees Joey Gallo as a Yankee. Gallo has 7 at-bats against him, hitting .571. DJ LeMahieu and Aaron Judge have also hit .333 against the righty.

Friday, August 27, 9:40 pm

Friday night, New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole will be on the mound for his third start since coming off the Covid list. Cole is  12-6 with a 2.92 ERA and an incredible 191 strikeouts. Cole has the second-most strikeouts in the American League. Cole has not faced the Athletics this season. In the past, only Elvis Andrus has hit well off of Cole.

Cole will face lefty Sean Manaea; he is 8-8 with an ERA of 3.77 and 151 strikeouts. Manaea is coming off two losses in a row. In the Rangers loss, he gave up seven earned runs in 5 innings of work.  The last time he faced the Yankees on June 20, he took the loss. Aaron Judge, DJ LeMahieu, and Gary Sanchez have pretty much had their way with Manaea all going .333 or better off him.

Saturday, August 28, 4:07 pm

The Saturday matinee will pit Nestor Cortes Jr. against Frankie Montas. Cortes has been a blessing for the Yankees since taking over for the injured Corey Kluber. The Yankees won 6 of his 8 starts as he was stretched from being a reliever to a starter. His last win was against the Twins when he threw 104 pitches, getting seven strikeouts giving up only 2 runs. Half of the A’s have never seen Cortes pitch. Only Matt Olsen has been successful off him.

Cortes will face Frankie Montas, 9-9, with an ERA of 3.84 and 161 strikeouts. Only the ex-Ranger Yankees have faced Montas, Rougie Odor, and Joey Gallo have hit well off of him.  Montes is coming off two straight losses, one against the White Sox and one against the Giants.

Sunday, August 29, 7:08 pm

Sunday evening’s game will feature Jordan Montgomery on the mound for the Yankees and Paul Blackburn for the A’s. “Monty” is a lefty that is 5-5 with an ERA of 3.69 and 123 strikeouts. As suggested by his ERA, Monty is a better pitcher than his record. For all Yankee pitchers, he has the misfortune of getting the least run support. The Yankees had won his last four starts, including his most recent won over the Atlanta Braves when he gave up just one run. Josh Lorie and Matt Olson have Montgomery’s number.

Paul Blackburn, a righty, has a limited record of 0-1 with an ERa of 4.09 and 8 strikeouts. Blackburn has only pitched two games for the A’s, losing both of them. Blackburn has an odd baseball history kicking around for 8 years that injuries have marred. He hit the majors 5 years ago with the A’s, but he has only pitched 23 innings in those five years. Only Rougie Odor has seen him pitch; he has a .333 average off him.

Notes: All game times given are Eastern Daylight Time. The Thursday and Friday games are televised on the YES Network and NBCSCA in California. Saturday will be on NBCSCA and in the New York area on WPIX and its affiliates. The Sunday night game will be nationally televised only on ESPN. When the New York Yankees conclude this series they will move on to Los Angeles to play a 3-game series with the Angels, before returning to the Stadium to play the Orioles.

New York Yankees: 4 Takeaways from the Yankees eighth win in a row

Gerrit Cole, New York Yankees

New York Yankees now just 4 games out

The New York Yankees have been playing great ball since the All-Star Break. Since July 17, they have gone 25 and 8 during the period.  The Yankees had won their last seven series culminating with a sweep of the Boston Red Sox when they overtook them for a playoff berth. However, last night the Yankees won their eighth game in a row, and the Tampa Bay Rays lost to the White Sox, moving the Yankees just four games short of a tie in the AL East.

“Nasty” Nestor does it again

Nasty Nestor was nasty again last night. Nestor Cortes had another great performance yesterday, pitching seven innings of 2 run ball while walking two and striking out seven. His ERA is now 2.56 after winning his longest and 2nd win of the season. He had an excellent command of his pitches with a great life.

Nestor Cortes Jr. was primarily a reliever pitching in 15 games since he was brought up on May 30 from the Scranton Wilkes/Barre Rail Riders. With the loss of Corey Kluber, he made his first start on July 9th against the Houston Astros; he pitched 4.1 innings of scoreless ball, impressing the Yankees. Unfortunately, in his next several starts, he, like other Yankees pitchers, didn’t get much run support. During the period, he has been stretched out, pitching seven full innings last night. Nevertheless, he has won his last two games against the White Sox and last night against the Minnesota Twins. His excellent pitching will likely keep him around even when the rotation is back to full force.

Home run again king

Even though the New York Yankees are now winning games without hitting home runs, the team is built around the home run ball. Again last night, the home run was king in the win. Last night slugger Aaron Judge led it off with a 2 run home run in the second inning off Twin’s starter Charlie Barnes. In the seventh inning, Luke Voit contributed his own home run, and in the eighth inning, DJ LeMahieu hit his eighth of the season.

Brett Gardner and Gleyber Torres injury news

The Yankee’s veteran and iron man Brett Gardner was hit in the elbow by a pitch in the fifth inning. Although visibly painful, Gardner stayed in the game until he was relieved by Tyler Wade in the seventh. Manager Boone said Gardner indicated that it really stiffened up, and Boone wanted to get some ice on it and start treatment. However, Boone also said he didn’t expect tests to be done and see how he was today.

Gleyber Torres is on the way back from his jammed finger suffered on August 8th against Seattle. Torres has begun his rehab with an important first step. Yesterday before the game, he took dry swings and fielded ground balls at the Stadium. Boone said that he still had some pain but that the swelling and gone down in this thumb, allowing him to get started on the rehab process. However, Boone declined to give a date for his return into the lineup.


Tonight Yankee ace Gerrit Cole will take the mound facing the Minnesota Twins’ Kenta Maeda in a 1:05 pm matinee at Yankee Stadium. The game will be televised nationally on FS1.


New York Yankees: Yankees enter a 4-game series with the Twins, here’s the preview

The New York Yankees are coming off a series sweep of the Boston Red Sox and going ahead in the AL East. The Yankees are 8-2 in their last ten games and feeling really good for their chances of taking the AL East division. Although there are still some pieces to come back, the Yankees are mostly healthy and playing their best baseball of the season.

Tonight they enter a four-game series against the Minnesota Twins at the Stadium in the Bronx. They hope to continue their excellent play and secure their ninth series win in a row. Sweeping a four-game series is really difficult, but the Yankee’s confidence is really high right now. The Yankees are second in the AL East, five games behind the Tampa Bay Rays, winning 8 of their last 10. The Twins are second to last in the AL Central but have been playing better recently, going 7-3 in their last 10 games.

Tonight, August 19, 7:05 pm:

Tonight the New York Yankees’ best pitcher over the past month, Jameson Taillon, will take on the Minnesota Twins pitcher John Gant in the first game of a 4 game weekend series. Taillon is 7-4 with an ERA of 3.89 and with 116 strikeouts. Taillon is coming off a win over the Chicago White Sox. The Yankees have won his last six starts in a row. Taillon has only gotten better as the season progresses; he has lowered his ERA from 7.56 to 3.89 over the span.

Taillon will face the Twin’s John Gant that is a righty with a 4-6 record and an ERA of 3.49 with 69 strikeouts. Gant started the season as a starter for the St. Louis Cardinals but didn’t pitch well and was sent to the bullpen. Now with the Twins, he has pitched in seven games, never going more than 2 innings. Over the span, he has one hold. The only Yankee with significant experience with Gant is Anthony Rizzo, who had bat .500 in 12 at-bats against Gant.

Tonight’s game will be televised on the YES Network, Bally Sports North, and nationally on MLBN out of market.

Friday, August 20, 7:05 pm: 

Friday night Nestor Cortes Jr. will take the mound for the Yankees with the lowest ERA of any Yankee starter. Nestor is a lefty that is 1-1 with an ERA of 2.55 and 53 strikeouts in six games as a starter. He is coming off a six-inning outing win over the White Sox, giving up just one earned run while striking out seven.

Cortes will face the Twin’s Charlie Barns, who has yet to win the Twins. The lefty is 0-2 with a 4.91 ERA. Barns has one advantage going into this game; no Yankee has ever seen him pitch except video. Barns is coming off a game the Twins won over the Tampa Bay Rays. He gave up one run, striking out three over five innings of work.

Friday night’s game will be televised on YES and Bally Sports North.

Saturday, August 21, 1:05 pm:

The New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole will get his second start after coming off the Covid list. Cole is 11-6 with an ERA of 3.04 and an incredible 185 strikeouts leading all baseball in strikeouts this season. Cole is coming off a win over the Los Angeles Angels when he went 5.2 innings giving up one home run while striking out 9 Angels.

Cole will face Kenta Maeda in the matinee. Maeda is 6-4 with an ERA of 4.41 and 108 strikeouts. This is Kenta’s 21st game of the season. He is coming off his second win in a row. His last win was over the Tampa Bay Rays when he only allowed 3 hits in his scoreless six-inning effort. Most of the Yankees have not seen Maeda pitch, but Joey Gallo has been successful off of him with a .500 average in six at-bats; one was a home run.

Saturday’s matinee will be televised on Bally Sports North and nationally on FS1.

Sunday, August 22, 1:05 pm:

Sunday, Jordan Montgomery will take the mound for the New York Yankees. “Monty” is a lefty with a 4-5 record and a 3.77 ERA with 121 strikeouts. However, Montgomery pitches better than his record would suggest, as he has gotten nearly no run support in the majority of his games. The Yankees have won 12 of his 20 starts this season. The Yankees have won his last two starts, although he was shaky in his last start against the Red Sox, admitting he was tired after coming off the Covid list.

Montgomery will face the Twin’s, Griffin Jax. Jax is a righty that is 3-3 with a 5.11 ERA. Jax is a reliever that has converted to a starting role as the Twins pitching rotation has struggled. The Yankees faced Jax twice in June, two games that the Yankees won. He is coming off 3 games that the Twin have won. His last outing was a six-inning effort where he gave up 7 hits and one home run against the Indians.

Sunday’s game will be on WPIX, its affiliates, and Bally Sports North.

Note: When the Yankees finish this series, they leave Yankee Stadium and move on to Truist Park for two games with the Atlanta Braves. They will then make a west coast trip to face the Angels and the Athletics.