New York Jets: Containing The Cowboys Key Pieces Is Essential

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ defense is young and talented. To go along with that, so much of the preparation and headlines regarding this game have been centered around Sam Darnold and the New York Jets offense. Reportedly Adam Gase hadn’t been using the regular playbook in order to not over expose it without the franchise guy at the helm. Now Darnold is back and the Jets offense is going to be expected to come out and perform a hell of a lot better than they have to this point.

The Jets can win this game on offense by scoring points but the Jets can easily control the momentum in this game with their defense. Their defense will not only get a lift from Sam being back on offense but they also get Jordan Jenkins and Brandon Copeland back. Jenkins and Copeland are both two of the best edge rushers on this squad and their additions will help immediately. The biggest key to this game is going to be controlling the 4 key pieces of the Cowboy offense.

Amari Cooper:

Despite being injured Amari Cooper has been great for the Cowboys this year. He’s been a true number one wide receiver for this squad. The Jets are going to have to find someone capable of covering him in this ballgame. The best case would be a swapping of Hairston, Johnson and Roberts throughout the game. Allowing them to rotate may be able to contain Cooper. The added benefit of his injury will assist the corners to keep up with him.

Michael Gallup:

The big bodied receiver is a huge part of the Dallas offense. He’s a mismatch and hard to cover. Brian Poole has been the Jets most reliable corner this season and I think this should be his matchup all day. Gallup has been able to torch just about every defense since Thanksgiving last year. He’s got it all figured out now and he’s a dangerous weapon. If the Jets can keep him in control that’s huge.

Ezekiel Elliot:

The Jets run defense has been solid and their front 7, despite injuries has been pretty good. This matchup is evidently a rough one but with two of their starting offensive linemen questionable and a solid defense this matchup could be a lot more in favor of the Jets than expected. The key is gonna have to be if Tyron Smith and La’el Collins play. If they don’t then this could be a big thing for the Jets.

Dak Prescott:

Dak is a glorified game manager. However, he’s also a bonafide leader. He’s by far not one of the most talented QBs in the game. His leadership skills and above average skill set make him a good QB. Pressure rattles Prescott and the Jets will be able to apply that this time around. Jordan Jenkins and Brandon Copeland are excellent edge rushers and will hopefully apply pressure and rattle Dak or else it could be a long day.

If the Jets offense is even remotely good and the defense can contain Dallas than this is a game the Jets could fare better in than expected. If the key pieces are electric than it could be a long day. Gregg Williams better be ready because if he and his defense aren’t prepared it’ll be a terrible loss.P

New York Giants News, 9/12 – Here’s a big reason the Giants were smoked by the Cowboys

New York Giants, Janoris Jenkins

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

When Amari Cooper secured his single touchdown catch of the night, it was odd to see New York Giants rookie cornerback DeAndre Baker in coverage. The immediate thought that ran through my mind was, “why isn’t Janoris Jenkins blanketing him?”

Were the coaches looking to throw Baker into the fire and give him some film to study? A bit late for that experiment during the first regular-season game of the year against a division rival, don’t you think?

In fact, Jenkins, who shadowed Cooper on 64.5% of his routes, allowed just one catch on three targets for 13 yards. Cooper’s stat-line for the night was  — 6 catches, 106 yards, one touchdown. So, how exactly did Cooper manage to thread the Giants’ defense when Jenkins shut him down for a majority of his routes?

Well, we can see that on 35.5% of his offensive snaps he was covered by Baker or Antonio Hamilton, both of which were torched in the process. A substantial opportunity to record film on both players, but it undoubtedly cost the Giants any chance at fighting back and making the game close.

However, Cooper is also capable of playing out of the slot, which Jenkins struggles in. That’s how the Cowboys managed to scheme around Jenkins and match up their best pass-catchers against the Giants’ weakest links. Also, Dallas’ No. 2 wideout, Michael Gallup, finished the afternoon with seven receptions for 158 yards. This puts the Giants’ secondary strength on display, and while they have a ton of youth and inadequate chemistry hurting them, allowing 405 yards through the air is unacceptable.


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