UFC books headliner between Jan Blachowicz and Aleksandar Rakic

Corey Anderson

The UFC has finalized a big time main event in their light heavyweight division. After Ariel Helwani first reported the possibility yesterday, the UFC finalized a headliner between former light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz (28-9) and Aleksandar Rakic (14-2).

The matchup will headline a Fight Night on March 26th. In all likelihood, this matchup will be a title eliminator at 205 given where both men stand in the division. Back in 2017, Rakic made his UFC debut and he’s been close to perfect.

Since debuting, he’s gone 6-1 with the lone loss coming to Volkan Oezdemir. However, most believe that Rakic won that fight but was the victim of a bad decision by the judges. Since that loss, he’s won two straight.

Those two straight wins came over former title challengers Anthony Smith and Thiago Santos. There was talks of Rakic fighting Smith again in December, however, that fell through after Smith pulled out with an injury.

Rakic last fought at UFC 259 when he took on Thiago Santos. When we see Rakic next, it would have been just about a year away from the cage. After the layoff, he’s going to have a massive challenge in front of him.

Former UFC Champion Returns

After struggling early in his UFC career, Jan Blachowicz completely turned things around over the past few years. The Polish Power went on an incredible run that saw him go 9-1 and he captured the light heavyweight title.

The biggest win of that stretch was when he handed Israel Adesanya the first loss of his professional career back at UFC 259. Recently, Blachowicz took on Glover Teixeira at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi.

Blachowicz really never got going in the fight and was ultimately stopped by the 41 year old Brazilian. Now, Blachowicz will try to get back and get to his UFC light heavyweight title. To do that, he will need to defeat a man who could say that he’s truly never been defeated in the octagon.

At this time, there’s no timeline for the potential title fight between Teixeira and top contender Jiri Prochazka. However, that fight is likely going to take place around this same time which sets this fight’s winner up perfectly to be the next in line barring injuries.

What happened to Jan Blachowicz at UFC 267?

Corey Anderson

It’s been a few days since we saw UFC 267 where Jan Blachowicz (28-9) lost his light heavyweight title to Glover Teixeira (33-7). Of course, the day of the event and the follow up days have all been focused on the 42 year old Teixeira who captured UFC gold after all of these years.

The story is too good to ignore and Teixeira deserved all the shine that he got. However, I started thinking about the former champion. Thinking about the incredible run that he went on over the past few years that saw him capture UFC gold.

Jan Blachowicz was at one point 2-4 in six fights. He truly looked like a fighter who was about to be cut by the UFC. However, things started to change and the Polish Power presented itself. Blachowicz’s would go on a stretch where he was 9-1.

In those wins he had wins over Israel Adesanya, Dominick Reyes, Corey Anderson, Luke Rockhold, and others. He truly looked like the best light heavyweight in the world not just in the UFC. However, Saturday night, he didn’t look close to being the best in the world.

What happened at UFC 267 and what’s next?

The performance was not good from Blachowicz on Saturday. He was beaten to the punch on the feet by Teixeira and he had no answer for Glover’s takedowns. Anyone who is anyone knew that the only way Teixeira would win is by getting takedowns.

He was able to get them easily at UFC 267. Blachowicz never landed anything of significance that backed off Teixeira. In the second round, Teixeira actually rocked Blachowicz on the feet before a takedown led to a choke and the finish.

I was stunned by the result and honestly thought Blachowicz would knock him out. After beating the guys he did, I didn’t think Blachowicz could lose to Glover at UFC 267. Maybe the Polish Power thought the same thing.

Whether you want to say it was just a bad night or whether you want to say he overlooked Teixeira, no matter what, something went wrong at UFC 267. So, what does Jan Blachowicz do now that he’s lost in the fashion that he did.

Well, he’s going to need a big win to show he’s still at the top of the division. Guys like Aleksandar Rakic or Anthony Smith could be on deck for Blachowicz. Either way, Blachowicz should be put right back in there with a top contender so he can prove to the UFC, he’s still the same guy with the legendary Polish Power.

Jiri Prochazka awaits Glover Teixeira after UFC 267

This past Saturday in the main event of UFC 267, the light heavyweight title was on the line. Poland’s Jan Blachowicz (28-9) was defending his title against 42 year old Glover Teixeira (32-8) who was getting his second chance at UFC gold.

The fight started perfectly for the challenger on Saturday when Teixeira was able to land a takedown. Takedowns were going to be key if he was going to stop the legendary Polish Power and immediately, Teixeira was able to get the takedown.

In the second round, Teixeira was actually able to wobble the champion on the feet before getting him back to the ground. Once on the ground, Teixeira went right through the champion and submitted him to become UFC light heavyweight champion.

Tears were flowing all around as one of the good guys of the sport pulled off this miraculous run to become light heavyweight champion at this stage of his career. The victory at UFC 267 gave Teixeira his light heavyweight title, but it also earned him a date with perhaps the best light heavyweight on the planet.

Prochazka’s UFC Title Shot

While Dana White didn’t confirm after UFC 267, it’s clear that the next title shot belongs to Jiri Prochazka (28-3-1). Prochazka hasn’t lost a fight since 2015 and he’s started out perfect in the UFC since joining the promotion last year.

In his first two fights, he’s taken on former title challengers Dominick Reyes and Volkan Oezdemir. Neither one of those guys made it past the second round. Earlier this year, Prochazka had his first taste of a main event opposite Dominick Reyes.

Prochazka put on a clinic and knocked Reyes out with a spinning back elbow in the second round. In my opinion, Prochazka is the best light heavyweight in the UFC and in the world. However, Glover Teixeira has proved me wrong over and over again.

The champion said after UFC 267 that he’d like to take a couple of months off before the Prochazka fight. My guess is we will see this fight in the spring. Despite Glover’s current run, expect Prochazka to be a sizeable betting favorite when these two finally meet.

Glover Teixeira becomes light heavyweight champion at UFC 267

Anthony Smith, UFC

In the main event of UFC 267, the light heavyweight title was on the line. The Polish Power and defending champion Jan Blachowicz (28-8) was defending his title against the veteran Glover Teixeira (32-7).

Back in 2018, Glover Teixeira lost a decision to Corey Anderson. With the loss, he was just 2-3 in five fights and he was getting older. However, Glover wasn’t prepared to hang things up and he’s rattled off five consecutives wins to earn himself another shot at UFC gold.

Back in 2017 at UFC 210, Jan Blachowicz lost a fight to Patrick Cummins. That fight dropped him to 2-4 in six UFC fights. However, things all started to change when he took his career more serious.

The Polish Power went on a streak that saw him go 9-1 leading up to tomorrow night. The top two highlights were winning the UFC title against Dominick Reyes then defending against the previously unbeaten middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

UFC 267 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 267 main event kicked off with a touch of the gloves. Big low kick lands for Blachowicz and he lands a nice jab behind it. Another good jab for Blachowicz which forces a shot from Glover. Teixeira is able to get the takedown and settles in Blachowicz’s guard.

A couple of soft shots from the top land for Teixeira. Blachowicz is doing a good job of just controlling the posture of Teixeira who continues to look for short elbows from the top. Not a ton of action here happening at the halfway point in the first round.

Nice short elbow lands for the challenger. Another good elbow lands for Teixeira who is just grinding on the champion here in the opening frame. Blachowicz has held Glover in guard throughout this first round but has done nothing to try and get back to his feet.

Another good elbow from the challenger who is completely controlling this opening round against Jan Blachowicz. Big shots from the top from Teixeira. The opening round comes to a close and a dominant opening frame from the challenger at UFC 267.

Round 2

Entering the second round at UFC 267 and Blachowicz needs to find a way to keep the fight standing. Blachowicz plots forward and opens with a jab. Another big jab from Blachowicz and Teixeira tries to close the distance.

The challenger eats a combination and immediately tries for a takedown. However, Blachowicz defends and shakes him off. Teixeira tries to push forward looking for another takedown attempt.

Blachowicz landing well in the second round and is doing a good job of defending takedowns here in the second. Huge shot lands for Teixeira and Blachowicz looks hurt. However, the champion blasts back with a big shot and Teixeira shoots for another takedown.

This time, the challenger gets it and immediately gets to the mount. Blachowicz gives up his back and Teixeira locks in the rear naked choke and Blachowicz taps immediately. Unbelievable story!

Glover Teixeira def. Jan Blachowicz by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) – Round 2

UFC 267 Preview: Jan Blachowicz – Glover Teixeira

Corey Anderson

Tomorrow night in the main event of UFC 267, the light heavyweight title is on the line. The Polish Power and defending champion Jan Blachowicz (28-8) will defend his title against the veteran Glover Teixeira (32-7).

Both of these men have similar stories that have led them to UFC 267. Just a few years ago, people would have likely laughed at you if you told them that these two would be headlining a UFC card for the light heavyweight title, but here we are.

Back in 2018, Glover Teixeira lost a decision to Corey Anderson. With the loss, he was just 2-3 in five fights and he was getting older. However, Glover wasn’t prepared to hang things up and he’s rattled off five consecutives wins to earn himself another shot at UFC gold.

Back in 2017 at UFC 210, Jan Blachowicz lost a fight to Patrick Cummins. That fight dropped him to 2-4 in six UFC fights. However, things all started to change when he took his career more serious.

The Polish Power went on a streak that saw him go 9-1 leading up to tomorrow night. The top two highlights were winning the UFC title against Dominick Reyes then defending against the previously unbeaten middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

UFC 267 Prediction

I will be the first person to say that I’ve doubted Glover Teixeira virtually this entire winning streak. He’s proved me wrong every single time that I doubted him. Will UFC 267 go that route as well or will the magic finally run out for Glover.

The first two rounds are going to be incredibly dangerous for Teixeira. Blachowicz has ungodly power and we’ve seen Glover get hurt several times by other opponents. If the champion lands clean, he can easily put the lights out.

Glover Teixeira needs to close the distance quickly and try to tire the champion out tomorrow. If he can do that, he might be able to land some takedowns after the halfway point of the fight. If he gets a tired Blachowicz down, he can submit him in the later rounds.

However, I don’t think the UFC 267 main event is going to get there. I think that the champion is going to find a home for that famous Polish Power in the first round and the title will return to Poland tomorrow.

Prediction: Jan Blachowicz by KO – Round 1

After Bellator 268, does Corey Anderson have an argument for the best light heavyweight?

Corey Anderson

This past Saturday at Bellator 268, the Light Heavyweight Grand Prix resumed. In the co-main event of the evening, Ryan Bader (28-7) took on Corey Anderson (16-5). Bader was the former light heavyweight champion and is the current heavyweight champion.

This fight had a ton of hype behind it as both men have had similar paths to get to where they are today. After never quite reaching the mountain top in the UFC, both men have seen a tremendous amount of success in the Bellator cage.

Bader became a two-division champion and Corey Anderson has looked like a world-beater since making the jump last year. While this fight had a ton of hype behind it, the fight itself wasn’t very competitive and it didn’t last long.

In the opening minute, Anderson was able to catch Bader with a beautiful shot that put the heavyweight champion down. Anderson followed up with big shots and ultimately got the stoppage win and punching his ticket to the Bellator Grand Prix finals.

Is Bellator’s Anderson the best?

After the fight was over and Anderson had his hand raised at Bellator 268, many were saying that Anderson had an argument as the best light heavyweight. Not just in Bellator, but in the entire sport.

This argument was met with objection from the UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz took to Twitter today to remind everyone that he knocked out Anderson last year which was Anderson’s final fight in the UFC.

It’s worth noting that the fight between Anderson and Blachowicz was a rematch. Their first fight took place back in 2015 with Anderson getting the win. Anderson also holds a victory over Glover Teixeira who is challenging for the light heavyweight title in a couple of weeks.

We might very well be seeing the best version of Corey Anderson in Bellator. However, we have also seen the best version of Jan Blachowicz in the UFC as of late. Given that MMA is a, “What have you done for me lately?” kind of sport, my opinion is the best is still Blachowicz.

The resume for The Polish Power is just much better than Anderson’s over the last year. However, Anderson is at the very top of that list as well. He’s not just potentially the best light heavyweight in Bellator, he does have an argument for the best in the world regardless of promotion.

UFC heads back to Fight Island with Jan Blachowicz – Glover Teixeira (Report)

Corey Anderson

Over the weekend we learned that there has been a change of plans regarding the UFC‘s upcoming light heavyweight title bout. The champion Jan Blachowicz (28-8) was set to defend his title against Glover Teixeira (32-7) in September.

That bout was supposed to take place at UFC 266 on September 25th. However, that is no longer the case. Instead, we’ve learned that the fight is being pushed back a month and the promotion is returning to Fight Island.

AG.Fight was the first to report that Blachowicz -Teixeira was being moved. The light heavyweight title fight will now headline UFC 267 on Fight Island which is tentatively scheduled to take place on October 30th.

This is actually the second time that this light heavyweight title fight has been pushed back. Originally, it was scheduled for early September before being pushed back to the end of the month. Hopefully, there’s no additional movement with the UFC title fight.

Dana White has been saying that the UFC would be returning to Fight Island at some point. After having three stretches there over a six month period, the UFC hasn’t returned since January, but the plan is for there to be multiple events on Fight Island.

UFC Returns to Fight Island

The UFC’s Fight Island PPV is getting a helluva main event with this matchup between Blachowicz and Teixeira. This fight is all about two guys who have completely turned their careers around over the past few years.

Back at UFC 210, Jan Blachowicz lost to Patrick Cummins. That loss dropped Blachowicz to 2-4 in the UFC and he was on the verge of getting cut. However, since that loss, The Polish Power has gone 9-1 on his way to capturing the UFC light heavyweight title.

Glover Teixeira has seen a very similar turnaround. Back in 2012 when Teixeira made his UFC debut, he hadn’t lost in seven years. He started his career out with the promotion by winning five straight earning him a shot against Jon Jones.

He came up short in his bid to become champion. After that loss, Teixeira went on a stretch where he was just above 500 at 5-4. Getting up there in age and becoming a 500 fighter didn’t spell well for Glover’s UFC title aspirations.

However, after his loss to Corey Anderson, Teixeira has won five consecutive fights to earn himself a title shot. His title shot will come two days after his 42 birthday and if he’s able to win at UFC 267, it will be quite the story.

BREAKING: UFC books title fight between Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira

The UFC has finalized the next title fight in the light heavyweight division. Dana White told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto that the promotion has booked the title fight between the champion Jan Blachowicz (28-8) and top contender Glover Teixeira (32-7).

The matchup will take place at UFC 266 on September 4th. At this time, it’s not known where UFC 266 will take place. Glover Teixeira is finally getting his second crack at the light heavyweight championship.

Teixeira’s first shot was back in 2014 when he took on Jon Jones. Jones was able to win that fight by decision and it’s been a long road for Teixeira to get back to a title shot.

Back in 2018, many were wondering what the UFC future was for Teixeira. Teixeira had gone 2-3 in five fights and he was getting ready to turn 40 years old. However, that’s when Teixeira completely turned his career around.

Starting in January of 2019, Teixeira has gone 5-0 inside the octagon. His last two wins were stoppage wins over former title challengers Thiago Santos and Anthony Smith. Teixeira has seen an incredible resurgence and now he gets his title shot at UFC 266.

Second UFC title defense for the Polish Power

Someone who can completely relate to Teixeira’s resurgence is the UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz. At UFC 210, Blachowicz lost to Patrick Cummins and he was just 1-4 in five fights.

The promotion came close to cutting him, but decided to keep the Polish Power around. After that loss to Cummins, Blachowicz has gone 9-1 inside the octagon including winning five fights in a row.

Blachowicz’s comeback culminated at UFC 253 when he defeated Dominick Reyes to become the light heavyweight champion. Following that win, the promotion booked him against one of the biggest stars in the sport, Israel Adesanya.

Adesanya fought Blachowicz at UFC 259 seeking to become a two-division champion. However, Blachowicz proved to be too much and successfully defended his title. Now, Blachowicz will be seeking a second straight defense of his light heavyweight crown.

UFC: Israel Adesanya says Jon Jones beef goes beyond fighting; insists they will fight in the future

About two weeks ago at UFC 259, we saw Israel Adesanya (20-1) suffer his first professional MMA loss at the hands of Jan Blachowicz (28-8). Adesanya was seeking to become a two-division UFC champion.

However, Jan Blachowicz had a great game plan and was able to win a decision over Adesanya. In the later rounds of the fight, Adesanya had no answer for the wrestling attack of Jan Blachowicz which was ultimately his downfall.

One man who took pleasure in watching Adesanya lose is Jon Jones (26-1, 1 NC). The former UFC light heavyweight champion is not a fan of Adesanya and the two have gone back and forth for a couple of years now.

There has always been talk about a super fight between the two men. However, after Adesanya lost and said he was returning to middleweight, many wondered if we’d ever get the chance to see this grudge match inside the octagon.

The UFC‘s middleweight champion appeared on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show this week to talk about his future. Adesanya made it very clear that he’s still planning on fighting Jon Jones and that the fight isn’t dead at all.

UFC super fight in the future?

When asked if the fight was dead Adesanya said, “Hell no. That fights not dead, I’m coming for that ass. This is deeper than fighting now, we all know how fake he is.” As you can tell, Adesanya still plans on tracking Jones down eventually.

So where are we at currently? Jones and Adesanya are moving in opposite weight directions at the moment. Jones is preparing for his heavyweight debut which should come over the summer. He will be challenging for the UFC’s heavyweight title when he makes his heavyweight debut.

Adesanya will be moving back to middleweight to defend his title. While the fight might not be dead, we are now seeing that we might be a year or two away from discussing this matchup again. Both have work in front of them, but perhaps one day, we will see Jon Jones fight Israel Adesanya in the UFC.

After successful title defense at UFC 259, what’s next for Jan Blachowicz?

Corey Anderson

This past Saturday at UFC 259, light heavyweight champion, Jan Blachowicz (28-8), welcomed Israel Adesanya (20-1) to light heavyweight. Adesanya was looking to become a two-division champion on Saturday night.

While Blachowicz was the defending champion, the majority of the attention was falling on Adesanya. Stylebender is on his way to being the biggest star in the sport and he was trying to accomplish something that only four others have done in the UFC.

Blachowicz had just become the light heavyweight champion back in September. Despite being the defending champion, most were counting Blachowicz out on Saturday night. Blachowicz is known for his famous Polish Power, but there was a lot to be concerned about going into UFC 259.

For one, Adesanya is arguably the best pure striker in the promotion. Adesanya was also supposed to have a massive speed advantage so one would think if the fight was standing, Blachowicz’s only chance was to land a big knockout shot.

However, the knockout shot never came on Saturday night. Instead, Blachowicz actually got the better of the striking for two of the first three rounds. He then transitioned to his grappling to secure the fourth and the fifth. In the end, it was a clear decision win for Blachowicz at UFC 259.

What’s next after UFC 259?

With the win on Saturday night, Blachowicz showed the world that his title run was no fluke. He fought arguably the biggest star in the sport and he beat him at his own game which is distance striking.

After the fight was over, Blachowicz said that he wanted to take a little time off before his next UFC title defense. That said, the next fight for him is already lined up. The number one contender in the division is Glover Teixeira (32-7).

What a turnaround Glover Teixeira has experienced inside the octagon. Back in 2018, Glover lost a decision to Corey Anderson. He was 2-3 in his previous five fights and he was getting ready to turn 40. However, that’s when he turned things around.

Glover Teixeira has now won five consecutive fights and finished four of them. Three of those wins came against top ten contenders at 205. In a way, Blachowicz and Teixeira have had very similar stretches.

Both men looked like their UFC careers were going to be over just a few years ago. Blachowicz was 2-4 and Teixeira was struggling. However, both men drastically turned things around. One is now the champion and the other is the number one contender. These two should clash in the late summer this year.