New York Mets won’t hire a new general manager in the short-term after Porter’s dismissal

The New York Mets had to deal with an unexpected situation on Tuesday. Late on Monday night, ESPN ran an article detailing offensive, sexually-explicit messages and pictures that the now-former general manager Jared Porter sent to a female reporter back when he was with the Chicago Cubs in 2016.

As a result of the scandal and given the disturbing nature of the accusations, and the fact that Porter himself admitted he sent the photos, the Mets had no choice but to fire the executive after just 37 days in charge.

Mets president Sandy Alderson said Tuesday that the club does not plan to hire a new GM in the short term. That means he will probably make the calls when it comes to baseball operations, and that assistant GM Zack Scott will have more on his plate.

“I’m very confident in the group that we have that we can move forward and move forward effectively,” Alderson told reporters via Zoom on Tuesday afternoon.

The Mets took care of the situation

The story was published on Monday, near midnight. Steve Cohen took to his Twitter account on Tuesday morning, saying that Porter was no longer a member of the New York Mets.

“There is always a risk to hiring…. It’s hard to know anyone inside and out today. The question is, ‘Should we have known?'” Alderson said. The New York Mets president added that he was “shocked…. Eventually that gives way to disappointment and a little anger.”

“When I came here, my goal was to put a good team on the field and change the culture. We’re not going to be able to do that, change the culture, unless we have very strict and well understood approach to these situations. They’re not going to be tolerated,” the executive explained.

Porter was seen as one of the top young executives in the game when the Mets gave him the general manager job. His future is now uncertain.

New York Yankees: Loose odds and ends of interest to Yankee fans (video)

New York Yankees, DJ LeMahieu

There are days that there are no big New York Yankee stories to report on, but there is always news that might be of interest to those same fans. Some involve the Yankees directly, and some others are just interesting stories that show up on the web. Here are a few of those stories.

Mets general manager fired over lued behavior

The New York Mets have recently learned sexual behavior issues with their just hired general manager Jared Porter. He allegedly harassed a young female journalist while Vice President of the Chicago Cubs. Apparently, something was missing in the Met’s vetting of their new GM. According to an ESPN report, the women received over 60 unsolicited text messages from Porter, even a photo of a penis. Porter has admitted to his behavior, and Steve Cohen, the Met’s owner, immediately fired him this morning.

ESPN re-hires ex-Yankee star Alex Rodriquez

ESPN has announced that Yankee star Alex Rodriquez will again announce and provide commentary for the Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN presented by Taco Bell. The press release also had Buster Olney and Matt Vesgersian at his side.  This will be Rodriguez’s 4th year with Sunday night baseball. He is a 14-time MLB All-Star and three-time American League MVP, made his regular-season ESPN broadcast debut on Opening Night in 2018. Half of Yankee fans have no use for Rodriguez and the other half like listening to his vast knowledge of the game.

Yankees could target Kirby Yates, but what about the Jays?

Kirby Yates would be the perfect reliever for the New York Yankees to fill the hole caused by the departing Tommy kahnle, who recently signed a two-year contract with the Dodgers. But the Yankees are not the only team looking at Yates. The Yankees have missed several top relievers while they waited for DJ LeMahieu to sign with the team. They may lose another option. Yates, according to John Heyman, is in Dunedin, Florida today, the Jays training site. Again, looks good for them to get the star reliever. Yates underwent surgery in August to remove bone chips from his right elbow.

Will DJ LeMahieu contribute for six years?

The Yankees originally wanted to sign DJ LeMahieu to a three years contract. Still, after two months of negotiations that seemed to be going nowhere, they ended up signing him to a money-saving six-year contract. But the deal worked for both parties, a low annual cost for the Yankees and DJ, security for six years until he will probably retire. The question is can DJ continue to perform as he has for the last two years with the Yankees deep into his contract? The answer to that is probably not. But with LeMahieu’s good injury record his easy play, he sure can repeat several years in and even in his fifth and sixth year compete at a satisfactory level. Even at 32, he not only shows no decline but seems to get only better with age.

These Yankee players are avoiding arbitration.

Several New York Yankee players avoided arbitration last week by accepting small raises and a non-guaranteed one year deal. Included in those that accepted were the Yankee slugger Aaron Judge who will earn $10.175 million this year, Gary Sanchez, $6.35 million, Gleyber Torres, $4 million, Gio Urshela settled for $4.65  million, Luke Voit will get $4.7 million, Jordan Mongomery agreed to $2.5 million, Clint Frazier at $2.1 million, and Chad Green signed a one year $2.15 million contract. Ben Heller and Luis Cessa signed earlier before the deadline.

The Yankees trade for Luis Castillo is pretty well dead

The Cincinnati Reds overstepped in their negotiations to trade Luis Castillo to the Yankees by demanding that Gleyber Torres and a few other prospects would put the star reliever in pinstripes, but the Yankees said flatly NO. No way they will trade away their shortstop. With the Red’s demand for Torres, that pretty much makes any deal for the reliever dead in the water.

Gleyber Torres will be ready for the 2021 season

The New York Yankees have reported that Gleyber Torres was not ready to start the season as the 2020 season started, and it took him half the season to be where he should have been at the beginning of the season. Manager Boone stated that he screwed up his preparation between the spring training cut short and the beginning of summer camp. He also said that Torres is preparing and will be ready for this upcoming season. Torres was recently seen working out with fellow 2019 American League All-Star first baseman and catcher with the Indians Carlos Santana.






New York Mets: Undoubtedly The Right Move To Fire Jared Porter Quickly

Simeon Woods-Richardson

Just after the one year anniversary of Carlos Beltran’s sudden firing, the New York Mets fired Jared Porter immediately after his disgusting and inappropriate messages/images to a former female journalist. Steve Cohen acted quickly on his decision, keeping to his word of changing the culture in Flushing.


The conversation originally began as friendly but quickly moved to the point that made the journalist uncomfortable. Porter sent 62 consecutive messages, including multiple inappropriate photos to a former foreign correspondent covering the sport. It got to a point where she purposely hid from Porter when they were in the same venue. It lingered in her life to a point where it became part of why she stopped working as a journalist.

In an offseason where Kim Ng and Bianca Smith were hired to groundbreaking positions, we are reminded of this behavior’s harsh reality continuing to riddle professional sports. Steve Cohen made the right call by firing him first thing in the morning and refusing to let it linger in the organization. Mets fans are familiar with the past ownership allowing scandals to stain their team’s reputation.

The typical rebuttal is “he should get a second chance after admitting to it,” and it is always wrong. His behavior is inexcusable and deserves consequences. Porter’s professional baseball career is likely over and needs to face the poor choices he made.

As the Mets move forward to spring training, Zack Scott will likely become the next general manager.

New York Mets fire general manager Jared Porter: He sent unsolicited lewd photos to female reporter in 2016

New York Mets

The New York Mets fired their general manager Jared Porter amid a sexual harassment scandal involving a reporter back in 2016. At the time, he had an executive position with the Chicago Cubs.

“We have terminated Jared Porter this morning. In my initial press conference I spoke about the importance of integrity and I meant it. There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior,” New York Mets owner Steve Cohen tweeted in his official account on Tuesday morning.

The official statement was the following, from Sandy Alderson: “The New York Mets have terminated General Manager Jared Porter, effective immediately. Jared’s actions, as reflected by events disclosed last night, failed to meet the Mets’ standards for professionalism and personal conduct.”

The Mets had to act

ESPN’s Jeff Passan and Mina Kimes broke the news late on Monday night. The details are disturbing, and are all available here.

“New York Mets general manager Jared Porter sent explicit, unsolicited texts and images to a female reporter in 2016, culminating with a picture of an erect, naked penis, according to a copy of the text history obtained by ESPN,” the report said.

“The woman, a foreign correspondent who had moved to the United States to cover Major League Baseball, said at one point she ignored more than 60 messages from Porter before he sent the final lewd photo. The text relationship started casually before Porter, then the Chicago Cubs director of professional scouting, began complimenting her appearance, inviting her to meet him in various cities and asking why she was ignoring him. And the texts show she had stopped responding to Porter after he sent a photo of pants featuring a bulge in the groin area.”

It’s unclear what the New York Mets plans are regarding the general manager position as of now, with Spring Training about a month away.

Breaking New York Mets: Jared Porter Mets general manager fired

According to new owner Steven Cohen, the New York Mets general manager Jared Porter has been fired this morning. Porter reportedly admits sending explicit texts to a female reporter. Mets general manager Jared Porter sent graphic, uninvited text messages and images to a female reporter in 2016 when working for the Chicago Cubs in their front office, ESPN reported Monday night.

Cohen took quick action in firing Porter. The New York Mets hired the 41-year-old Porter last month to a four-year contract after being with the Arizona Diamondbacks as its Senior Vice President and assistant general manager. Porter had apologized to Met’s Sandy Anderson for his actions. But that wasn’t enough for owner Steven Cohen who said:

“The Mets take these matters seriously, expect professional and ethical behavior from all of our employees, and certainly do not condone the conduct described in (the ESPN) story. We will follow up as we review the facts regarding this serious issue.”

ESPN said the woman was a foreign correspondent who had moved to the United States to cover Major League Baseball. She met Porter in a Yankee Stadium elevator in June 2016, and she said they spoke briefly about international baseball and exchanged business cards. She told ESPN that was the only time they ever spoke.

Porter started texting the women causally, but it soon turned sexual as he sent her lude photos, one reportedly of a penis. Porter sent over 60 text messages to the women. As much as she tried to avoid him, it was impossible in different ballparks. It was so serious that she actually ditched sports journalism and returned to her home country.

This morning when announcing the firing, Cohen on this Twitter account had this to say moments ago:
“We have terminated Jared Porter this morning . In my initial press conference I spoke about the importance of integrity and I meant it.There should be zero tolerance for this type of behavior.”
For a team that has just made a blockbuster deal for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco, this is the second major embarrassment for the New York Mets in as many years. Last year they hired Carlos Beltran, who was fired 77 days later for his involvement in the 2017 Houston Astros sign-stealing fiasco.

New York Mets Hire Zack Scott as Senior VP and Assistant GM

The New York Mets supplemented their front office by bringing in another former Boston Red Sox executive. Red Sox assistant GM Zack Scott will join the Mets as their new senior VP and Assistant GM.

Much like their new GM Jared Porter, Scott has an extensive resume working in the Red Sox organization. Scott and Porter worked together for 10 years in Boston. He specialized in the analytic, advanced professional scouting, and baseball systems departments. This is another good hire for a franchise trying to bolster an analytic department that the Wilpons neglected.

Scott is also another executive who is still in their 40s. Instead of holding out for Theo Epstein, the Mets are trying to find their own versions of him. These are people that Sandy Alderson and Steve Cohen hope to entrust the future of the franchise with.

This is all part of the Mets trying to build their own culture by bringing in experienced front office personnel. For the first time in the franchise’s history, there is a motive to build for success in the present and to sustain it in the future. While the big-name free agent is not here yet, the front office is on its way to being one of the best in baseball.

Mets’ new GM embraces challenge of winning the World Series within 3-5 years

Simeon Woods-Richardson

After several weeks of looking at candidates, the New York Mets finally hired their general manager on the weekend. His name is Jared Porter, and he is a highly respected executive with a history of being on winning clubs.
Most importantly, Porter loves the challenge that Steve Cohen, the new Mets’ owner, proposed upon taking over the team: winning at least one World Series championship within the next three to five years.

“I would just say that hearing comments like that motivates me,” Porter said in his introductory Zoom press conference. “It really does excite me. It shows a strong commitment from ownership who wants to win, who wants to put a winner on the field for the fan base of New York, and I completely align with that. It excites me. I want those expectations.”

He wants to win with the Mets as he did with the Red Sox and Cubs

The Mets’ fans would love to hear that Porter was a member of the Boston Red Sox organization when they broke the dreaded Curse of the Bambino back in 2004 by winning their first World Series in 86 years.

After that, he has won four more rings. In total, he has three with the Red Sox and one with the Chicago Cubs (breaking yet another curse in the process.) He is seen as a level-headed, creative executive who fosters a good internal communication, and is regarded as a great talent evaluator.

For now, the Mets are happy to hire a young, capable executive who is familiar with winning and shares the same vision that the team owner and president.

“As far as the winning part goes, everywhere I’ve gone, it’s always been our goal,” Porter said. “I think it’s the goal of players to win. I think it’s the goal of front office people to win, coaches to win. I think it’s a challenge, and it’s something I’m really excited about.”

New York Mets Hiring D’Backs Jared Porter As New General Manager

New York Mets

The ongoing General Manager search for the New York Mets has finally concluded, with Arizona Diamondbacks Assistant GM Jared Porter earning the job. Porter is well regarded throughout baseball and was seen as a future GM prior as his reputation grew. As Porter is just moving into his 40s, he is in line to replace Sandy Alderson as President of Baseball Operations if all goes well.

After years of watching the Wilpons import executives who were incompetent, it is amazing to see the Cohen/Alderson group select another quality candidate. Porter spent the last three seasons as the Assistant GM and Senior Vice President of the Diamondbacks. He has an extensive background in the scouting department and has been part of multiple World Series winnings front offices.

The Curse Breaker

Whether or not anything since 1986 is considered a curse, the Mets are in a 34-year championship drought. Porter was the Director of Professional Scouting/Special Assistant for the 2016 curse ending Chicago Cubs. He was also part of three Boston Red Sox World Series-winning front offices (2004, 2007, 2013).

Porter has seen a bevy of jobs throughout his career. He worked his way up from the bottom as an intern, then up a player development assistant, coordinator of professional scouting, and all the way up to assistant director of professional scouting before taking the director job.

Joel Sherman deemed Porter a “Theo Epstein disciple” and will join Alderson and Cohen’s initiative to better the analytic department. This a complete 180 from the Brodie Van Wagenen hiring. Porter’s experience and success show he is more than ready for a GM opportunity.