New York Knicks: How Real is The Elfrid Payton Effect?

New York Knicks sign Elfrid Payton,

New York Knicks point-guard Elfrid Payton Jr. could be just what the Knicks need. Last season, Payton’s former team, the New Orleans Pelicans started the season on fire winning four of their first five games. During the four game streak, Payton averaged 14.5-points and 7-assists per game. After the Pelicans began last season with the four game winning streak, their starting point-guard Elfrid Payton suffered a knee injury during a home game against the Brooklyn Nets. Payton then played only fifteen minutes during the following game against the Utah Jazz. The red hot Pelicans first loss of the season came against the Utah Jazz. Elfrid Payton would then miss thirty one of his next thirty two games. During the span of 31-games without Payton, the Pelicans had twelve wins and twenty nine losses (12-29).

Many Pelican fans felt as if Payton’s presence on the basketball court was crucial for the success of the team. He was able to get teammates involved and always ended up on the positive side in terms of plus-minus stats. Therefore, the question about the Elfrid Payton effect is definitely a legit question.

The New York Knicks have individuals that can score. Elfrid Payton’s presence and ability to run an offense will definitely be needed. Many are calling for Payton to start at point guard because of his influence on the offensive end of the floor. Once chemistry is built, it’s possible for the Knicks to score 130-plus points on any given night due to Payton’s savvy style, unselfish play and basketball IQ.

Overall, Elfrid Payton will be loved by Knick fans because of his selflessness and his decent defense. It doesn’t hurt that Scott Perry and Payton have history from another team. Its very possible that the Elfrid Payton effect if healthy can be crucial in making the Knicks offense unrecognizable for the better.

Will the Brooklyn Nets rotate at the point guard position?

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have had various players at point guard over the years. It’s a position that generally has good depth in Brooklyn. I mean it makes sense. It’s arguably the most critical position on the court.

The point guard is the first line of defense. He directs the offense and sets the tempo of the game. He’s supposed to be an extension of the coach since the coach can’t be on the court directing things at all times.

This year is a little different for the Brooklyn Nets. There are only two players on the roster that naturally play the position — newly acquired member of the Nets Kyrie Irving and the man who recruited him, Spencer Dinwiddie. You could push the number to three with the addition of Jaylen Hands, but the rookie out of UCLA will probably spend his rookie year developing in Long Island.

So that leaves the question, what happens when one of the two main guys are in foul trouble? Or if both get into foul trouble? What happens during a load management day? Kyrie hasn’t exactly been the most healthy pg in the league, what happens if he has to miss games for an extended period?

These questions gave room for people to speculate specific point guards as viable options earlier on in the offseason. But with the Nets having 15 guaranteed contracts and the roster is more or less set in stone at this point, it’s clear Sean Marks believes the answer to these questions and the depth at point guard are on the roster.

The first person that comes to mind is Caris Levert. The young player has a diverse skill set. He can handle the rock and create for himself. His ability to break down a defender and penetrate, allow him to find the open man when the defense collapses. Levert has played some point guard during his tenure with the Nets, and the organization has liked what they’ve seen. Don’t be shocked to see Levert play someone for short stints this season.

The veteran Garrett Temple is another option at the point guard. Although seldom, he too has experienced at the point throughout his NBA career. Temple, like Caris, would give the Nets a more significant body to throw at opposing PGs, causing lots of matchup problems. And as a veteran, you don’t have to worry about him being overwhelmed with the responsibility of running a team or having someone take him out of his game. He’s seen a lot over the years so he can be a steady hand if need be.

Dzanan Musa is another option that Kenny Atkinson will probably look at to be a primary ball-handler and run the offense. Musa is a player the Brooklyn brass is very high on. They believe the young European player is oozing with potential and that he can be a very versatile piece to the roster. Through his young career in the NBA and before it, he hasn’t shown a knack for creating for others, but he does have a decent handle. He’d be an extremely tall PG for us, listed at 6’9″. During the Summer League, we saw him run the offense a little bit, and as he continues to learn the game, he should get better on that end. He’s probably the least likely option, but I expect to see him tested here during practices or possibly during garbage time.

Finally, the heart and soul of our bench mob, Theo Pinson might have his hand tried at being the floor general. Management might’ve spoken to him about him playing some point because Pinson seems to have his mind wrapped around the idea already. He opened up to Brian Lewis about it saying that he wants to, of course, do his job, but do it while taking care of the ball. He even mentioned playing the point guard position reporting:

I have the ball in my hands [as] the third point guard, knock down open shots — I think that’s the biggest thing for me. We’ve got a lot of guys who can create on our team, so being able to knock down shots and be respectable will just open up the floor for them.

So the Nets may not have that traditional third point guard to go to this season, but they have multiple viable options to hold down the fort if the need arises.

Brooklyn Nets: Here are the top games to circle on your calendar for 2019-20

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets

On August 12th, at 3 pm, Brooklyn Nets fans everywhere were blessed with the schedule for this upcoming season. In the dry spot of the NBA calendar year, this is the most exciting piece we’ve gotten in awhile.

Now fans, analyst, and everything in between can look ahead toward the season to come. You can start picking games to go to, start counting wins and losses that haven’t occurred yet, and the endless speculation of everything an NBA season has to offer. With all this in mind, I thought it would be good to go through the most important games of the Nets schedule for the 2019-20 season. And first out of the gate is:

October 23 vs Minnesota Timberwolves

Yup, right out the gate. The first game of the NBA season is an important game for Brooklyn’s Nets. Why? Well for a few reasons actually. For starters, it marks the end to the drought without Nets Basketball. We get to see our favorite team compete and just having basketball back, in general, will be exuberant.

Secondly, it’s the first home game of the season. The first game may also show us potential trends in what we can expect to see in line ups and rotations from Coach Kenny Atkinson. And lastly, it is important to get off to a good start. Let’s get these winning streaks going early and often. Lets put our best foot forward and come out in droves to support. And in turn, the team should reward its fans with a win.

October 25 vs New York Knicks

Rivalry day. Not much else to say about this. Let’s get this over with, protect home court, and silence the bipolar optimistically pessimistic Knickerbocker fans and show them where the best basketball is being played in the state.

November 27 @ Boston Celtics

This is an important date outside of it being my sisters birthday. And yes, of course, it’s already a rivalry day game, but it’s so much more than that. Kyrie Irving makes his return to TD Garden after a less than optimal departure from the Boston Celtics. After a lot of the slander he’s received on his way out (although a few of his ex-teammates stepped up to defend him), this is a revenge game.

November 27th, Kyrie aims to show the Celtics and their fans that he wasn’t the problem or at least not the biggest problem. Also, Spencer Dinwiddie and Enes Kanter have had some entertaining twitter bouts back when the big man played for the New York Knicks. Keep your eye on twitter for potential laughs and shots. Max Kellerman also agrees with this being the revenge game of the year to look at.


December 15 vs 76ers

We had a Cinderella season last year. We got further than many may have thought and found ourselves in the 6th seed come season end. That brought us face to face with the 76ers. Well on December 15th, the Sixers come into town as we have a shot to rectify past mistakes with this playoff rematch. Both teams will be sporting new looks, especially Brooklyn, so the outcome of that postseason match up will matter little to nothing here. And of course, it’s a division rival. If you need any more to see that this is a big matchup, the 76ers twitter page posted a series of tweets. One being an overall schedule release tweet and then tweets of specific matchups. The tweets included their games against the Clippers, Rockets, Lakers, and Warriors (all included in the same tweet), their game against the Raptors, and of course, their game against Brooklyn.


February 5 vs Golden State

Aquarius season is in full effect as the prodigal son returns. D’Angelo Russell with his new team in the Golden State Warriors is probably hoping that he can do to Brooklyn what Kyrie Irving is supposed to be doing to the Celtics upon his return. Well as much as D’Lo is loved, it can’t be helped. Not even he can be excused from holding this L. I do expect him to be well received and get a standing ovation.

Which point guard is better for the Nets, Irving or Russell?

Also, look for the Dinwiddie vs D’Lo dynamic. Although D’Lo seems cordial to the organization and most of his teammates during his tenure here, Spence was one of the main people recruiting what would be D’Angelo’s replacement. D’Lo also was following most every other Brooklyn Net during the free agency frenzy, but it seemed Spence was unfollowed. Not only that, but D’Lo vs Spence has been brewing between the fans of Brooklyn all throughout Russell’s Brooklyn Nets tenure. Lots of storylines in this one.

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March 12 @ Golden State

Well, we’ll be visiting the Golden State Warriors at their new arena. Since Kevin Durant hasn’t been ruled out for the entirety of next season, there’s a possibility he plays in this game. If he does end up playing, he won’t get huge minutes, but it’s our job to help KD not only play well. It’s also our job to help him beat his old team. This is a chance for KD to get back at Draymond for his comments, at the GM and Kerr for subtle joke jabs, and the Warriors medical staff (although Kevin said he doesn’t feel they mishandled anything).

Honorable Mentions

  • November 20th vs Hornets where Kyrie Irving shows Terry Rozier that there’s a big gap in the caliber of player they are.
  • December 14th @ Toronto Raptors is a game not only against a division rival but also because it’s our first shot at the defending NBA champs. They for sure aren’t even close to the same team that won the championship, but they are the reigning champs and should be treated like such until someone else comes along.

Why did Kevin Durant sign with the Brooklyn Nets after all?

Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant

Was it the fans, the arena, the vibes of Brooklyn? Rarely, a superstar let alone of the best basketball players to ever step on a court comes to a small-market team. But then again, the Brooklyn Nets are in the biggest market in the world and are quickly becoming more relevant than the lowly New York Knicks.

Maybe it’s because the Knicks have “New York” in their name that they consider themselves the big brother — the tables have now turned as the Nets acquired Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving this offseason period.

[su_posts template=”templates/teaser-loop.php” posts_per_page=”3″ tax_term=”1631326″ order=”desc”]

Why did Kevin Durant elect to come to the Brooklyn Nets after all?

It’s quite interesting that Durant has so much power he essentially placed himself on the Nets without ever having a meeting with them. GM Sean Marks waited like the rest of us to find out where he was going — the utter influence Durant has amazes me. And he’s earned it.

According to Marks, Durant decided to come to Brooklyn for their system, and the fact that they played their hearts out the entire 2018 season to no avail.

Marks told WFAN on Tuesday that when he first talked with Durant, he stated “I love the system. I love how you guys play. I see how hard you guys play. … You were never out of games. We could never take you guys lightly.”


Finishing 42-40 on the season after starting 8-18, the Nets rose the occasion and took control of their destiny, and it ultimately landed them Durant, who will surely help them to another playoff appearance in the near future. The team’s tenacity didn’t only convince Durant to come, but it was enough to land Irving as well.

The signing of the two superstars attests to the influence Marks and Kenny Atkinson have had over the past two years. The future is bright for the newly claimed “older brother” of the Knicks.

New York Knicks can land these two players in free agency

New York Knicks, demarcus cousins

The New York Knicks have a big day coming up this Sunday.  Sunday at 6 p.m. EST is when free agency opens.  The Knicks will have an opportunity to get some big name players.  The question is which who or whom will it be.

Everyone who follow the NBA knows the Knicks want Kevin Durant, badly.  The Knicks have a very good shot to sign him, despite all the reports of the Brooklyn Nets being the new favorites.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, he believes that Durant will be the first big name off the board and he will sign with the Knicks once free agency opens.  Until it becomes official and there is pen to paper, we do not know what to believe.  But, this is a good sign.  Durant has also been in New York since his surgery, so…

However, if the Knicks were to strike out in free agency, there are reports that the Knicks would make a hard push for DeMarcus Cousins.  The Knicks could offer him a ‘considerable one-year deal‘, big eye emoji.

Cousins would be on a prove it deal, see if he can still play at a high level after a injury prone last few seasons.  At the right price, it would be worth taking a shot at Boogie, but overpaying for a multiple injury player is crossing the line.  Especially one who has had a bad attitude in the past.

In reality, the Knicks have a very good chance to sign both of these Warriors.  Durant may be the first big domino to fall and he could bring along Cousins to rekindle his former-self in a new city.

New York Knicks & NBA Lottery Recap

So… RJ Barrett anyone? Getting the third overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft is certainly not what us Knicks fans wanted, and to see the Pelicans end up with Duke’s Zion Williamson is incredibly irritating. However, all is not lost, and here are some takeaways from Tuesday’s drama-filled night.

It’s Okay to be Upset

First and foremost, it is completely okay to be upset. The Knicks were the worst team in the league and are now picking third. Logically, that does not add up. I have said it before, and I will say it again: the one year the Knicks tanked properly, the NBA screwed the lottery odds. Tuesday night proved that statement to be true. As Stephen A. Smith said last night, “TYPICAL KNICKS!”

But it’s Not the End of the World

All that said, it is going to be okay. Keep in mind, the Knicks beat the odds tonight. They had a 49% chance at the fifth pick, and ended up picking third. That, by definition, is a win. Duke’s RJ Barrett, who is the presumptive third best player in the draft, is still a good prospect. There is still at least a greater-than-fifty percent chance that Kevin Durant is wearing the orange and blue next season. The Knicks are simply adding a highly-talented player, and that is something to be happy about.

It’s also important to keep things in perspective. While these odds seem unfair now, in last year’s draft, we would have been ecstatic. It is not the league’s fault that this draft is weak. In this draft, the top three is where you want to be. Barrett, Murray State’s Ja Morant, and Williamson are all a tier above everyone else in most people’s minds, and to be able to get one of those first two is a good thing.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The first thing I think Scott Perry should do is to get on the phone with David Griffin, general manager of the New Orleans Pelicans. While they seem confident that they can keep star Anthony Davis, he may want out no matter what, and a package centered around RJ Barrett and Kevin Knox may still be enticing. Would the ‘Pels be interested in a reunion of the two former Dukies?

If New York is unable to swing a deal for Davis, and it seems unlikely that Griffin would want to part ways with AD, then they should turn to the second-tier star market. Players such as Jrue Holiday or Bradley Beal may be available for the right price. And Barrett, who was considered to be the top prospect before this season, may rank higher on some teams’ boards than all of us realize. Could a team like Washington, that wants to shake things up, bite? It’s worth a shot.

If all else fails, the Knicks would just make the pick at number three. Barrett and Morant, to me, or both solid prospects that very clearly are benefitting from being in a weak draft. That doesn’t make them bad, and it should not preclude the Knicks from taking one of them at three. It doesn’t seem like many fans would be excited with Barrett, but given the chance to develop without shouldering a heavy load, he can be a really solid player.

This wasn’t the outcome most of us hoped for, but it is, in a word, fine. Let’s move on to bigger and better things (Hello, KD). Keep your heads up, Knicks fans, and please, no more tattoos.

A Guide to the Biggest Day in New York Knicks History

After months of speculation, wild conspiracy theories, and above all else, losing basketball games, the day is upon the New York Knicks. Tomorrow, May 14th, 8:30 ET on ESPN, the ping pong balls will be randomly selected. The team that has the number one spot will be granted the right to choose whichever prospect they would like.  However, in this draft, it’s Duke’s Zion Williamson.

This particular lottery, though, has special significance for our beloved Knicks. Not only is it the culmination of a 17-65 record, but it is also the lottery in which the New York Knicks will send former star center Patrick Ewing to the sit at the podium?  Or is it an awkwardly small classroom desk?  The table with the Knicks logo?

Ewing was the first overall pick in the 1985 draft, the year in which the lottery system was first implemented. The year when the Knicks had a 14.29% chance to win. This year New York has a 14.0% chance at number one, tied for the best odds in the league. However, because the lottery rules are utterly farcical, the team also has a roughly 47.9% chance to pick fifth overall.

Now that the math tutorial is over, I want to offer a guide for how to spend the biggest day in franchise history. Keep in mind karma. The basketball gods played a big role in this article. Anything I suggest either abides by the laws of both, or is an attempt to sway either entity in our favor. Have a day, Knicks fans. After 36 years, you have earned it.

Endlessly Run “Tankathon” Simulations

Before I explain more, a disclaimer: this activity may give you false hope, and it may bring you immense pain. However, it is so darn addicting.

The chances you have not heard of “Tankathon” are likely slim to none as a Knicks fan. It is the ex-girlfriend that you keep going back to, even though you know you shouldn’t. Over at Tankathon, they allow you to simulate the 2019 NBA draft lottery to your heart’s content, among other things. It’s an awesome idea, and it helps give tanking teams some hope that maybe all these losses will be beneficial in the long run.

If you have been following along this season, you have likely spent quite a bit of time on Tankathon. Even still, I felt obliged to include it as an activity to do when you are at work and on a computer or a phone. Our minds are racing with thoughts about tonight’s lottery.

As I mentioned before, this can cause immense stress, particularly every time you hit that orange button, and the L.A. Lakers or Dallas Mavericks logo pops into the number one slot. But this exercise can prepare you for the worst, as the Knicks don’t get the first pick often. Preparing for the worst is a GOOD thing, not bad. I was prepared for the worst just two weeks ago on NFL draft night.  My team, Giants, selected Daniel Jones at six overall, it helped ease the pain.

Watch Zion Williamson Highlights

I would highly recommend this option, even if it is likely to inspire false hope. Williamson averaged 22 points and 10 rebounds while tearing up the college basketball nation. He is one of the biggest reasons this day is so important for the Knicks franchise. He’s a generational prospect, and likely the best since Anthony Davis came out of Kentucky.

I have taken the liberty of creating a playlist for anyone interested in the jaw-dropping dunks and blocks. It’s ten videos, not too long, but not too short, and it is a mix of Williamson dominating Class AA basketball in South Carolina.  Also have some college highlights from his career sprinkled in. Enjoy.


Listen to (New) Music

Folks, this one is only, and I mean ONLY for karma purposes. Because when I say music, I don’t just mean any music. I mean everyone’s favorite blues/alternative/rock band. That’s right, I’m talking about JD & The Straight Shot. The band responsible for perhaps the most repetitive songs of all time.

I’d know because in preparation for this article, I listened to about ten of their songs. They’re not just not good, they’re hilariously bad. But perhaps the collective fanbase listening to some Dolan jams will trigger some sort of seismic shift in the basketball universe, so that the Knicks logo is the one that is in the first slot come Tuesday night.

I should’ve known not to listen to these songs, but I’m a desperate Knicks fan, what can I say? If you are familiar with Dolan’s band, you would recognize my allusion to his song, “I Should’ve Known,” which goes a little something like this:

I should’ve known

I should’ve known

I should’ve known

I should’ve thrown

Myself across his tracks

Stopped him from these vile attacks

I should’ve known

Yes, those are actual lyrics, and yes, every single song is just like that.

This particular song is Dolan’s apology for his relationship with Harvey Weinstein, and it could not possibly be any more disrespectful and inconsiderate. However, if you need some musical options for the biggest day in Knicks history, why not throw on JD and the Straight Shot? What’s the worst that could happen?

Go Play Some Basketball

I would strongly recommend this option, especially in between getting off work and the start of the lottery. Go outside, go to the YMCA, heck, even turn on NBA 2K if you have to. Pretend you’re Zion Williamson, or Ja Morant, or any of one of the premier prospects in this year’s draft (a short list, unfortunately).

I don’t care what age you are, we all love basketball, and we all want to be like Zion at some level. Whether you’re a teenager, like me, or an old man or woman, you can ball one last time before the future of the Knicks changes drastically.

Perhaps you can take inspiration from the guy below, who impersonated Williamson himself. Or, if you prefer, you can pretend Zion is in the Garden, throwing down earth-shattering dunks and sending opposing shot attempts into the fifth row. A kid can dream.


Attend the New York Knicks Fan Lottery Party 

After this day, your eyes will be hurting from seeing other teams in the number one slot on Tankathon. Your legs will be sore from trying to jump like Zion, and trust me, your ears will undoubtedly be bleeding from listening to JD and the Straight Shot.

So what better way to relax while watching one of the biggest moments in franchise history than by hanging out with fellow Knicks lifers? J.B. and Jon from Knicks Film School, along with the guys from Poasting and Toasting, Gotham Sports Knicks, and Knicks Fan TV are hosting a lottery party at 7:30 P.M. ET.

10% of drink sales go to charity, and they are raffling off Knicks merchandise. If you know those guys, you know it’s going to be a great time. And while I can’t make it (I’m five years away from drinking and I live fifteen hours away), I definitely want as many Knicks fans to be in one place as possible, if only for karma’s sake.

Here’s the information for the lottery party…

While this was made (mostly) in jest, May 14th is truly the biggest day for our beloved Knicks. We must do whatever we can to make sure the ping pong ball with the NYK logo comes out in the first spot on Tuesday night. Even if that means enduring James Dolan’s god-awful band, then so be it.

To Knicks fans everywhere, I leave you with this:


Good luck to everyone, and may the odds be ever in our favor.

New York Knicks: Potential Late-Round/Undrafted Picks That Could Provide Value

In the 2018-2019 season, the New York Knicks offense has been a liability, 26th in the league in PPG, and dead last in field goal percentage. With that being said, the Knicks need offense and only have one first round pick, and need to find ways to get young offense without giving up that much, or anything. Today we look at five mid-major seniors that have proven to be great scorers that the Knicks could get in the second round, or sign as an undrafted free-agent.

Chris Clemons (Campbell)

Chris Clemons is one of the most prolific scorers in college basketball history, currently eighth all-time with over 3,000 career points. In his senior season, he leads college basketball at 29.8 PPG and shoots the three ball at 38 percent, and is an 86 percent free-throw shooter. His only drawback is his defense. At only 5’9, he can throw it down and gets over a steal a game, but will likely have trouble defending high level guards like James Harden, who stands at 6’5. He does rebound very well for his size, with over five a game. He could be an off-the-bench option to come in against the second string and get a few buckets and come right back out. Clemons will likely go undrafted.

Mike Daum (South Dakota State)

Mike Daum is the best forward in college basketball that nobody talks about. He averages well over a double-double a game at 25.4 PPG and 11.6 RPG. At 6’9, he shoots well and his field goal percentage is over 50 percent. He is having a down year from three at 36 percent, but shot it 43 percent just a year ago. His weakness is defense, as he averages less than a block and a steal per game, numbers that should be higher for his size. Daum could be a role player that boosts the Knicks offense and rebounding numbers. Daum will likely be a mid to late second rounder.

Justin Wright-Foreman (Hofstra)

Justin Wright-Foreman is one of the best players in the country, and is third in the NCAA at 26.3 PPG He doesn’t take a lot of shots either, with his field goal percentage at 51 percent and his three-point percentage at almost 43 percent. He is very efficient and only turns the ball over about twice per game. His free-throw shooting also makes him a guy you don’t want to foul, at almost 88 percent. Wright-Foreman could be good enough to be a sixth man, but his defense is below average, with less than a block and a steal per game. Wright-Foreman will likely be an early to mid second rounder.

Matt Morgan (Cornell)

Matt Morgan is one of the best the historic Ivy League has ever seen. He is currently at 10th in the nation in PPG at 23.6. His field goal percentage is around 52 percent and shoots the three at over 45 percent. Statistically, he is the best shooter on this list. Morgan is one of the most efficient players in the NCAA, and leads the country in POS/G (Per Synergy Basketball). He gets almost three assists and five rebounds at 6’2, putting him just under the average NBA guard height. His defense is improved and could be a three-point specialist in the NBA. Morgan would be a late second rounder to undrafted.

Jordan Davis (Northern Colorado)

Jordan Davis is 11th in the country in scoring at 23.5 PPG, but his game does have a few drawbacks. He is one of the best all-around mid major players, averaging five assists and five rebounds a game. His defense is average, providing over a steal a game. But his shooting percentages are worrisome, but improving. He shoots 47 percent from the field, but just 37 percent from three. This season is the first season that he shot over 30 percent from three, and his free-throw percentage is at 81 percent. Before this season, his highest was at 70 percent. Davis is improving, but not quite NBA ready. He may benefit from a year or two in the G-League. He will likely go undrafted.

Iowa and Indiana pull major upsets: Big Ten basketball week in review (1/29-2/3)

Another fun week of Big Ten hoops is led by Iowa dominating Michigan, Indiana upsetting Michigan St., and Wisconsin with two big wins. Six teams hit the Top 25 this week! There were 12 games, so let’s dive into it!

Results & Mini-Recaps

Ohio St. vs. 5 Michigan: Michigan 65, Ohio State 49

Zavier Simpson’s triple-double with 11 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds helped Michigan cruise past Ohio State. Four different Michigan players got into double-figures, including 12 points off the bench for sophomore Isaiah Livers. Kaleb Wesson led Ohio State with 12 points, seven rebounds, and three blocks.

Northwestern vs. 21 Maryland: Maryland 70, Northwestern 52

Bruno Fernando’s 22 points and 10 rebounds helped lead Maryland to a convincing win over Northwestern. Maryland held Northwestern to just 31 percent from the field. Jalen Smith had 14 points and nine rebounds to support Fernando. Anthony Gaines had 18 points and seven rebounds to lead Northwestern.

24 Wisconsin vs. Nebraska: Wisconsin 62, Nebraska 51

Wisconsin held Nebraska to just 28 percent from the field to beat Nebraska, despite being out-rebounded. Three Wisconsin Badgers were in double figures, including Ethan Happ who also had nine rebounds. Isaiah Roby had 18 points and nine rebounds to lead Nebraska.

Indiana vs. Rutgers: Rutgers 66, Indiana 58

Rutgers strong effort on the boards helped them beat the struggling Indiana Hoosiers. Three Scarlet Knights were in double-figures, and they held Indiana to just 35 percent shooting. Romeo Langford led Indiana with 20 points and six rebounds in the loss.

Illinois vs. Minnesota: Minnesota 86, Illinois 75

Five Minnesota players were in double-figures as they beat Illinois by 11. Minnesota shot a strong 50 percent in the win, compared to 45 percent from Illinois. Trent Frazier had a huge 30 point performance for Illinois in the loss, and two Fighting Illini were in double-figures off of the bench.

17 Purdue vs. Penn St.: Purdue 99, Penn St. 90 (OT)

Purdue shot the lights out at 55 percent, and survived the last-place Penn State in overtime. Conference scoring leader Carsen Edwards exploded for 38 points, and teammate Ryan Cline added 20. Lamar Stevens had 24 points for Penn State, and the Nittany Lions hit 30 free-throws to counter their poor 39 percent shooting.

5 Michigan vs. Iowa: Iowa 74, Michigan 59

Iowa jumped out to a 13 point halftime lead on their home floor and used that to knock off the number five team in the country. Luke Garza and Joe Wieskamp had 19 and 16 points, respectively for the winners. Iowa held Michigan to just 32 percent from the field. Three Wolverines made it into double-figures.

21 Maryland vs. 24 Wisconsin: Wisconsin 69, Maryland 61

Wisconsin used a dominating second half after trailing at halftime to beat Maryland at home. Brad Davidson had 21 points for Wisconsin, and Ethan Happ had an 18 point, 11 rebound double-double as well. Bruno Fernando had a double-double to lead the Terrapins.

Indiana vs. 6 Michigan St.: Indiana 79. Michigan St. 75 (OT)

Despite losing Juwan Morgan in the first half to a shoulder injury, Indiana ended their skid with a huge road upset over Michigan St. Romeo Langford led the winners with 19 points, and Justin Smith had 13 points and 10 rebounds with the game-sealing block. Cassius Winston had a huge night for the Spartans with 26 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists.

Rutgers vs. Ohio State: Ohio State 76, Rutgers 62

Ohio State shot the ball 53 percent to lead to a victory over Rutgers. Kaleb Wesson had 27 points and five assists, and C.J. Jackson had 20 points and seven rebounds. Despite the win, they trailed -11 in the rebound margin.  Eugene Omoruyi had 19 points, eight rebounds, and six rebounds for Rutgers in the loss.

Nebraska vs. Illinois: Illinois 71, Nebraska 64

Illinois balanced scoring and strong defense led them to a win over Nebraska. Kipper Nichols had 18 points off the bench, while Illinois held Nebraska to just 36 percent from the field. James Palmer Jr. had 22 points and eight rebounds for Nebraska, and Tanner Borchardt had 12 points and 18 rebounds.

Minnesota vs. 17 Purdue: Purdue 73, Minnesota 63

Purdue had five players in double-figures and shot the ball 48 percent in a win over Minnesota. Carsen Edwards led Purdue with 17 points, five rebounds, and five assists, and Nojel Eastern had 11 points, six rebounds, four assists, and two steals in an all-around effort. Amir Coffey had 22 points for Minnesota, and Daniel Oturu had 19 points and nine rebounds off of the bench.

Standings & Rankings

7 Michigan, 20-2 (9-2 )

9 Michigan St., 18-4 (9-2)

15 Purdue, 16-6 (9-2)

19 Wisconsin, 16-6 (8-3)

24 Maryland, 17-6 (8-4)

20 Iowa, 17-5 (6-5)

Minnesota, 16-6 (6-5)

Ohio State, 14-7 (4-6)

Rutgers, 11-10 (4-7)

Indiana, 13-9 (4-7)

Northwestern, 12-9 (3-7)

Nebraska, 13-9 (3-8)

Illinois, 7-15 (3-8)

Penn St., 7-14 (0-10)

Taking A Look At The NBA Off-Season Results

NBA Off-Season Results

The off-season period is gradually coming to an end, and it has not been in vain for the NBA teams. Each club has tried to strengthen its lineup by filling in for the missing positions and eliminate the main tactical gaps. Yet today the fans realize that the upcoming games will be especially sharp and exciting. At the same time, the list of interesting lineup changes is not limited to the main events — the transfers of LeBron and Kawhi.

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Key Lineup Changes

Among the NBA participants the analysts have distinguished several teams whose transfers are particularly interesting:

  1. The Golden State Warriors. Right after the departure of LeBron, the club launched an active transfer activity. Thus, DeMarcus Cousins ​​returned to the roster, which became an excellent addition to the famous five (provided full recovery from injury). In addition, Jonas Jerebko and Jacob Evans also play for the club.
  2. The Boston Celtics. The off-season was relatively calm for this club. The main advantage of the lineup was the rehabilitation of Kairi and Hayward. For this reason, the club is among the NBA favorites. The roster has also been enhanced with Smart and Baynes.
  3. The Houston Rockets. The previous season, the club did not have quite a bit of potential to win the cup. Given this result, the off-season decisions look somewhat ambiguous. Thus, the roster lost Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute, who had important positions. In addition, the lineup was enhanced by Carmel Anthony, who during the previous season showed results far from brilliant. Thus, the beginning of the tournament will be especially difficult for Houston.
  4. The Toronto Raptors. This club, like no one else, needed new forces to refresh its lineup. And this issue was brilliantly solved! Thus, Toronto not only replaced the coach, but managed to get Kawhi Leonard. This enhancement makes the chances of the club much higher!
  5. The Denver Nuggets. The main transfer of the club is Isaiah Thomas. In addition, the team was enhanced with the good young roster, which is successfully developing. Also, the club managed to improve the payroll numbers.

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