New York Jets: Roadmap To A Ring, Mock Draft with Trades

The New York Jets attacked free agency in a unique manner that I didn’t expect. Rather than spend on Conklin or any other premier guys, they signed their guys to short term prove it deals. In our final edition of Roadmap To A Ring, this is the draft, who do the Jets take with all their picks, including a major trade to add more depth. This draft is not what Joe Douglas will do, it’s what I would do in his spot.

Jets TRADE Pick #11 to Buccaneers for Pick #14 & Pick #76 and select Andrew Thomas OT, Georgia

A whole lot to unload here, the Jets trade down with two of the top offensive tackles on the board. The Buccaneers then take Wills, with the Raiders and 49ers both taking receivers, Thomas is still on the board at 14. The Jets then get their future tackle and an extra pick. This would be a dream scenario for the Jets.

Pick #48 Zack Baun EDGE, Wisconsin

Baun is a high IQ pass rusher. Excellent leader and a great playmaker on defense. I liked him from the first time I saw him play. He’s shot up draft boards and he has become a great steal at this spot. Baun is immediately going to bolster the pass rush and is a GREAT value pick at 48.

Pick #68 Laviska Shenault Jr WR, Colorado

Shenault has a sketchy injury history. This raises some injury question marks. I don’t see many other obvious flaws than that. With that said, Laviska is going to fall. Maybe not to this spot, but hopefully he’s available for the Jets at some point. Shenault is dynamic, quick and an absolute game-breaker with the ball in his hands. At one time he was a top 3 WR in this class. As other guys rose, he fell. Now Laviska would be an excellent selection here.

Pick #76 from TB Cameron Dantzler CB, Mississippi State

Dantzler is an aggressive press corner. He’s efficient and could develop into a solid outside corner. He’s a “dawg” and would fit well in Gregg Williams’s defense. He’s a sneaky solid pickup with a few concerns about penalties.

Pick #79 Donovan Peoples-Jones WR, Michigan

Joe Douglas is dedicated to adding playmakers, boy oh boy would this be a pickup. Jones is an electric receiver. He’s a force in the return game. He’s also a deep threat. He and Shenault would be a dynamic combo and accomplish Douglas’s goal for adding playmakers.

Pick #120 Tyler Biadasz IOL, Wisconsin

Tyler Biadasz has had his stock drop for some reason. He’s likely to be a day 2 pick, or early day 3. He’s a great center and could be a great pick for the Jets to play guard and develop alongside McGovern and potentially take Van Roten’s spot at some point. If Biadasz isn’t the guy, look for Matt Hennessy in the 3rd round.

Pick #158 Geno Stone S, Iowa

Stone is a solid safety. A good option to be a backup for the future. Where he excels is special teams. Stone would fit the Rontez Miles role and has the potential to be better than him already in year one. Stone also has great tackling ability and is a good depth piece overall.

Pick #191 Rodrigo Blankenship K

The Kicker position would finally have its answer. “Hot Rod” Rodrigo Blankenship, is the top kicker in the draft. He’s been the top kicker in college football. He’d immediately take over the Jets kicking role. Those missed kicks wouldn’t be an issue with Hot Rod. There’s potential that the Jets can draft their franchise kicker here.

This draft would be a very very good one. Stone is depth. Biadasz is a future IOL piece. Blankenship is the kicker of the future. Jones and Shenault are excellent playmakers. Dantzler is an immediate depth player with high potential at corner. Thomas is the left tackle of the future. All great assets, all would make for a great draft class. 

Are the Cowboys Pursuing Trade For New York Jet’s Cornerstone?

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

The Cowboys went down to the wire with the Jets at the trade deadline in negotiations for star safety Jamal Adams. The New York Jets wanted a 1st Round Pick and 2 Seconds. The Cowboys wouldn’t budge on their offer of a 1st and a day 3 selection. The Jets kept Jamal and after briefly being a cause of unrest among the Jets faithful, he went right back to bringing the energy to the defense and team as a whole.

Now, the New York Jets are in an offseason where they’ve spent a small amount of money on short term deals. They’ve invested in the offensive line and are seemingly going to invest a bulk of their draft picks into the offense as well. The Jets are preparing to rebuild this team into a contender in the future, not next season. This means they need to keep the talent they do have on defense for the long haul, so the Jets need to either lock up Jamal for the future or trade him and get compensation for him.

What Could A Deal Look Like?

I and many Jets fans would prefer he remains in Green and White, but the Cowboys are reportedly monitoring the situation between the Jets and Jamal and may be prepping to attempt a trade again. If the Cowboys did make an offer, it would likely include their 1st rounder, their 2nd or 3rd rounder and maybe another pick. The Jets would hypothetically then have a selection to add one of the top offensive linemen at 11 and add a receiver with the Cowboys selection. This would give them much more flexibility and help build for the long term with more guys on less expensive deals.

Is It Really Worth It?

Although some people discredit Jamal’s impact because of how the safety position is valued, he’s more than just a typical safety. Adams is an absolute monster on defense. He led the team in sacks last year with Jordan Jenkins. He’s also masterful in coverage and tackling. Adams is not just a force on the field but also in the locker room. Adams actively recruits players, is the voice of the team and the captain of the defense. He’s well regarded within the Jets community and the league as a whole. The Jets struck gold with Jamal Adams. No matter who they could add with the Cowboys picks, those players couldn’t have the same impact Jamal has had. Jamal Adams needs to remain a Jet, not just for now, but for a very long time.

The New York Jets and Giants are embarking on a virtual NFL Draft experience in 2020

New York Jets

The NFL is preparing to embark on a virtual representation of the Draft, and it’s going to be a wild experience. Especially for the New York Jets and Giants!

The 2020 NFL draft will be different than any other draft for the New York Jets and Giants and the NFL. Roger Goodell won’t be shaking Joe Burrow’s hand and taking a picture as he holds up the Bengals jersey. There won’t be a war room filled with GMs, scouts, and coaches; instead, Joe Douglas and Dave Gettleman will likely be on Zoom with their staff. This is a drastic change, but with the current state of the world, it’s not the least bit surprising.

The NFL Trudges On

League personnel and many NFL analysts believe the decision to go forward with the draft is a heavily controversial one. Adam Schefter even said on ESPN that, “They are determined to put this on while there is carnage in the streets.” The league is determined to move forward and adapt to the continually changing conditions of our world and put on the draft. Now this year’s draft is less spectacle and more Fantasy Football. Let’s just hope nobody auto picks their draft.

In all seriousness, the NFL is providing a distraction for the country in these wild times, but at what cost? The players don’t get to celebrate with the commissioner and enjoy the recognition they’ve fought for so long to earn. The players can’t even enjoy the moment with extended family without disobeying CDC guidelines. The players are being deprived of the joy associated with achieving their childhood dreams of being drafted. It leads many to wonder if there would be more joy associated with the draft had it been postponed.

In the end, there’s going to be a draft. There’s going to be trades and the usual wall to wall coverage. The social aspect of the draft and the festival-like atmosphere that was prominent in Nashville last year is gone. Instead, the world will watch from home as Joe Burrow gets the call to achieve his NFL dreams from home, along with every other prospect as they celebrate while following CDC guidelines. 

Are The New York Jets Leverage for Jadeveon Clowney?

New York Jets, Jadeveon Clowney

According to The Seattle Times the New York Jets are among the teams to have put in an offer for Edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney. Jadeveon Clowney reportedly also has offers from the Seahawks and Titans. Dianna Russini reported a few weeks ago that Clowney wanted $20 million a year. Judging by the market, Clowney has vastly overshot where his contract will be at. This could lead him to take a cheaper prove it deal. Then, a few days ago, Jeremy Fowler reported the Seahawks are in the lead and the Jets could make the move.

Are the Jets Leverage?

The Jets have often been used as a leveraged team in negotiations in the past. This is likely the same situation. However, the way Joe Douglas has approached free agency has changed that. The New York Jets have struck cheap, short term prove-it deals and are showing they won’t budge for a player. The Seahawks and other interested teams likely know that and are aware of this. The Jets have proven throughout free agency they will take chances on guys who fit their team and their culture, not just talented players.

Clowney is a force and I don’t even think he’s tapped into his full potential yet. He and his agent had an opportunity to get PAID by the Dolphins and he held out.  So now, his market has thinned and he overshot the money he was worth. Clowney has three suitors, the Seahawks, Titans, and Jets. The Jets have reportedly done their, “due diligence” according to Joe Douglas, but they don’t seem to be true suitors. The Jets seem to be more of a ploy by the Clowney camp to drive up his potential salary. If the number does drop to a low number, then the Jets could jump on Clowney, but right now they’re looking more like a leverage tactic.

New York Jets: Three Takeaways from Joe Douglas’ Comments

New York Jets, Joe Douglas

General manager Joe Douglas emerged to speak out on the state of his New York Jets, who look very different from when we last saw them.

New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas emerged on Wednesday to give a de facto state-of-the-team conference call. Despite the relative stagnance of the sporting world, the Jets are undoubtedly a different looking team thanks to Douglas’ moves

Here are the main takeaways from Wednesday’s comments…

Expect a lineman at #11

These aren’t your father’s Jets. They’re not your older brother’s Jets. Heck, they might not be your twin brother’s Jets.

The blocking negligence of the Mike Maccagnan era was all but confirmed with the checks Douglas has bestowed this offseason. Funds have been diverted to providing protection for the Jets’ potential pair of backfield saviors, Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell. Connor McGovern, Greg Van Roten, and George Fant have gotten green makeovers. Competition for playing time will ensue, but Douglas is pleased with the established depth he was able to obtain.

“We had a lot of holes to fill. Our plan was to be strategic and disciplined,” Douglas said, per Robby Sabo of Jets X Factor. “I felt like we needed to build a foundation…the best teams in the NFL have a lot of depth.”

The improvements offered apparent flexibility and freedom to the Jets with the 11th overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Perhaps the pick could be used on a playmaking receiver talent like CeeDee Lamb or Henry Ruggs.

Douglas, how, gave a veiled “not so fast”.

“I think there’s a real shortage of quality offensive linemen in the NFL,” he said per Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “So we’re going to do our best to get as many quality ones as we can because you can never have too many.”

Improving the line has been one of the early hallmarks of the Douglas era. One of his first moves was convincing former All-Pro Ryan Kalil out of retirement for the 2019 season. That one didn’t pan out, but it was perhaps more than Maccagnan had done in years. Prior to taking Chuma Edoga in last season’s third round, the Jets had not taken a blocker within the draft’s first two days since Vlad Ducasse back in 2010. Douglas, it appears, is just getting started.

Receiving help will rise from within

With an apparent dedication to blocking at the 11th, the draft is still relatively deep at receiver. Talented names like Jalen Reagor, KJ Hamler, and Chase Claypool will likely all still be around on day two. That’s big for the Jets after the departure of Anderson.

The newly minted Carolina Panther’s tallies of 3,059 yards and 20 touchdowns over the past four seasons are relatively pedestrian in today’s NFL. But the fact remains that the Jets just lost a lot of offensive productions. No other Jets, for example, reached double digits in touchdowns in the same span. As of now, the void of top receiver is set to be filled by Breshad Perriman on one of Douglas’ prove-it deals.

Douglas acknowledged that the Jets aren’t done spending yet. At the same time, he’s looking forward to seeing some of the current roster names rise up in Anderson’s wake. According to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, Douglas invoked the names of Vyncint Smith, Josh Doctson, and Braxton Berrios. Considering the fact that that group combined for 44 receptions and 340 yards in 2019, they’re probably not done adding to the arsenal. It could well strengthen the case for Demaryius Thomas to return.

Brian Winters is probably staying

The veteran blocker Winters has frequently appeared on lists of potential salary cap cuts. Entering the final part of a four-year extension, the departure of Winters would save the Jets just over $7.2 million against the cap. With interior help coming in the form of McGovern, Van Roten, and Josh Andrews, it felt like Winters was on borrowed time, but Douglas appeared to imply the opposite in this bit from SNY’s Ralph Vacchiano. 

“We love his competitiveness and toughness,” Douglas said. “We should have a really good competition for our offensive line.”

While that’s far from cementing his roster spot, it certainly sounds like Winters will be invited to training camp, whenever that may be. Experience could certainly play in Winters’ favor. Only three members from the 2019 roster have more service in the NFL. Winters is also set to be the longest-tenured Jet in New Jersey should running back Bilal Powell leave in free agency.

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Report: New York Jets land talented WR Breshad Perriman on prove it deal

New York Jets, Breshad Perriman

Just as New York Jets nation pondered where Joe Douglas and the front office would go next at wide receiver, Douglas made a move. The Jets have signed wide receiver Breshad Perriman. Perriman had a phenomenal end to the season last year and now receives a one-year, $8 million dollar deal with $6 million guaranteed from Gang Green.

How Does Perriman Fit?

Quincy Enunwa is expected to be back next year, but with the injury question marks, he can’t be counted on right now. Jamison Crowder is a slot guy who had 833 yards and 6 TDs last season, but he’s not the outside deep threat. The Jets lost their number one receiver and key outside deep threat to the Panthers earlier today.

Now, that role will be filled by a former first-rounder in Perriman. Perriman was a first-rounder with the Ravens and was drafted while Douglas was there. At 26, he’s hitting his prime. He’s struggled in the past and ended up joining the Browns before finding a home in Tampa last year.

He had a really strong end to the season and now looks to build on that with the Jets. Perriman statistically produced similar numbers to Robby Anderson last season in 2 fewer games. Anderson had 52 receptions for 779 yards and five scores and played 91 percent of snaps. Perriman had 36 catches for 645 yards and six scores but played 56 percent of snaps. Perriman received a higher volume of targets than Anderson and still produced well.

What’s Next?

Well, Perriman must now be counted on to build off the strong finish he had to last season if he can then the Jets will have got a good player on a cheaper deal than Robby Anderson. Douglas said he wanted playmakers, and Perriman can fit that mold.

The Jets can now continue with their plan to target an offensive lineman with their first-rounder, but they need to grab one of the talented receivers in this class in the first three rounds. If the Jets can do that, then they will have a solid receiving corps.

As for other sides of the ball, the Jets finally have the answer to the Anderson question and can now try to add a complimentary piece or two to Jordan Jenkins on the edge. They can add some depth at other spots like corner and running back. They also should look to add a backup quarterback to ensure if Sam misses time they have a quality backup. Matt Moore could be a target.

Joe Douglas’ message to returning New York Jets? “Prove It”

Joe Douglas’ first full offseason has brought back some familiar faces to the New York Jets. Now, the message is clear: prove you belong.

It’s a tale as old as time: new management takes over a project and changes things to how they see fit. Veterans of the organization in question are often labeled expendable, their years of service only working against them. After all, it was probably their actions that led to the necessity of a new overseer in the first place.

The New York Jets were indeed an organization in need of a makeover. Their playoff drought is nearing a decade and their collective record under the watch of Mike Maccagnan (31-49) was better than only four teams. The midsummer timing of Maccagnan’s eventual ousting could be questioned, but the decision to do so was not. In his place came Joe Douglas, a member of the front office that finally brought a Super Bowl to Philadelphia.

This most unusual offseason is Douglas’ first at the helm and he has had no qualms about changing the scenery. Several Maccagnan staples have been bid farewell, be it through expiring contracts (Brandon Shell, Brandon Copeland) or cap-freeing releases (Trumaine Johnson, Darryl Roberts). His additions have been a stark reminder that these aren’t your father’s Jets or your older sibling’s Jets. Heck, they might not even be your twin sibling’s Jets at this rate.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – SEPTEMBER 08: General Manager Joe Douglas of the New York Jets in action against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium on September 8, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images)

Contrasting Maccagnan’s negligence of blocking (i.e. one offensive lineman chosen in the draft’s first three rounds), Douglas has added offensive linemen from elsewhere during the first week of free agency. Sam Darnold and Le’Veon Bell, the supposed franchise saviors, are going to need some help to benefit the Jets in the long-term. The plan is for Connor McGovern, George Fant, and Greg Van Roten to provide that assistance over the next several seasons, evidenced by the multi-year deals offered to them.

But also along for the ride are several familiar faces. The offensive line renovations were completed by adding August acquisition Alex Lewis back on a three-year deal. Such a move was necessitated by the dire need for protection. That’s not the case for several other returnees and newcomers, who have their New York stays extended, by only a short while.

Cornerback Pierre Desir wasn’t on the unemployment line for long, granted a one-year deal by Douglas less than 24 hours after his release from Indianapolis. Joining him in the secondary will be one-year extension receivers Brian Poole and Arthur Maulet, each of whom provided bright spots where the overpaid Johnson could not.

The Jets undoubtedly hope C.J. Mosley and Avery Williamson (the latter of whom appears to be staying despite a possible release saving $6.5 million) stay healthy but they were impressed enough by Neville Hewitt and James Burgess’ exploits in substitution to offer matching one-year invitations to stay. Jordan Jenkins seemed to be a goner at the start of the offseason but the Jets began the week with yet another one-year deal, bringing back the starting linebacker on a bargain of $5 million after he posted a career-best eight sacks.

Any veteran Jet asked by Douglas to stay shouldn’t take the honor lightly. Douglas, after all, was the same general manager who dealt Maccagnan’s first-ever draft pick (Leonard Williams) further down the MetLife Stadium tunnel to the Giants just over a quarter of a year into his tenure.

Douglas saw value in these remnants of Maccagnan, outliers that could further flourish with the proper support around them. But with the summoning back comes a stern message: prove it.

Those who earned one-year deals have proven themselves valuable during relatively hopeless times for the Jets. Over the past two seasons, the Jets haven’t even come close to reaching the playoffs. These players have provided a glimmer hope in the dark times, even if victory wasn’t always to be.

With the long-term blocking additions, ones that are expected to accentuate the performances of their backfield mavens, this latest iteration of Jets’ neverending rebuild is perhaps the most hopeful rendition yet. That hope only grows with the unveiling of an additional wild card slot to the NFL playoff system.

What Douglas has done with these one-year deals is offer a tryout period. With prosperous times possibly ahead (with good times potentially rolling soon upon Tom Brady’s New England and AFC departure) and big contracts likely due to franchise pillars soon (i.e. Darnold and Jamal Adams), Douglas’ offer comes with an intriguing ultimatum: you’ve been here for the bad times, now prove you’re worthy of sticking around for the good.

The case of Desir defines Douglas’ offer and ultimatum perfectly. Desir has accomplished a lot in the pros. The ex-Colt has risen from his Division II origins to become a reliable corner. It was he, after all, who kept DeAndre Hopkins from swaying the 2019 AFC Wild Card playoffs (Hopkins put up a mere 37 yards on five receptions as his Texans fell 21-7 to Desir’s Colts). But he has to earn his spot in this potential revolution of New York football. A long-term deal could well be in the cards, but he must first earn it in 2020.

The one-year men aren’t the only ones in this position. Projected 2021 free agents include Williamson, Brian Winters, and Marcus Maye, all of whom have put in consistent time for the organization. They too must prove that they are part of the team’s long-term plans. Otherwise, they could be looking for new settings.

It’s been a long, long time since the Jets have engaged in playoff football. But under the Douglas regime…some players, ones with the potential to be key contributors for years to come…every week now becomes a personal postseason.

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Report: New York Jets sign guard Greg Van Roten

New York Jets, Greg Van Roten

The New York Jets have added another offensive lineman. Greg Van Roten was one of the top offensive lineman available, and the long islander is now a Jet.

What Does Van Roten Bring?

Greg Van Roten is a 30-year-old guard who will now likely become the Jets’ newest starter. He can also swing out and play tackle if need be, which provides more flexibility on the line. Van Roten will be receiving a three year deal with money not yet known.

Van Roten is a superb run blocker and pass protector. He’s only allowed three sacks and 5 QB hits in the past two years. He’s also been flagged once in 5 years. Van Roten has taken over as a starter in Carolina and not looked back. Van Roten immediately establishes the interior with Alex Lewis and Connor McGovern and makes it a much-improved one.

The Jets would still have room to grab an interior lineman on day 2 or 3, but it is no longer a necessity. Presumably, the Jets will aim to grab a rookie to compete with Lewis at the guard spot, along with the tackle they’ll likely grab at 11.

The Jets offensive line has been massively upgraded by Douglas in free agency, and adding a long time Jet fan and solid offensive lineman in Van Roten has furthered that.

What’s Next?

Now with all the offensive line additions, this makes longtime Jet Brian Winters expendable. Winters will likely be cut now and could find a market elsewhere.

The Jets now legitimately turn their attention to other areas. They could add a tackle, but they may focus on that more in the draft with pick 11. As for now, the Jets will likely continue to wait out the decision from Robby Anderson. If he doesn’t return, expect the Jets to move quickly to fill the speed receiver slot he will leave.

The Jets will also have to aim towards adding another outside corner. Prince Amukamara has been linked to the Jets a lot and could be a good fit to pair with a pick, Bless Austin and Brian Poole. The Jets also need to target an edge rusher or two. Lastly, the Jets should target a backup QB to upgrade over Siemian in case Darnold gets hurt or mono again. Douglas achieved his first goal and did a damn good job of it with the offensive line. 

New York Jets: Efficient Free Agency Creating Draft Flexibility

New York Jets, Joe Douglas

The New York Jets missed out on some of their top targets, but they’ve filled major needs and created flexibility at the draft and beyond.

The New York Jets’ free agency yield to date is a lot like a child receiving fancy clothes, school supplies, or a toothbrush for Christmas…these aren’t necessarily the ones you want, but they’re what you need.

Patience has been the name of the game thus far as the Jets seek reinforcements for their quest to end a playoff dright approaching a decade. They’re not blessed with the surplus that led to the additions of Le’Veon Bell and C.J. Mosley. But cap space funds, to the tune of circa $46 million, give Joe Douglas room to work with in his first offseason as general manager.

The Jets have the flashy toys everybody wants, particularly on offense. Bell is working alongside Sam Darnold, set to enter his third year as the Jets’ most legitimate savior at quarterback in who knows how long. In essence, however, the Jets bought themselves a pair of Cadillacs while ignoring the mold damage in their basement.

That latter, lingering problem has long personified by the offensive line meant to pave the way for Darnold and Bell. Darnold has shown progress over two seasons, but who knows how much potential is stifled by the fact he’s running for his life every Sunday. In two seasons, he has been sacked 63 times. 2019 backups Luke Falk and Trevor Siemian were brought down on an additional 18 occasions while Darnold sat with an illness for three games (all Jets losses). Meanwhile, Bell was forced into the lowest tallies of his career (789 yards, 3 touchdowns, 3.2 average).

The Mike Maccagnan era was defined by its negligence on the offensive line. Prior to taking Chuma Edoga in last year’s third round, the Jets hadn’t chosen a lineman during the draft’s first two days since 2010 (the forgotten Vlad Ducasse). It was the Jets’ big ticket players that wound up paying the price.

Getting offensive line help isn’t one of the more desirable tasks in football. Blockers, in general, may be the most unappreciated group in the major North American sports. Tackle-eligible plays and fumble recoveries in the end zone notwithstanding, there’s little chance to end up in the box score. It’s rare to see fans don the high numerals of linemen on their game day jerseys (Nick Mangold and D’Brickashaw Ferguson were welcome exceptions). The networks don’t cut to draft day parties to show fans going crazy over the selection of a lineman (a vocal few, in fact, jeered the choice of Ferguson as it ensured Matt Leinart would not wear Jets green).

But the early stages of the Joe Douglas era show that a new stanza of Jets history has begun. One of his first moves, for examples, was convincing Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil to come out of retirement. That move didn’t work out, but it set the stage for a changing of the guard.

With these needs being addressed, they can indulge in new fantasies dominated by skill players.

The earliest portions of 2020 free agency were dominated by the “same old Jets” narratives and tweets. One by one, the Jets’ favorite targets went off the board. Jack Conklin went to Cleveland. Joe Thuney was franchise tagged by the Patriots. Graham Glasgow joined up with Denver. It appeared the Jets would be forced to deal with their makeshift pieces for 2020. All the while, fellow AFC East competitors Buffalo and Miami got better, at least on paper.

Patience, however, was the name of Douglas’ game. It’s a virtue that has followed him from Pennsylvania. Super Bowl-winning general manager Howie Roseman couldn’t help but admire the patience and persistence Douglas, then the Philadelphia Vice President of Player Personnel, showed when they collaborated on the Eagles’ drafts that eventually led to victory in Super Bowl LII.

“We’ve put egos aside,” Roseman told The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Zach Berman leading up to the 2017 draft. “Since he’s been here, have we done everything I’ve wanted to do? No. Have we done everything he’s wanted to do? No. But have we done everything right for the Philadelphia Eagles? Yes.”

“We want to do whatever it takes to bring a winning product to this city.”

Roseman’s comments could’ve well applied to the 2020 Jets. They missed out on their top targets, but they found serviceable veteran replacements. Their first addition was Seattle tackle George Fant. Tuesday brought about not only the return of solid substitution Alex Lewis but also the arrival of new center Connor McGovern.

New York Jets, Connor Mcgovern
Oct 1, 2018; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos guard Connor McGovern (60) against the Kansas City Chiefs at Broncos Stadium at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Additionally, the Jets filled another need by giving cornerback Brian Poole another year at an affordable $5 million.

Suddenly…the Jets have freedom and flexibility, especially when it comes to the NFL Draft.

New York mock drafts in recent years have been dominated by offensive linemen, but these predictions have often been proven wrong with “best player available” selection that didn’t make sense with the team so far from the Super Bowl. Plenty of draft study has since been dedicated to likes of blockers like Jedrick Wills and Tristan Wirfs.

Now, the Jets have more room to work with when it comes to the 11th overall pick. A draft full of strong receiving talent like CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, and Henry Ruggs is now open to them, or at least more open when it comes to comfort at the pick and position. Further opportunities are there to perhaps even trade down and acquire more capital in the process.

Furthermore, the Jets’ remaining cap space (circa $25 million after the McGovern contract) can now be dedicated to, once again, needs beyond the line. Robby Anderson’s situation is currently in limbo, but the Jets have more needs that need fulfillment. Darnold could use a veteran mentor backup. Spell back Bilal Powell and Ty Montgomery could hit the open market. Special teams needs might need an overhaul if Lac Edwards departs.

The Jets and their fans might’ve missed out on the gifts they really wanted…the Conklins, the Thuneys, the Dante Fowlers…but, at least on paper, this is a better team than the one that left the New Era Field gridiron with a meaningless win over the Bills.

In the end, that’s the greatest gift of all, at least at this time of the year.

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New York Jets: Reaction to Joe Douglas’s First 3 Days of Free Agency

New York Jets, Jordan Jenkins

Well it’s that time of the year again where every team in the league gives their fans hope for the new season by signing players to over-priced contracts but it seems the Jets didn’t get the memo. The Jets have gotten off to a sluggish start this offseason by being overly conservative in their approach towards free agents. General manager Joe Douglas has made some very savvy under the radar deals along with some deals that make you scratch your head.

Signing Brian Poole to a 1 year 5-million-dollar deal and Connor McGovern to a 3 year 27-million-dollar deal with 18 million guaranteed are key deals in Joe Douglas’s plan for the team, but he hasn’t been perfect. On the first day of the legal tampering period the Jets either whiffed on or completely ignored addressing either tackle spot and they got burned for doing so. The Jets missed out on solid players like Jack Conklin and Halapoulivaati Vatai who signed affordable deals that the Jets could’ve matched or even surpassed. The Jets ended up with George Fant who has been below average at best in Seattle and not only that, the Jets signed him to a 3 year 30-million-dollar contract with almost half of that guaranteed.

The patient and stable approach of Joe Douglas is a bit worrisome considering he was boasting about how the Jets would be major players in the offensive line market. In Joe Douglas’s defense it is very difficult to sell free agents on Adam Gase because he has shown his ability to alienate players no matter how talented they are. Joe Douglas has secured solid second tier players and still has more work to do in order to fill out the rest of this roster.

If Joe Douglas wants to have a successful free agency, I suggest that he becomes a little more proactive in his pursuit of talent that would fill the needs at cornerback and edge even if that means splurging a little.