New York Giants: Kevin Abrams to change role in organization

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The New York Giants will have a very different front office going into this season, and one of the big names to move positions is Kevin Abrams. While Abrams isn’t leaving the organization entirely, he’s not set to return as the assistant general manager under Joe Schoen. Instead, the team has hired Eagles director of player personnel Brandon Brown to fill that position.

As bad as this looks for Abrams, the team announced on the same day that he’ll still remain in the organization – just in a different role. In an announcement, Abrams was named the senior vice president of football operations and strategy.

“Kevin has been and will continue to be an invaluable resource for me and our staff,” general manager Joe Schoen said. “In his new role, Kevin will be assisting with the day-to-day football operation, administration and strategy of the organization moving forward.”

Despite the positive PR spin, this looks like the Giants sidelining Abrams in favor of reshaping the organization under Joe Schoen. A move like this, or Abrams leaving entirely, was inevitable given Abrams’ status as a prominent figure within previous years’ front offices.

Some might feel disappointed to see the Giants keeping around any notable names from the last regime, but based on the rapid changes we’ve seen so far, it’s doubtful much influence will be left over even if some front office members like Abrams remain in the franchise.

At the end of the day, everyone will still have to answer to new management – and it remains to be seen how long current members of the front office will remain even after surviving the first round of changes.

New York Giants: Kevin Abrams reportedly ruled out of GM search

kevin abrams, giants

The New York Giants have been criticized a lot over the past couple of years for not reaching outside of their own organization. It’s not hard to see the reason why. The hiring of Dave Gettleman proved again that experience within the organization doesn’t make someone the best candidate. Over the past years, it’s become clear that whatever is happening in the Giants front office isn’t working. The team hasn’t had a winning record at any point in the past five years, and many fans are worried that the failures will continue if the next GM is an in-house hire.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem like that will happen. Not only have the Giants lined up interviews with candidates from a number of better run organizations, but assistant GM Kevin Abrams has reportedly been ruled out of the search for the next general manager.

Kevin Abrams is reportedly “not a candidate” for GM job

The news was reported by Art Stapleton, who claims that Abrams isn’t currently a candidate in the race. This report, of course, contradicts earlier ones that placed Abrams as a leading candidate.

Those earlier reports, though, may not have been wrong entirely. The Giants endured a rough end to the season, and it’s quite possible that the final games caused a shakeup in the plans. A bit earlier, it looked like Joe Judge was expected to return next season. Now, after a series of bad press conferences and bad losses for Judge, the head coach situation is a lot more precarious.

It’s possible the Giants were planning to consider Abrams, but after the last weeks, decided that an in-house hire just wasn’t going to work.

Either way, a major fear in the fanbase should be alleviated if this report does hold true. It’s hard to fix a sinking ship by handing over control to someone that helped get it there in the first place. Even if the realization is coming a bit late, it seems the Giants owners are starting to get this.

New York Giants rank near the bottom of NFL in projected 2022 cap space

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The New York Giants are preparing for yet another messy offseason. The Giants are expected to make a change in the front office. New York is likely letting General Manager Dave Gettleman go and bringing in a new GM in the coming weeks. The new man in charge, however, will be inheriting a bit of a mess. The 4-11 Giants are closing out another season of major disappointment and are in a tight space when it comes to money this offseason.

According to Spotrac, the New York Giants are projected to have the fifth-lowest amount of salary cap space available in this upcoming 2022 offseason. The Giants are projected only $3,486,532 in cap space.

Recent contracts given out to the likes of Kenny Golladay, Adoree’ Jackson, and Leonard Williams are taking up a large percentage of the team’s salary. These big cap hits are going to make it difficult for the Giants to improve their team this offseason. As things stand, the Giants cannot even afford a draft class with only $3.5 million in cap space. Some good players are inevitably going to be cut or have their contracts restructured this offseason.

What does this mean for the GM search?

Dave Gettleman has created a bit of a mess with the Giants’ money. He made an effort to acquire talent through free agency and expanded the team’s salary in the process. Gettleman restructured many contracts to try and avoid a tight budget, but nevertheless, the sins of his past have caught up with the team.

Working alongside Dave Gettleman has been assistant GM Kevin Abrams. Many rumors suggest that Abrams could be in line to take over as the team’s next General Manager. This has confused and frustrated some fans due to the Giants’ messing cap situation. Kevin Abrams is a “contract guy” who started his career as a salary cap analyst. His primary job has been working with the money, and the Giants’ money is not in the best situation.

Any incoming General Manager candidates might think twice about taking the Giants’ job due to their money situation. There is not much money to spend and improve the Giants’ roster, despite the team possessing one of the worst rosters in the NFL. Thankfully, the Giants possess nine draft picks in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft, including two picks in the first round. These draft picks should make the job a bit more attractive.

Inevitably, the Giants are going to need to trade and cut players and restructure contracts in order to prepare for the 2022 season. There is a long and crucial offseason ahead of the New York Giants, and getting the right general manager in place is the first step in the process of turning this team around.

Former Giants scout gives reason why team should look beyond Kevin Abrams for general manager fix

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The New York Giants are seemingly ready to make a major change in the front office. Well, somewhat major. The Giants are expected to move on from general manager Dave Gettleman this offseason. It is believed that Gettleman will receive a “graceful exit,” like a retirement party instead of a firing. Giants fans are excited for this moment and eager for their team to find a new general manager. But a recent discussion has suggested assistant general manager Kevin Abrams as the next best candidate.

Former New York Giants kicker and Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes recently made a controversial suggestion to the fanbase on Twitter. Tynes suggested that “Kevin Abrams should be the NEW Giants GM in 2022.” Many fans were outraged by this idea and quick to express their disagreement with the former Giants player. In fact, one former New York Giants executive scout expressed their disagreement with Lawrence Tynes’s idea on Twitter:

Former New York Giants scout chimes in:

Steven E Verderosa is a three-time NFL champion that spent 33-years in the league as a scout. He was an executive scout with the New York Giants from 1988 to 2020. Verderosa recently retired from the league and now works with Pro Football Network. Steven recently chimed in on the Kevin Abrams discussion on Twitter:

Steven is a credible football mind that has insight into the New York Giants organization. Being a former scout for the Giants, Verderosa has worked alongside Kevin Abrams in the past. He does not think Abrams is a good general manager candidate as he is a money guy and “not a football guy.”

Kevin Abrams career history

Kevin Abrams began his football career working for the NFL Management Council as a Salary Cap Analyst. He then continued as an intern in numerous football programs, such as Ohio University, the Buffalo Bills, the Washington Football Team, and the London Monarchs. Kevin Abrams has been with the Giants for his entire professional career, starting in 1999.

Abrams started out with the Giants as a Salary Cap Analyst (1999-2001) before being promoted to Assistant General Manager. Abrams filled that position from 2002 to 2017 before becoming the Interim General Manager to close out the 2017 season after Jerry Reese was fired from the General Manager position. Abrams interviewed for the Giants’ General Manager position, but the team selected Dave Gettleman instead. Abrams was kept on staff, though, as a VP of Football Operations and Assistant GM from 2018 till now.

Kevin Abrams is a two-time Super Bowl champion, winning two rings with the New York Giants (XLII & XLVI). He has been with the Giants for over two decades. If John Mara wants to go with an in-house hiring, Abrams makes sense. But as seen in his career history, Kevin Abrams has worked almost exclusively as a salary cap manager. Fans want a General Manager that can find and scout talent to build a competitive roster. Kevin Abrams will not be the hiring that fulfills that wish for New York Giants fans.