New York Giants news, 11/9 – Giants lose two offensive lineman to injury, Evan Engram,more

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Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The New York Giants will travel into Sunday’s game against the Jets without several starters, including Sterling Shepard, Jon Halapio, Evan Engram, and possibly Mike Remmers.

Engram, who suffered a mid-foot sprain in week nine against Dallas, was ruled out on Friday. He has already missed time with an MCL sprain and will again be unavailable. Injuries have littered Engram’s career up to this point and will likely be a worry for the remainder.

As an undersized blocker and primary pass-catching tight end, Engram is forced to deal with plenty of physical situations. Defenders often target his legs when taking him down, considering his size for a receiver, which elevates the probability of an injury.

As for center Jon Halapio, head coach Pat Shurmur stated he’s “ways out” from making a return to the starting line. Spencer Pulley, who started during the 2018 season, will be slotted in, which could end up being an improvement. Also, right tackle Mike Remmers, who had back surgery this past offseason, could miss time due to a sore back. The New York Giants would replace him with Nick Gates, who looked solid during preseason play. It will be interesting to see how he performs against a lesser Jets team — a confidence-building game.

Sterling Shepard will miss week 10:

Shepard, who’s still dealing with concussion symptoms, is set to miss Sunday’s game as well. I anticipate he will miss the remainder of the season, considering the near improbability of Big Blue making a playoff run. After the team’s Week 12 BYE, they could shut Shepard down for the season, allowing him to recover and return in 2020 completely healthy.


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Evidence That The New York Giants’ Offensive Line Problems Stem From Coaching

New York Giants, Kevin Zeitler

The New York Giants‘ offensive line has been the team’s biggest problem for years now. The unit let up 47 sacks in 2018 and has already allowed 28 sacks in 2019, putting them on pace to allow 49 sacks on the season. The Giants are often criticized for not placing enough talent on the offensive line.

But this year, New York made sure to bring in two key pieces that should have solidified its offensive line as at least an average unit. So far, that has not been the outcome. The additions of Kevin Zeitler and Mike Remmers have not been enough to improve the Giants’ offensive line so far.

Every year, the Giants’ offensive line makes the same mistakes. Whether it be an offensive tackle not understanding how far the quarterback is dropping back, or the interior linemen not understanding how to pick up a stunt. These mistakes frequently occur, year after year. These repeated mistakes beg the essential question: is there a coaching problem?

Much of the “hot-seat” talk in New York has been centered around the Giants’ and Jets’ head coaches Pat Shurmur and Adam Gase. But maybe the conversation should be centered around a position coach. The Giants’ offensive line coach, Hal Hunter, should be on the hot seat.

Hal Hunter’s Career History

The Giants’ decision to hire Hal Hunter in 2018 was a bit of a confusing decision. Hal had been out of the league for a year after two “one-and-done” stints with the Indianapolis Colts, then the Cleveland Browns. As the Colts’ offensive line coach in 2015, he coached an average unit that allowed 37 sacks (ranked 17th). Still, Indianapolis was not entirely pleased with this outcome and decided to go a different direction in 2016.

Hal Hunter was then hired by the Cleveland Browns for the 2016 season in which he coached a historically bad offensive line. In 2016, the Browns’ offensive line allowed 66 sacks and 140 quarterback hits. Hal was fired after that season and did not have a job in the NFL in 2017. The Giants then hired them to help fix their atrocious offensive line in 2018.

So far, the offensive line has not been fixed. It does not even look close to being fixed. And there is evidence that the reason it is not fixed could be directly coordinated to a poor coaching-job.

Coachable Mistakes That The Giants Continue To Make

Below I will provide a few video clips and breakdowns of some of the mistakes that the Giants’ offensive line has been making. These are mistakes that should be coached out but have not been. These mistakes also happen more than once per game and were happening last season, as well.

Here is a breakdown by Bobby Skinner of the Talkin’ Giants podcast. Bobby breaks down an error that the Giants’ offensive line makes frequently. On this play, the Giants got confused by the stunt that the Cowboys’ defense ran. They failed to recognize it and did not pick it up, allowing their rookie quarterback to be pressured from three different angles and hit by two defenders:

Here is another example. Nate Solder, a nine-year veteran, is seen demonstrating bad footwork and letting the pressure get right to Daniel Jones. This is a simple technique issue Solder has been struggling with all year. It should be coached out by now, but Giants linemen have been making these same mistakes repeatedly this season.

Here are a couple more clips where the Giants’ offensive line is simply not on the same page:

Yes, the Giants’ offensive line lacks talent. But they are also making the same, fixable mistakes over and over. Offensive line coach Hal Hunter has not done his job and has not coached these mistakes out of his unit’s players. At the very least, the offensive line should be on the same page, but they are not.

While it is highly unlikely that the Giants would make a change at this position during the 2019 season, they should strongly consider making a change in the offseason.

The New York Giants could solidify the right tackle position with a monster draft pick

Will the New york Giants consider right tackle, Andrew Thomas, in the 2020 NFL Draft?

The New York Giants need to allocate draft capital and salary-cap space towards several positions on both sides of the ball. However, the most detrimental position is offensive tackle, where Nate Solder and Mike Remmers protect both edges.

Remmers, who was signed this off-season to replace Ereck Flowers who started at right tackle last year, is tied for ninth in the league with four sacks allowed. He has been abysmal through nine weeks and forced Daniel Jones to run for his life at times.

Head coach Pat Shurmur is familiar with Remmers who played for him with the Minnesota Vikings. Back then, he was a bit more refined in his abilities and hadn’t succumbed to back surgery. Clearly, signing him was a desperation move and a plug-in player until the organization was able to find a better starter.

What does the 2020 NFL Draft offer the New York Giants?

The 2020 NFL draft offers several solutions for the Giants at the position. The top option is Giorgia tackle, Andrew Thomas. Thomas has been very good for Georgia this year as a shut down past protector and overall contributor in the ground game. He has faced off against top edge rushers and held them in check, protecting Jake Fromm from any further damage.

The most enticing aspect of Thomas is that he is capable of holding his own in the past and run game. This would benefit Jones in the pocket and star running back Saquon Barkley on the ground. Despite playing left tackle at the college level this season, moving over to the right side might make his life easier, considering he would be on Jones’ vision side. He played right tackle as a true freshman, starting there all season and helped the Bulldogs produce a fantastic rushing attack.

The Giants would benefit greatly from his skillset and mauling attitude. Injecting him into an offensive line consisting of Kevin Zeitler, Will Hernandez, Nate Solder, and Jon Halapio would be extremely beneficial. We can imagine general manager Dave Gettleman will also address the center position, especially after witnessing Halapio‘s regression this season. If he can bolster the offensive front with a fresh center and right tackle, Jones will be in a good place moving forward. They can also utilize Barkley and a more efficient way, opening up holes and running through the scheme.

While the Giants do you need help at the tackle position, an expected top five draft choice holds a lot of value. They could elect to bring in a new linebacker to solidify the middle of the defense. It all depends on what position Gettleman sees the most value in and if there are free agent players available.


New York Giants: Ranking each offensive lineman through eight weeks

New York Giants, Kevin Zeitler

After eight weeks of regular season play, the New York Giants have seen plenty of ups and downs in regards to the offensive line. Left tackle Nate Solder has been inconsistent and a liability at times to rookie quarterback Daniel Jones’ blindside. Finding a way to supplement Solder’s deficiencies this season has been a challenge, and it has led to 15 total turnovers for Jones, who leads the league in the category.

However, while Solder has been lackluster, others have shown resiliency and promise.

Ranking the New York Giants offensive linemen:

1.) Kevin Zeitler

Zeitler, who was acquired in the Olivier Vernon trade with the Cleveland Browns, has earned a grade of over 70.0 through eight weeks, as per PFF. The tackles have been struggling for Big Blue, but their guards have been fantastic. Zeitler has been nursing a shoulder injury since the beginning of the season, but he has fought through it to become the Giants’ best offensive lineman.

The Giants own the rights to Zeitler for the next two seasons, and his cap hit is very team-friendly. His cap hit will be $12.5 million next season and $14.5 million in 2021. Compare that deal to Andrew Norwell, who’s averaging $15 million per season, and you can see what great value Zeitler provides.

2.) Will Hernandez

The second-year guard out of UTEP has been stellar for the Giants. Not hearing an offensive lineman’s name is usually a great thing, and Hernandez has been a ghost so far this season. He’s been on a rock next to the unreliable Solder and has saved Jones’ butt on numerous occasions.

Hernandez is only in the second year of his rookie deal, which provides value in of itself. He’s the future at left guard for the Giants and will likely be paid accordingly in the future, but the Giants must take advantage of his low cap-hit now.

3.) Nate Solder

Solder has been anything but good this season, allowing seven sacks through the first eight weeks. Jones has been blindsided frequently at the expense of Solder, and he realizes how poor his play has been. Solder and Remmers have combined to allow 58 quarterback pressures this season, which is a severe issue for Big Blue and has many scratching their heads.

The Giants will likely stick with Solder moving forward due to the lack of quality left tackles in the NFL, but they will need more from him to be a competitive team.

4.) Mike Remmers

The plug-in right tackle has hurt the Giants at times and saved them at others. I don’t expect Remmers to remain with the team beyond the 2019 season. Allocating draft capital or cap space to sign a quality right tackle is the plan for Gettleman, who desperately needs to upgrade the position. Remmers has a PFF grade of 61.6.

5.) Jon Halapio

Halapio has been plain bad this season, and general manager Dave Gettleman will undoubtedly look to upgrade the center position next offseason. He sits in last place with a PFF grade of 52.1, ranking in the bottom tier of starters in the NFL. Halapio might be an even more significant liability than Solder and Remmers at the tackle position. The Giants currently rank as the 17th best unit in the NFL.

The New York Giants Offensive Line Rebuild Is NOT Complete

New York Giants, Nate Solder

The New York Giants are coming off of a crushing loss to the Arizona Cardinals in week seven. The Giants gave up 8 sacks to the Cardinals’ defense. The most notable sacks came on crucial third and fourth downs late in the game to officially hand the Giants their third loss in a row.

I admit it, I was wrong. I was really hopeful for the Giants’ offensive line heading into this season. In the offseason, I wrote an article stating that the rebuild was in fact complete. Kudos to all those who thought otherwise. Unfortunately, you were right. The Giants’ offensive line is not finished being rebuilt. In fact, it is far from it.

Left Tackle Liability

The Giants shocked the league in the 2018 offseason when they decided to make Nate Solder the highest-paid offensive lineman of all time. Solder was certainly an upgrade over Ereck Flowers, so many fans were fine with the signing. The Giants were simply filling a position of need with the best player available.

But many fans were quick to point out the potential risk of the Nate Solder signing. Solder was an average left tackle being paid like a world-class player. Sure, he was an improvement. But how big of an improvement was he really? Well, this season, Solder has not looked anything close to the player the Giants are paying for.

So far, through 7 weeks of the 2019 NFL season, Nate Solder has allowed 5 sacks and a whopping 26 pressures. That means that Nate Solder is letting his man get to the quarterback at an average around 4 times per game. To put this in perspective, Nate Solder allowed a total of 33 pressures through the entire 2018 season. Nate Solder is clearly regressing to a below-average left tackle and quickly becoming a liability on offense. Unfortunately, Solder and the Giants are tied to the hip with no real out in his contract until 2021 when the dead cap number drops to $6.5 million, which is still a hefty cap burden to bear.

In this video, you can see Nate Solder was beaten badly multiple times against the Arizona Cardinals.

Rocky Right Tackle Play

On the other side of the offensive line, it has not been much better. Newly-signed right tackle Mike Remmers has been a disappointment so far. Remmers has allowed 24 pressures and 2 sacks through 7 games.

To put this in perspective, Mike Remmers is averaging about 3.43 pressures per game. If he keeps at this rate, he would end the season with roughly 54 total pressures allowed. Last year, the Giants’ biggest offensive line liability, Chad Wheeler, allowed only 43 total pressures.

The Giants pass protection did not receive an upgrade at right tackle this offseason. Luckily, the Giants are not stuck with Remmers in the long-run like they are with Solder. The Giants signed Mike Remmers to a one-year deal this offseason and can easily move on from him either through the draft or free agency (where New York is set to have lots of money to spend). Fans should just hope that Dave Gettleman does not tie up too much money to an average offensive tackle again this offseason.

A Hole In The Center

The Giants were excited to get their center Jon Halapio back from injury this season. Jon suffered a broken leg in week two of the 2018 season. To that point, the Giants’ offensive line was atrocious, but Halapio was performing the best out of any of the players in the unit.

In week one of the 2018 season, Jon Halapio had Pro Football Focus’s third-best pass blocking grade (85.2) among centers with at least 50 offensive snaps. Dave Gettleman himself said that Halapio was playing the best out of anyone on the offensive line before he got injured.

This led the Giants to feel content with their talent at center and roll with Jon Halapio in 2019. Halapio has struggled so far this season. So far this season, Halapio has posted a Pro Football Focus grade of 51.6, ranking him 26th in the league at his position.

While Halapio is not the worst center option, and he is on a cap-friendly deal, there is certainly room for improvement. Halapio is an inconsistent center who has flashed great potential as a pass-blocker but seems to be making too many mental mistakes in 2019. Such as this play against the Minnesota Vikings:

The Part That The Giants Have Right

The Giants have their hands tied at left tackle and could use a major upgrades at right tackle and center. But there are two other positions on the offensive line that they seem to have right.

Much of the pressure that the Giants have let up this season has come off the edge, which is why we can place blame on Mike Remmers and Nate Solder. But the Giants’ guards, as expected, have been the strength of the offensive line so far.

Kevin Zeitler is still playing like a top-ten player at his position. He has allowed only one sack so far this season, committed only one penalty, and has done a nice job keeping pressure away from the quarterback. The Giants are paying big money for Kevin Zeitler, too, but at least they are getting high-level production from their right guard.

Will Hernandez is in his second season and has been quietly building off of his strong rookie campaign. He has had his fair share of mistakes (3 penalties), but the sophomore left guard has not allowed a single sack so far this season. Big Will also boasts one of PFF’s highest pass-blocking grades at his position with a grade of 79.5.

So, unfortunately, the Giants’ offensive line rebuild is not complete. It is, disappointingly, far from it. Sure, they have two strong pieces in place at both guard positions. But the Giants’ lack of talent at the tackle positions is proving to be killer this season. New York will need to address this in the offseason and continue working towards a long-term plan for their offensive line rebuild.

The New York Giants have one massive positive to be excited about

New York Giants, Kevin Zeitler

The New York Giants should be excited about this unit:

While the New York Giants realized their most glaring weakness against the Dallas Cowboys in week one, they did see the fruits of their efforts on the offensive line flourish. Right guard Kevin Zeitler, who was acquired in the Olivier Vernon trade with the Cleveland Browns, was stellar on the line and presented a calmness that has been absent from the position for years.

New right tackle Mike Remmers struggled but performed far better than Chad Wheeler in 2018. Altogether, the line, including Nate Solder, Will Hernandez and Jon Halapio played at an elevated level the Giants not only wanted but desperately needed.

Having a 70.9 pass-blocking grade through one week, veteran quarterback Eli Manning should have more time in the pocket to move through his progressions. Also, the line finished with an impressive 82.6 run grade, which led the league. Head coach Pat Shurmur needs to utilize Saquon Barkley more often who only had 11 carries against the Cowboys.

General manager Dave Gettleman has spent ample resources fixing the starting five up front after years of shoddy drafting by Jerry Reese. Ridding the team of Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart was the first task for Gettleman, who quickly replaced them with Solder and Wheeler/Remmers. I anticipate the Giants finding a young right tackle next offseason, likely in the draft.

With a young and talented offensive front, they will have the ability to replace aging players one at a time rather than have to overhaul the entire unit in just two offseasons. Nonetheless, the Giants are trending positively, and the defensive line is now the focal point.

The Kevin Zielter effect:

One of the more impactful linemen is Kevin Zeitler, who ranked as a top-five guard in the league last season. Aside from his distinct physical traits, he’s mentally healthy, especially after facing adversity in Cleveland in the form of losing. The Giants are progressing nicely, even if it takes them the 2019 season to develop their secondary and gain more cap-space to address positions of need.

The Giants, though, are becoming a run-first team on the back of players like Zeitler. Saquon Barkley, the primary catalyst behind the team’s offensive production, relies on the front five to be efficient. With an improved unit, Barkley should continue to excel in the run game — he averaged 10.9 yards per carry against the Cowboys.

An interesting tidbit, Barkley’s runs primarily came from running between the tackles, which not only shows their ability to create space for Barkley, but it also shows the running back’s improved vision and desire to run vertically rather than bounce it outside.

His progression and star-quality only continue to improve, and the offensive line plays a big part in Barkley’s growth.

New York Giants: New Offensive Line Needs To Shut Down Bills Rookie Defender In Week Two

The New York Giants suffered an embarrassing loss on opening weekend against the Dallas Cowboys. Almost everyone on the team underperformed. The Giants’ defense allowed the Cowboys’ offense to gain a total of 494 yards of offense. They also allowed Dak Prescott to have a career day with a perfect passer rating of 158.3.

But one position group did not underperform. In fact, the Giants’ new offensive line actually played an excellent game and exceeded expectations. General Manager Dave Gettleman has made it a point to rebuild the offensive line over the last two years, and in week one, it seemed like the rebuild is finally coming to fruition.

The Giants’ offensive line allowed only 1 sack and 6 quarterback hits on 44 dropbacks against the Cowboys. According to Pro Football Focus, the offensive line had a 70.9 overall grade in pass blocking and a grade of 82.6 in run blocking that lead the league in week one.

The Giants’ offensive line had a tough matchup last week and performed well. The Cowboys’ defensive line featured DeMarcus Lawrence, one of the NFL’s better arrogant pass-rushers. In week two, the Giants will have another tough matchup in the trenches. This week, they will need to focus on a rookie.

Shutting Down Ed Oliver

The Buffalo Bills selected an impact defender with the ninth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Ed Oliver’s draft stock slid from a potential top-three pick to the back end of the top-ten. Oliver ended up falling right into Buffalo’s lap.

Ed Oliver was impressive in week one. His impact was felt instantly as he applied pressure to Jets second-year quarterback Sam Darnold. Ed Oliver did not record a sack, but he came close a couple of times and did total two tackles.

In week one, Oliver took 47 defensive snaps, which was 65 percent of the team’s total and led all defensive tackle. Pro Football Focus was very impressed with Oliver in week one, giving him an overall grade of 80.3. PFF also noted that Ed Oliver graded north of 75.0 as both a pass-rusher and a run defender, and ended the game with a defensive stop against the run and five total pressures.

Ed Oliver will be a handful for the Giants’ offensive line in week two. The Giants, fortunately, have the men to match up with the rookie. New York’s interior offensive line is full of strong talent with Kevin Zeitler, Will Hernandez, and Jon Halapio. If the Giants’ offensive line performs as it did in week one, the Giants should be able to shut down Ed Oliver and find more success on offense.

The 3 keys to the New York Giants beating the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

With Ezekiel Elliott securing a $90 million extension on Wednesday morning, the New York Giants will gear up to face one of the league’s premier running backs. He is a catalyst for the Dallas Cowboys offense and is one of the more difficult runners to bring down. Having a strong defensive front will be a priority for the Giants, and they will need to supplement the loss of Damon Harrison early last season when the two teams first collided.

Here are the three keys for the New York Giants to beat the Cowboys:

1.) Dexter Lawrence

With the Giants trading away “Snacks” last year, first-round draft pick Dexter Lawrence will be asked to fill a significant role in the defensive line this season.

He will be expected to draw double teams and put pressure on Dak Prescott during the Giants week one matchup against the Cowboys. He will be a catalyst in forcing bad decisions by Prescott and putting pressure on the pocket. Additionally, the Giants need him to be active in the run game and stop Ezekiel Elliott at the line of scrimmage. They will likely have issues dealing with him early on, but they will need to find a way to contain him and his brute style of running.

Aside from just Lawrence, the entire defensive line needs to perform well. Both Dalvin Tomlinson and BJ Hill will be expected to elevate their game, but having previously played against the Cowboys and Elliot before.

2.) Saquon Barkley

The Giants star running back, one of three players at the position to record over 2,000 all-purpose yards in their rookie season, will once again be the focal point of the offense.

Ensuring they feed him early and often, Saquon can take over any game, and he will need to do it again against Dallas. With their defense being a strong point, head coach Pat Shurmur must rely on his star player to crank out yards and get into the end zone.

Last season, Shurmur tended to feed Barkley a lot in the first half of games and then taper off in the second half to not overwork him. In his sophomore season, the Giants cannot be cautious with his workload, as he will be the reason they win most games.

Ensuring he gets a healthy balanced of touches in both the first and second half will allow the Giants to operate at a high-level and compete against better teams in the league. They enter Sunday’s matchup as 7.0 underdog’s, which means they will need to feed Barkley as much as possible, especially with Golden Tate serving a four-game suspension to start the season.

3.) The offensive line

General manager Dave Gettleman has made it a priority to bolster the offense of line the past two seasons. Signing Nate Solder, drafting Will Hernandez, and trading for Kevin Zeitler this off-season makes them a remarkably improved unit. Also, they brought in right tackle Mike Remmers, who is an upgrade over Chad wheeler. They will also return Jon Halapio, their starting center who broke his leg last year early on in the 2018 campaign. This grouping of players will allow Eli Manning to stand tall in the pocket and operate at a more efficient level.

Manning has lacked time to throw the ball in recent seasons, and some of that pressure will likely be alleviated this year.

Cowboys have a daunting defense of line, which will not only put pressure on Manning but Barkley as well. I anticipate Hernandez and Remmers being their focus, as those seem to be the two weak links at this point. Hernandez had an up-and-down preseason, which the Cowboys shortly noticed. They will need strong performance is across the board to dominate the trenches and allow the offense to be productive.

The New York Giants’ Offensive Line Should Be One Of The NFL’s Most Improved Units In 2019

The New York Giants have dealt with continuous problems along their offensive line. These problems, unfortunately, have lasted years. The Giants’ offensive line made a couple of upgrades in 2018.

New York signed left tackle Nate Solder to a record-breaking contract. The Giants followed that move by drafting a promising offensive guard prospect, Will Hernandez, in the 2nd-round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

These acquisitions were strong steps in the right direction. Unfortunately, the offensive line was still far from completion in 2018. In 2019, however, things have changed.

The Giants completed their offensive line rebuild in the 2019 NFL offseason. A couple of key acquisitions will help make the Giants’ offensive line one of the most improved units in the NFL in 2019 due to improvements in pass-blocking.

Improved Pass Protection

The New York Giants’ offensive line put Eli Manning through the wringer in 2018. Manning was sacked a career-high 47 times last season. Fortunately for Mr. Manning, Dave Gettleman made a trade that will bring that sack total down significantly in 2019.

The Giants traded for Kevin Zeitler this offseason, a guard who will greatly improve the team’s pass-blocking. Kevin Zeitler allowed only 11 total pressures in the entire 2018 NFL season. That is an incredibly impressive number. To put it in perspective,  Patrick Omameh and Jamon Brown combined to allow 39 pressures in only 14 games last year.

According to Pro Football Focus, Zeitler allowed just three sacks, one hit and seven hurries from 642 pass-blocking snaps in 2018, and his 91.7 pass-blocking grade not only led the league’s guards last season, but it was also tied for the ninth-best single-season grade ever recorded by an offensive guard.

Kevin Zeitler and Will Hernandez will form one of the best guard duos in the NFL next season. Zeitler is an established pass-blocking extraordinaire, but Hernandez is also an underrated guard who flashed tons of potential in his 2018 rookie season.

Will Hernandez allowed just 29 pressures from 664 pass-blocking snaps on the year. On top of that, Will Hernandez committed all of two penalties on 1,027  offensive snaps last year, which is especially impressive for a rookie (PFF).

An underrated player along Big Blue’s offensive line is Jon Halapio. PFF had this to say about Halapio: he began last year as the Giants’ starter before going down with an injury, but in his 116 snaps, he didn’t allow a single pressure, despite playing almost 50 pass-blocking snaps against the Jaguars and their array of pass-rushing weapons in Week 1.

If Jon Halapio can come back healthy in 2019, he could help bring great improvement to New York’s pass-blocking. Gettleman’s rebuild of the offensive line has been a quick and impressive one.

Solder and Hernandez entering their second season with New York will lead to even better results on the left side of the line. Kevin Zeitler’s excellent pass-blocking will lead to overall improved pass protection. The Giants’ improved pass protection will make their offensive line one of the most improved units in the NFL in 2019.

New York Giants: Every Position On Offense Ranked From Best To Worst

The New York Giants‘ offense had a rocky 2018 season. They struggled to score points outside of garbage time in the first half of the season. Fortunately, the offense came alive during the second half of the season, giving New York some hope and momentum for the future.

Today I will be taking a look at every position on the Giants’ offense and ranking them from best to worst. The best positions are those that need no upgrades or minimal upgrades. The worst positions are those that need imminent upgrades.

1. Running Back

The New York Giants’ backfield is undoubtedly the best position group on the roster. The Giants’ backfield features the 2018 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year, Saquon Barkley. Barkley is arguably the best running back in the NFL after only one season.

Saquon broke numerous records as a rookie as he totaled 2,028 scrimmage yards and 15 total touchdowns. Barkley is an elite player for the Giants and is set to have a monstrous 2019 season.

However, the Giants have solid depth behind Saquon Barkley, too. Wayne Gallman proved himself to be a solid running back that could be capable of starting if the Giants did not have Saquon.

Gallman flashed his potential in 2017. He ran the ball 111 times, gaining 476 yards on the ground with 4.3 yards per carry. Gallman also provided quality snaps as a receiver in 2017. He caught 34 passes on 48 targets for 193 yards, 5.7 yards per reception, and 1 touchdown.

2. Right Guard

The Giants offensive line has gone through a major overhaul over the last two seasons. In the 2019 offseason, New York made a huge upgrade at the right guard position.

The Giants acquired right guard Kevin Zeitler in a trade with the Cleveland Browns. Zeitler should step in and be the Giants’ best offensive lineman from day one.

Kevin Zeitler is arguably the best pass-blocking guard in the NFL. Kevin Zeitler allowed only 11 total pressures in the entire 2018 NFL season. That is an incredibly impressive number. To put it in perspective,  Patrick Omameh and Jamon Brown combined to allow 39 pressures in only 14 games last year.

3. Left Guard

The Giants struck gold in the first two rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft. After drafting Saquon Barkley with the 2nd overall pick of the draft, Dave Gettleman drafted another stud in round 2.

Will Hernandez was projected to be a 1st-round pick in mock drafts leading up to the 2018 NFL Draft. Luckily for Big Blue, Big Will slid into the 2nd-round and fell right into the New York’s lap.

Hernandez was impressive during his rookie season. Hernandez allowed just 23 total pressures this season, earning him a 97.3 pass-blocking efficiency grade, third-best among rookie offensive linemen. An impressive stat that PFF notes is that Hernandez only committed two penalties on 1,027 snaps. That is incredibly clean and efficient play from the young “Hog Molly.”

4. Wide Receiver

The Giants’ wide receiver position suffered a huge loss in the 2019 offseason. New York traded away arguably the team’s best player in Odell Beckham Jr.

However, this position is still one of the team’s best on offense. The Giants signed young, up-and-coming slot receiver Sterling Shepard to a contract extension. Shepard has seen his yardage totals increase each of his three seasons in the league and is prepared to break out in 2019.

Alongside Shep is another proven talent in Golden Tate. The Giants signed Tate this offseason after trading away Odell. Tate has had three seasons with 1,000 or more receiving yards and made the Pro Bowl in 2014 with the Detroit Lions. Since 2014, Golden Tate has lead the league in forced missed tackles with an insane 118 missed tackles forced.

5. Left Tackle

Left tackle might be the Giants’ most underrated position on offense. Nate Solder gets plenty of criticism, but not all of it is deserved. Solder struggled early on in the 2018 season but delivered during the second half of the season.

Nate Solder allowed six sacks and 20 total pressures through the first eight games. However, he rebounded in a big way over the second half of the year, allowing only one sack and 13 total pressures.

6. Tight End

2019 might be the year that Evan Engram finally breaks out and reaches his full potential. Evan has flashed his potential throughout his first two seasons but he has hit roadblocks along the way.

In his rookie 2017 campaign, Engram was a poor blocker and had a slight case of the drops. He was still a spectacular playmaker, totaling 722 yards and 6 touchdowns. Unfortunately, during his second season in 2018, Evan Engram suffered from injury causing him to miss 5 games.

When Engram was on the field he played great. When he was on the field and Odell Beckham was off the field, Evan played exceptionally well. Engram averaged only 36.7 yards per game prior to Beckham’s injury. After Odell went down, Evan’s average jumped all the way to 80 yards per game.

8. Quarterback

Eli Manning is a franchise legend. The 16-year veteran has won two incredible Super Bowls with the Giants and is top-ten all-time in just about every major quarterback statistic, such as passing yards and passing touchdowns.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Eli Manning’s time in New York will come to an end sooner than later now that they have drafted their next franchise quarterback in Daniel Jones.

Manning has been declining the past two seasons, which is why his position is so low on this list. According to Pro Football Focus, Manning has failed to grade above 70.0 in each of the last four seasons, and his 94 turnover-worthy plays over the previous four years are eight more than the next closest quarterback in that span.

Daniel Jones is a completely unproven rookie that has faced lots of controversies whether or not he was deserving of the 6th overall pick so he cannot push the quarterback position higher on this list.

I hope as much as anyone that Eli Manning proves us all wrong and rebounds in 2019. I hope as much as anyone that Daniel Jones shocks the world and becomes one of the greatest players in franchise history. But until we see them play at a high level, the quarterback position will be one of the worst on the offense.

9. Center

The center position is definitely one of the Giants’ weakest. The Giants have two players who will compete for the starting job in Spencer Pulley and Jon Halapio. Both players are capable of being starters, but they are not extraordinary.

Jon Halapio was injured in week 2 of the 2018 season. He was

Spencer Pulley was one of the lowest graded players on the Giants in 2018 according to Pro Football Focus.  Pulley played in 13 games for the Giants last year and started 9 of those games. Spencer Pulley certainly is one thing: durable. But he is not an elite talent and the Giants should not hope to see him starting in 2018.

10. Right Tackle

The Giants basically put a band-aid on a broken bone here in the 2019 offseason. Right tackle was the worst position on the Giants’ offense in 2018 and it still is in 2019.

The Giants began the season with all-time draft bust Ereck Flowers starting at right tackle. After 5 games the Giants wised up and cut Flowers. Chad Wheeler then took over the starting position and stayed there for the remainder of the season.

Unfortunately, Chad Wheeler was not too much of an upgrade. According to Pro Football Focus Chad Wheeler was the second-lowest-graded starting offensive tackle in the NFL last season. Wheeler also allowed an insane 45 total pressures in the 2018 season.

The Giants knew they needed to upgrade the right tackle position in the 2019 offseason, but it was slim pickings. Towards the end of free agency, the Giants finally found their guy. Former Minnesota Vikings offensive tackle Mike Remmers signed with the Giants.

Remmers is an upgrade, but he still is not on the level the Giants need their right tackle to be. Remmers allowed 42 total pressures in 2018 and is coming off of back surgery. Mike Remmers was playing out of position at guard in 2018, so he should be a bit better at right tackle in 2019. However, the Giants should still be looking to upgrade this position again soon.