New York Yankees News/Rumors: Clint Frazier colorfully denies trade rumors

New York Yankees, Clint Frazier

It was a weekend filled with trade rumors for the New York Yankees, some more possible than others. Most of these involve the Cincinnati Red’s, Luis Castillo. One Yankee, Clint Frazier, was mentioned being traded for the Red’s pitcher. Very late last night Frazier had enough and posted to his Twitter account just before midnight, “I’m not fuckin leaving.” He did it uniquely; he tweeted a scene from the “Wolf of Wall Street” where Leonardo DiCaprio shouts out the same expletive.

This writer takes Clint Frazier at his word. In the past two seasons, Frazier has made himself very valuable to the Yankees both behind the plate and in the outfield, being first in line to replace injured Yankee outfielders who have been many. In addition to that, the New York Yankees have just awarded Frazier a $2.1 million one-year contract avoiding arbitration.

It is also worth noting the both the Yankees and the Reds denied reports of the possible trade. After the mid-point of the 2020 60 game season, Yankee manager Aaron Boone was so impressed by this improved defense that he was given a permanent place in the Yankee lineup. Frazier’s defense has always been a problem for the team and Frazier because even though he had a quick bat and could hit for both contact and power, he couldn’t advance to a permanent place with the team. But last year, he was so improved that he was a Gold Glove finalist.

Of course, regardless of Frazier’s statement, the Yankees will decide what happens to the young outfielder, not him. Some reports yesterday, not from, actually said the trade that included Frazier and third baseman Miguel Andujar had actually taken place. Again all reports were denied by both teams.



New York Yankees News/Rumors: Andujar shined in winter ball but do the Yankees need him?

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

The New York Yankees have some dire needs this offseason with holes to fill at first base, shortstop, at backstop, and that is not to mention they have only one experienced starting pitcher and also have to strengthen the bullpen. With those needs, they also have a tremendously talented player that they basically have no need for. Miguel Andujar is a man looking in from the outside. As it appears now, his greatest value to the Yankees is as a trading piece to help fill holes.

First, let’s take a look at “Miggies” rise to future stardom and his fall from grace. Miquel Enrique Andujar was born on March 2, 1995, in San Cristobal, the Dominican Republic. Not much is known about his parents as he lived his childhood with his Grandmother. He played baseball in the sandlots near his home. As a child, his baseball hero was Adrian Beltre, a fellow Dominican with the Texas Rangers. His other hobby as a kid was fishing, which is still true today, especially deep-sea fishing.

Miggy didn’t finish high school where he was learning English, as, when playing baseball locally, he was seen by a Yankee scout that was impressed with his hitting. The Yankees signed Miggy to a minor league contract at the age of just 16 in 2011. After a short time at the Yankees training facility in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic, he was sent to Florida. In 2012 he made his professional debut with the Gulf Coast Yankees.

Andujar quickly made his way through the New York Yankees Minor League system. He ended the 2017 season with a .312 average, hitting 7 home in 67 games. But on June 28, he made his Major League debut. The 22-year-old went straight from the airport to the history books in the Yankee victory over the White Sox, going 3-for-4 while driving in four runs with a double, walk, and a stolen base. He immediately became a Yankee star. Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra all own a plaque in Monument Park, but none of those legends equaled Miguel Andujar’s Major League debut performance.

In what might have been a Yankee mistake, after only eight plate appearances and hitting .571 he was sent back down to Scranton upon the return of Matt Holliday. Andujar started the 2018 season for the Rail Riders, but after just seven games, he was back at Yankee Stadium, where he would play in 149 games for the Yankees. Andujar proved that he was the up and coming star that he showed in 2017. He finished the 2018 season batting .297 with 27 home runs and almost 100 RBI’s. The New York Yankees had a true star on their hands.

But there was one glaring flaw, his defense of the hot corner. He committed 15 errors, showing that he lacked range and an accurate throwing arm. That would be the beginning of his fall from grace. Through no fault of his own, that fall was further complicated by a shoulder injury that ended up needing surgery and preventing him from playing. Also out of his control was that the Yankees promoted Rail Rider Gio Urshela to replace him at third base. Urshela turned out to be an even better player with cat-like Gold Glove defense.

When Andujar returned for spring training, the Yankees knew that Urshela would be the starting third baseman over “Miggy.” So the Yankees recognizing Andujar’s talent, tried to find a place for him, other than a backup for Urshela. They tried first base and the outfield. Andujar didn’t particularly impress, no matter where he played in the short 2020 season. He ended up playing in only 27 games, hitting a paltry .247.  He spent most of the season at the alternate site.

The Yankees sent Miguel to the Dominican Republic to play winter ball so that the New York Yankees could further evaluate his play. Of all the Yankees playing winter ball, Estevan Florial and Miguel Andujar are the only position players to really shine. He missed a few weeks during winter ball due to muscle stiffness, but he looked sharp when he returned to the team, finishing with a .308/.333/.410 line. He remained the Andújar that Yankees fans have come to know, only walking twice and pounding out 12 hits with four doubles on the season. It could be the only thing he has done is to increase his trade value.



Miguel Andujar is heating up in winter league ball: Does he have a place with the Yankees?

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Lots of New York Yankees‘ players are currently taking some valuable at-bats and innings in winter leagues. Deivi Garcia, Gary Sanchez, Luis Medina, Luis Gil, and Domingo German are some of them. The much-maligned Miguel Andujar also belongs in the group, and for him, leaving a big impression is critical if he wants to be part of the team’s future.

After a rather sluggish start with Toros Del Este in the Dominican league (LIDOM) Andujar’s bat is heating up.

The Yankees’ infielder/outfielder is 7-for-13 with a walk, two doubles, and a sacrifice fly in four games since returning to the field on Tuesday. His batting average is now up to .360 in 29 plate appearances this winter with La Romana’s team.

Andujar, who had labrum surgery in 2019 and returned on time to play the 2020 season with the Yankees, hit a paltry .242/.277/.355 with a horrid 85.9 mph average exit velocity. It’s possible that lingering effects of the injury affected his play, but he didn’t perform well and now his future with the Bombers is in question.

What will the Yankees do with him?

Since he is a lousy defensive third baseman and isn’t particularly good in the outfield and first base either, he needs to rake in order to have a place in the Yankees’ lineup. All corners are crowded and Giancarlo Stanton looks set to be the team’s primary designated hitter.

What Andujar does in winter ball and spring training will likely have a lot of influence in what the Yankees decided to do with him. For now, he looks like he has no place in the club’s future plans, but he’ll try to change that with his offensive performance. So far, so good in the Dominican Republic for the 25-year-old.

Another under-the-radar Yankees’ player performing well in his last few at-bats is Estevan Florial, who has eight hits (a home run and a triple among those) and a walk in his last 16 plate appearances. He’s now batting .286/.380/.429 for Leones del Escogido.

New York Yankees Analysis: A New York Yankees writers worst scenario

New York Yankees

Being a New York Yankee writer can be one of the most interesting journeys of any sportswriter. The Yankees are the winningness sports team in the world. They have won more World Championships than any other team in any sport. Because of the fame and the worldwide interest, the Yankee writer usually finds themselves quite busy reporting the latest news about the team. But it isn’t always easy.

You would think the Yankee writer would be the busiest during the season, but actually, that isn’t true. Yes, you report on the games, the scores, and who did what. But in the offseason, that’s when contemplation and questions mostly take front and center stage. Who will be gone, who will stay, and how the team will improve to be even better next season.

With the New York Yankees having an illustrious history filled with great Yankees superstars, there is always something to write about being a Yankee historian. There is plenty to write about the Yankees’ greats, their stories, and how they became famous. There are the present player profiles, top tens, many analyses’, and news and rumors. But for a writer, you want to break the story that the Yankees just signed DJ LeMahieu to a four-year $85 million contract with options.

This offseason now in its fourth week, and there is little to report on; it’s actually the worst scenario for a Yankee writer. Yes, there are all the rumors, but no hard cold facts to go on. This offseason is just as unique as the season itself was. The coronavirus shadowed the whole season, yet baseball somehow managed to get it done relatively unscathed. Football has also tried to get it done, but they are running into serious trouble as the virus is escalating at unheard of milestones.

With the virus not relenting, it casts even more unknowns for the Yankees and other MLB teams going into a 2021 season. Will, there be fans in the stands again, will there be a 162 game season? For the most part, all of these questions delayed teams from making decisions early on rather than later when more might be known. For a writer, you have to work on mostly rumor, and some slipped tongues. Yes, there is a lot of talk but few answers.

For the New York Yankees, there any many questions. Will the Yankees re-sign DJ LeMahieu? If they do, how much will it cost and for how long? Will the Yankees replace their catcher Gary Sanchez? Will they move Gleyber Torres to second base? Will they bring back Yankee Veteran, fan-favorite Brett Gardner? What will they do with their once star of the future, Miguel Andujar, who now has no use to the Yankees? An what about the Yankees pitching rotation that is in a mess? Will they end up bringing back Masahiro Tanaka?

These are the same questions out there at the end of the World Series and are still the same questions unanswered. The only thing we have really learned for sure is what Yankee prospects the Yankees would protect from the Rule 5 draft. For the sportswriter, this leaves you wondering how many stories can you write about Gary Sanchez and whether he will remain? How many different twists can you put to the story based on the latest sources and rumors?

We keep reading though because we want the latest hint to what might happen with our favorite player, or what surprise move general manager Brian Cashman might make. To a lesser degree, we also watch what other teams are doing that might affect the Yankees.

The good news for Yankees fans and writers is that any day now, the “hot stove” will boil over with more news than you might be able to digest or write about in a day’s time. In the next weeks before spring training begins on February 27, when the Yankees will meet the Tigers. All of these questions will be answered to our delight or chagrin. Though much will probably not be known until the Christmas holiday and the weeks following, we will find out all the answers. Keep the faith; Yankee fans news is coming.


Brewers listening to offers on Josh Hader; Will the New York Yankees pursue?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader

If there’s one thing we know about the New York Yankees it’s that they love to stack their bullpen. The bombers have boasted one of the best bullpens in baseball over the last few seasons. However, that’s gotten them no where.

Last year, the Yankees were hurt by the loss of Tommy Kahnle and the poor performance of Adam Ottavino. Zack Britton and Chad Green had very good years overall for the Bombers. Aroldis Chapman was solid as well, but definitely appeared shaky at times.

Last year after the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole, there were rumors circulating around the bombers being interested in Josh Hader. Hader is a two-time Hoffman award winner and widely considered one of the best arms in the game.

The Brewers were interested in fielding offers, but nothing ever got close. However, the Yankees were in on those talks for Hader. Well, it’s the offseason again, and the Brewers are once again interested in dealing their star reliever.

Robert Murray of Fansided reported today that the Brewers to intend on fielding offers for Josh Hader. The Brewers are looking for some offensive help in the package that they could get back for Hader.

Will the Yankees make an offer?

If Hader can be had for a reasonable price, I would fully expect the Yankees to be in on the talks. We have already heard that the Yankees are unlikely to spend the money to make drastic upgrades to the starting rotation.

If they are not going to make big upgrades with the rotation, they can always fall back on upgrading the bullpen. Hader would be a dynamite addition to the Yankees bullpen that already includes Chapman, Britton, and Green.

Those four alone would cause massive problems for anyone that would run into the Yankees. Adam Ottavino has the chance to bounce back as a fifth option, but there’s already been rumors around the Yankees looking to unload his contract.

Getting Hader would not come cheap for the Yankees. If I was to guess, Miguel Andujar would likely be the centerpiece of a deal. Clint Frazier is virtually untouchable after securing the left field starting job, but Andujar has no place on the roster. 

Another name that could be in the talks is Gary Sanchez. The bombers have been in talks with Yadier Molina which signals that they might be ready to move on from Sanchez. Perhaps the Brewers would be interested in trying to revive Gary Sanchez.

I would say that a deal between the two is not likely at the moment given Cashman’s stingyness when it comes to deals and the Brewers asking price. However, given the previous interest, I would fully expect the Yankees to be involved in talks.

New York Yankees News/Rumors: A Gardy party? Urshela, Frazier and the Yankee ghost

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

What are the chances the Yankees will make up with Gardner?

With all the decisions the New York Yankees have to make to fix the pitching rotation and infield problem, it’s hard to believe the Yankee brass concentrates their efforts on holding on to fan-favorite Brett Gardner. But in this cash strapped season, when the dust settles, and the Yankees work their magic and are happy with the pitching rotation, they will address the Brett Gardner situation. After the World Series, they made the quick decision not to take up his option at $10M for the 2021 season.

As it stands now, the Yankees will buy him out by exercising the buy-out clause in his contract, which will pay him $2.5 million to go back to his farm in the Carolinas. But don’t think for one minute, that is the end of the story. The New York Yankees know that Gardner has value to them. Yes, he is 37 years old but is still one of the elite defensive players in baseball. The Yankees are also aware that Giancarlo Stanton is pretty well shot in the outfield. They also know of the Aarons, Hicks, and Judge’s injury history. If either of them gets injured, Gardner is the answer. He can play left and centerfield more than adequately.

If this article were written on September, I would have said that is no way that the Yankees would bring Gardner back, even though he had a career year in 2019. After all, he was hitting .165 with a .293 on-base percentage, a .299 slugging percentage, and a .590 OPS on Sept. 9. It surely looked like Gardner was finally done. But, Gardner proved them wrong by batting .394 (13-for-33) with a .540 on-base percentage, a .667 slugging percentage, and a 1.190 OPS in the last 13 games of the season. He continued his excellent play throughout the postseason.

We also don’t know what effect the short season had on Gardner or any other player for that matter. If he played lousy for the first 47 games of the season and played really well for the last 115 games of the season, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, and the Yankees would have exercised his option. Don’t count out another “Gardy party.” Like they did last year, the Yankees will most likely wait until late, but there is a very good chance Brett Gardner will be back in pinstripes again next season.

Gio Urshela and Clint Frazier don’t win, but the Yankees do

Gio Urshela and Clint Frazier were both finalists for Gold Glove Awards at their positions, but both had lost when the news came in last night. Personally, for them, that new was unfortunate. But just the announcement that they were contending for the awards was a big win for the New York Yankees.

The Yankees have known that they had a Gold Glove-like man at third base. When they brought up Urshela last year to replace the injured Miguel Andujar, they immediately saw what they had at the hot corner. Gio made great play after great play and also proved he could hit. This season it was more of the same, cementing him as the Yankees 3rd baseman of the future.

The biggest win for the Yankees came in the form of Clint Frazier. Just a year ago, who would have thought that Frazier would ever be a  Gold Glove defenseman. Yes, Frazier had a quick bat and could hit for both contact and power, but he was mostly thought of as a bungler in the field. Enter this year and totally changed, Frazier emerged flying through the air to catch balls that seemed impossible to catch. Frazier proved he could play both left and right field at Yankee Stadium. The bottom line is that the Yankees have two of the best defensive players in the league.

Miguel Andujar, the New York Yankee’s ghost of the year

What the hell ever happened to the Yankees future star, Miguel Andujar? It seems like years ago that “Miggy” was having a breakout season when he finished second in Rookie of the Year voting, posting a .855 OPS. That was 2018; this is now. Misfortune struck the young star in the form of a shoulder injury, causing him to miss the entire 2019 season.

Meanwhile, the Yankees brought up Gio Urshela from the minors to fill in for the injured Andujar. What they got was a player that played third base better than Andujar ever did. When spring training rolled around this year, the Yankees faced a dilemma, what to do with Andujar. They certainly weren’t going to put him back at 3rd base, so they tried everything. They played him at first base and in the outfield, trying to find a fit. That fit never happened. Although he kicked around for awhile in the short season, he was eventually sent to the alternative site and became a Yankee ghost.

Now in the offseason, the Yankees again have to figure out what to do with a player that could still be a star, but they really don’t have any use. Unfortunately for Yankee fans that are big on Andujar, his value today for the Yankees is mostly as a trading piece. Andujar’s time with the Yankees has come and gone.

Will the New York Yankees score big this offseason?

The New York Yankees lost the most revenue in this shortened coronavirus season. The estimate from TMR is that the Yankees lost $437 million in revenue from not having fans in the stands and no concession sales. Add to that costs that continued for staff and Yankee Stadium maintenance, and that total far exceeds $500 million. Then add the Yankee player payroll for the prorated season, and that total reaches over $655 million without making a dime.

When deciding how much money to spend on the issues the Yankees must solve, they had to consider those losses, especially considering there is no clear answer to if fans will be allowed in the stands in 2021. The Yankees also have two albatrosses on the payroll; Gerrit Cole and Giancarlo Stanton that take up $65 million. Gerrit Cole’s payroll alone is more than the entire roster of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The bottom line is that the New York Yankees will pinch every penny they can. Any blockbuster deals that involve spending big bucks, like a Trevor Bauer, J.T. Realmuto, or a Francisco Lindor purchase, is as likely to happen as snow on July 4th. The Yankees will try to solve their shortstop problem, pick up a 3rd in rotation type starting pitcher, and most likely another quality arm in the bullpen. Much more than that is very unlikely.





These Yankees’ players will get some much-needed action in the Dominican league

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

A trio of struggling, high-profile New York Yankees‘ players will use the winter leagues to restore some confidence and stay in competition shape with the 2021 campaign in mind. Enrique Rojas of reported that Toros del Este manager Lino Rivera confirmed catcher Gary Sanchez, infielder/outfielder Miguel Andujar, and pitcher Domingo German as members of the team that will compete in the Dominican League (LIDOM.)

Andujar is expected in the Toros’ training camp on Wednesday, per Rojas. The talented hitter had a rough season with the New York Yankees in 2020, slashing .242/.277/.355 with a .274 wOBA, a 71 wRC+ and only one home run. If everybody is healthy on the Yankees’ roster come 2021, there could be no place for the 2018 Rookie of the Year runner-up.

As of now, it’s not clear when German and Sanchez will play, but according to Rivera, they will take part in the league. For Sanchez, it could mean the start of a road to redemption with the Yankees, as he had a .147/.253/.365 line with a .271 wOBA and a 69 wRC+. He did hit 10 homers, but the alarming issues to make contact and the presence of the defensively superior Kyle Higashioka resulted in the Kraken losing his starting gig come playoffs time.

German is a candidate to make the Yankees’ rotation

German had a breakout season in 2019, at least in the first half. In September, he was involved in a domestic violence case with his partner and it resulted in a long suspension. The right-hander lost the 2019 postseason and the whole 2020 campaign, but is eligible to come back in 2021.

For German, the Yankees would be happy if he gets some innings after such a long layoff. If he impresses in winter league and in spring training, he could find himself with a rotation spot in March, as the team will lose three arms in free agency: Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton and J.A. Happ.

The LIDOM is perhaps the best and strongest winter league, so having the three struggling stars getting some reps in a competitive environment is excellent news for the Yankees.

New York Yankees: What will the team do with Miguel Andujar?

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

The New York Yankees had one of the best young hitters in the game back in 2018. Miguel Andujar, a homegrown prospect with amazing bat-to-ball skills and some game power, finished second in th American League Rookie of the Year race behind Angels phenom Shohei Ohtani.

That season, Andujar slashed .297/.328/.527 and had 27 home runs, 76 total extra base hits, a .361 wOBA and a 130 wRC+. His defense at third base was awful, but he did more than enough with the stick to, well, stick in the New York Yankees’ long-term plans.

However, he suffered a torn labrum early in the 2019 season and everything has gone downhill since then. The rise to stardom of Gio Urshela, the news that the Yankees will use Giancarlo Stanton mainly as a designated hitter from now on, and the team overall depth in the lineup have left Andujar without a clear path to playing time in 2021.

Andujar started the 2020 condensed season healthy, but could never get going. He finished at .242/.277/.355 with only one homer, a .274 wOBA and a paltry 71 wRC+. His average exit velocity was 85.9 miles per hour.

The Yankees can’t promise playing time for him

Maybe he was affected by his shoulder. Maybe the task of learning the outfield, first base and keep himself sharp at third took too much time and energy for him to focus on being a better hitter. But the fact remains that the Yankees now have better options to plug in all those positions.

What will happen with Miguel Andujar? Trading him would feel like giving him away, since his value is at an all-time low. He has no defensive value and he is coming from a horrid season at the plate.

However, keeping him may be counterproductive, since he wouldn’t play too much, if at all. He has a minor league option remaining, but, to be honest, we don’t know if COVID-19, MLB, the union and governmental authorities will agree to play a minor league season in 2021.

The future of Miguel Andujar remains one of the most fascinating storylines of the Yankees’ offseason.

Miguel Andujar best serves the New York Yankees as a trade piece

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Now before the Andujar fans start to attack me, let me be clear, I like Miguel Andujar. I would love for the New York Yankees to figure out a way to get his bat into the lineup every single day. He’s a tremendous hitter with such a natural feel when he’s at the plate.

Disregarding his defense, Miguel Andujar is a great baseball player. The problem is that he doesn’t fit in anywhere with the Yankees. It’s not his talent level, and it’s not his inability to be flexible for the team as you saw this year from him trying to play the outfield.

Andujar has done whatever he could to get back on the field with the Yankees. However, there is just no room for him anywhere. Gio Urshela has turned into a star for the Yankees. He’s just as productive at the plate as Andujar, but he combines that with gold glove caliber defense at third.

Andujar tried out left field this year, but Clint Frazier has claimed that spot moving forward. Frazier’s drastic improvement defensively to go along with his great bat have locked up a corner outfield spot for him. We also all know that Giancarlo Stanton has the DH spot locked up for years to come.

What the Yankees should do?

Believe me, it pains me to say it, but the Yankees should really look to move Andujar in the offseason. About a month ago, I wrote asking fans the question on if the Yankees should deal Andujar. The results were pretty split in the comments mainly because of the love for Miggy.

I get it. Andujar became a fan favorite back in 2018 when he came up and shined for the Yankees. That year, Andujar should have won the rookie of the year award in my opinion. However, that honor was given to Shohei Ohtani.

The Yankees are going to be busy this offseason. Priority number one should be locking up DJ LeMahieu. DJ has been the anchor for the Yankees the last couple of years and he’s going to finish in the top four of the MVP voting for the second consecutive year.

Once the Yankees lock up LeMahieu, the infield and the outfield will be set for the future. All of those spots are locked up without Andujar. The focus should then turn to pitching. The Yankees have Masahiro Tanaka, J.A. Happ, and James Paxton all hitting free agency.

The Yankees bullpen has also been shaky at times during this season. If I’m Brian Cashman I’m calling up teams ready to deal Andujar for pitching upgrades. Andujar re-established his value with the way he swung the bat towards the end of this season.

Sure, his value still isn’t as high as it was after 2018, but I don’t think it ever will be. No matter how much it hurts to say it from a fans perspective, the right move would be for the Yankees to trade Miguel Andujar and either bolster their starting rotation or get another solid piece for the back of the bullpen.

New York Yankees: Miguel Andujar’s agent hints at service time manipulation by the team

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

Service time manipulation is nothing new, although it is still criticized by many circles in the baseball industry. Teams often keep their players off the major league roster for a determinate period of time in hopes of securing an extra year of team control down the road. According to an agent, the New York Yankees are performing the practice with a young slugger.

Miguel Andujar’s agent Ulises Cabrera hinted that the New York Yankees may be handling his client with this particular objective in mind, according to a report from The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler.

“For him not to be playing Major League Baseball games at this stage of the year, especially after he’s just demonstrated that he’s still physically capable of giving higher-than-average production, it’s extremely frustrating to not be suiting up every night in New York,” Cabrera told Adler.

The primary issue with Andujar is that he offers the Yankees absolutely no defensive value whatsoever: not at his natural third base nor in left field, where he has been tried this season in an effort to increase his versatility.

His overall batting line (.242/.277/.355) may not be very impressive, but he was turning his season around in the last few games. Another problem is that the Yankees have many DH-types like Andujar, but with a better and more complete offensive profile, most notably Giancarlo Stanton.

“Although his dream from the very beginning was to do so in pinstripes, that doesn’t take priority over just playing baseball. Miguel Andujar should be playing for a Major League Baseball team, and a Major League Baseball game, tonight.”

Up and down through the Yankees’ ladder

He has been up and down between the Yankees big league roster and the alternate training site for much of the season. General manager Brian Cashman said that Andujar is currently down because the club needed bodies in the middle infield, where he can’t play.

But Cabrera seems to think that the Yankees are keeping him down with the intention of controling him for a longer period of time.

“If I were the general manager for the New York Yankees, I would certainly want to do what’s best for the New York Yankees and control the assets as long as I possibly could,” Cabrera explained. “They said at the time that that wasn’t the reason why he was being sent down. So, I guess we have to take their word for it. Right?”

According to Cashman, Andujar could still be eligible for Super Two status and enter arbitration after this season.