Larry Greer reunites with Tom Thibodeau, brother Andy in New York Knicks

New York Knicks, Tom Thibodeau

The New York Knicks have added Larry Greer as an advance scout, per The Athletic’s Mike Vorkunov.

Greer is set to join his brother Andy under Tom Thibodeau’s staff after working with the Phoenix Suns last season.

The Greer brothers and Dice Yoshimoto have all previously worked together under Thibodeau in Minnesota.

In a Q&A with The Athletic last year, Larry Greer described himself as a utility man, doing a little bit of different things for Suns’ head coach Monty Williams.

“My role has always been as an advance scout,” Greer said. “That’s gathering as much information on the opponent, from the play calls to the little things that you might see (such as) they do this well, they don’t do this well, and kind of spoon-feeding it to the players so that they understand.”

“What I think one of my strengths is I can translate our opponents’ information into language that our players and coaches would know. As we’re watching a game, my experience being a scout is once the opponent calls a play, I can translate it to our guys into what our (similar) play is, to help them give them that split second of maybe helping them defensively.”

Larry Greer was let go by the Suns before the NBA resumed last season in Orlando Bubble.

He will bring over three decades of coaching and scouting experience to the Knicks. Before the Timberwolves and the Suns’ gig, he also worked as an advance scout for the Houston Rockets (2005-07), Portland Trail Blazers (advance scout from 2007-2010; assistant coach from 2010-12) where he worked with Williams.

In between his stints with the Timberwolves and the Suns, he also served as an Arizona State assistant coach. Before the NBA, he had worked as an assistant coach at Brandeis Judges (1989-1992), Boston University Terriers (199495, 2002-03), and Wright State Raiders (2003-05).

The Knicks are still planning to add more player development coaches to their staff.

A name to keep an eye on is Rick Brunson, a former Knick who was Leon Rose’s first client as an agent.

Brunson, whose son Jalen is currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks, has also previously worked with Thibodeau as an assistant coach in Minnesota.

Brunson recently stepped down from his post as Camden High head coach after one season with the Panthers.

Noted player development coach Royal Ivey, who was with the Knicks for the last two years, has moved on to the Brooklyn Nets, where he is reunited with his former Texas Longhorn teammate and good friend, Kevin Durant.

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Monty Williams had nice but untrue words about the New York Knicks

The Phoenix Suns took it to the New York Knicks last week.  It’s official, the Suns have their number.  Their coach, former Knick, Monty Williams had some nice words to say about the team and organization following the game.

Following their easy victory, Williams said the Knicks are “a really good organization” and a “first-class place”, according to SI’s Jonathan Marci.  While some may agree, most will disagree at the moment.  Folks running the organization are part of the problem the team is currently in.  And the way they have handled certain situations, Charles Oakley for one, has been anything but “first-class.”

Williams did leave Knicks fans with this gem, “We’re not doing anything different than them.  Everybody can appreciate the Knicks because it’s New York, it’s the mecca of basketball and at some point if they continue to do what they are doing right now, they play hard every night, they play in the paint, they have good guys on their team, I think they are going to figure it out.  We’re no different than the Knicks.”

Thanks for the kind words Monty but unfortunately most of those statements are inaccurate.

Whatever it is that he thinks that Knicks are “doing right now” isn’t working.  There’s too many problems to begin with.  It could start with having more than 5 new additions to the roster and learning to play together.  Or the coaching change mid-season.  Or the lack of offensive schemes and defensive accountability, etc.

The Knicks don’t play hard every night.  One night they beat one of the best teams in the East, Miami Heat, and the next they’re down by 29 to the Suns at home.  The Knicks show signs of progression but then revert back to one-on-one basketball with several players standing around the perimeter looking on, not moving. at blink of an eye.

They sort of play in the paint.  The Knicks do become aggressive and take their man to the rim, but that’s all, again, in one-on-one situations.  There’s no offensive plays were they get into the paint with ease except for a lob to Mitchell Robinson.

The Knicks do have good players on their team but they might not be the right ones.  There’s talent and they’ve shown it but it’s not consistent which is the most frustrating part.  Plus, they don’t play like a team.  No matter what they say.

While it was nice to hear those from someone other than a Knicks fan, we have to be real and know that Monty Williams was just being nice.