The Philadelphia Eagles Rise Above the New York Jets

New York Jets, Avery Williamson

The New York Jets lost another one. They now have started the season 0-4. A team with so much hope has had a very tough start to their season. There’s a lot to dive into from this game so here goes nothing.

Offensive Line Needs An Overhaul

The Jets offensive line has been horrific to watch this season. Like, historically bad. The Jets allowed 10 sacks in Sunday’s game against Philly. Yes, their defensive line is good but not THAT good. The Jets shouldn’t have played as poorly as they did at offensive line. The ”changes” that Adam Gase made really didn’t do very much. The offensive line still couldn’t guard a pee wee football edge rush. Quite frankly they’ve got to get it together. It’s hard to watch. It’s scary that our franchise guy will come back from a dangerous illness and end up behind that terrible offensive line. They’ve got to get it together and at the very least make it through the season without Belk or Darnold getting destroyed.

The Defense Has Played Really Well

The offense has been absolutely pitiful. Obviously injuries, offensive line play, and poor coaching made that happen. However, the defense, on the other hand, has been really good. The main issue with them is that they either have to play defense when the opposing offense has amazing field position or they are exhausted because they’re constantly on the field. Gregg Williams and that defense have dealt with just as many issues as the Jets offense and yet, the defense has been really damn good. That might just be a reflection of coaching but I mean what do I know.

The Play Calling Is An Issue

Unlike some New York Jets fans, I won’t call for Adam Gase’s dismissal. However, he does deserve a lot of blame for the poor start and poor take yesterday. The fact is, Adam Gase doesn’t have a good situation. His star QB is out, his blockers stink and he can’t revolve the offense around key guys if the QB can’t get the ball to them. Luke Falk has performed pretty bad but in his defense, he’s played the last two Super Bowl champs and had little preparation. With that said, an ”innovator”, ”offensive genius” and a ”guy who knows where the game is heading” should be able to produce something on offense. Those were all words labeled to Gase by Chris Johnson. If you’re all those things then you don’t have the defense with as many touchdowns as your offense through 4 games. Gase needs to prove why he’s here and not why he shouldn’t be.

Brighter Days Ahead

Brandon Copeland and Chris Herndon are guaranteed to return to the team this week. Jordan Jenkins, C.J. Mosley, and Sam Darnold could possibly return as well. This team has a much brighter outlook with those 5 on it. Hopefully, this squad comes back to normal with their returns but it all starts at the top and Gase needs to get their act together.

Why The New York Giants Should Not Involve Themselves In Big Name Trade Talks

Should the New York Giants pursue Jalen Ramsey?

The NFL has been swirling with trade rumors lately. Numerous big name players have been confirmed or rumored to have requested a trade. Plenty of fans want the New York Giants to try to trade for these players, but that might not be in the team’s best long-term interest.

The Giants Cannot Afford These Trades

The New York Giants have only $4,015,873 in cap space. Additionally, the Giants have $35 million in dead cap. They cannot afford to acquire these players. These players are big name stars that will require big contracts to satisfy. The Giants cannot provide them with those contracts at this moment.

The Giants also need to start saving money. Pretty soon, the Giants’ in-house talent will be ready for their own pay days. Players like Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley, and Will Hernandez will need a lot of cap space allocated towards their second contracts. Albeit, the day they sign their second deals is somewhat far into the future, but the Giants still need to prepare financially.

These Players Do Not Fit Gettleman’s Profile

The Giants just got rid of multiple big name star players. Odell Beckham Jr. was traded away for three defensive players and Olivier Vernon was traded away for an offensive guard. These two players account for $24 million in dead cap.

The players involved in trade talks to do not fit what Dave Gettleman is looking to do with this rebuild. These players have strong personalities and do a good job of grabbing headlines. Gettleman has been on a mission to get rid of any and all distractions that might surround this franchise.

The Giants Should Not Sacrifice Their Future For The Present

The Giants are coming off of an incredible and improbable win against the Buccaneers. But they are still a 1-2 team coming off of a 5-11 season. The Giants should be more concerned with their future than their present. New York has been a losing franchise for the past few years, and that is not going to change by trading for one star player.

The Giants will change their losing ways by keeping their draft picks. In order to trade for players such as Jalen Ramsey, Jamal Adams, or Stefon Diggs, the Giants will need to give up significant draft capital. In the case of Jalen Ramsey, the Giants would need to sacrifice at least one first-round pick.

As phenomenal as Jalen Ramsey is as a player, the Giants might need to use their future first-round picks on different positions.

The Giants have had a need for a pass-rusher over the years and their next first-round pick could be the one to get the team their pass-rushing prospect they so desperately need.

The Giants have drafted arguably the best running back in the NFL and a franchise quarterback in a two-year span. The potential in first-round draft picks is too great for the Giants to give away, especially when they could potentially be picking in the top ten again.

It makes more sense for a team that is one star away from a championship to trade away a high draft pick for one of these players. The Giants are not one of those teams. The Giants are a team that still needs to draft multiple key pieces to build around the rest of their youthful talent and prepare themselves for a brighter future.

New York Jets: Why Jamal Adams is One of the Best in the NFL

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams fell into the New York Jets in the 2017 NFL Draft. Many said he was the best player in that year’s draft class. However, I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted that he would have this much success. Jamal Adams is not just a superstar but he is the best safety in the NFL and here’s why.

On The Field Success

Jamal Adams came into his rookie season with undoubtedly high expectations and I’d say he was definitely up for the challenge. He delivered with 83 tackles, 2.0 sacks, 6 Deflections, and 1 FF. It was a solid debut year but Adams was far from satisfied. He pledged he would be in every pro bowl from that point on. When in year two most experience a sophomore slump, Adams was the polar opposite. He finished his sophomore season with 115 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 1 INT, 12 Deflections and 3 FFs. Adams lit it up, made the pro bowl and while there he came home with the defensive MVP award and opened the world’s eyes to the talent that is Jamal Adams. No safety is as versatile and as game-changing as Jamal Adams. He flys all over the gridiron laying hits and making plays. He’s an absolute monster and this upcoming season should do nothing less than continue to further that sentiment.

Off The Field

Jamal Adams is a leader. Often it takes a while for young players to become leaders. It seems as though already Jamal Adams is the leader and a face of the New York Jets. Jamal not only did his job but made everyone else’s either by making everyone around him on offense and defense better. He pushes his teammates and ultimately has such a passion for the game that is often rare. He’s not electric and he constantly provides energy and infuses an otherwise tired and weak team when they need it most. Adams effect goes far beyond the gridiron.


Ultimately a southern boy has becoming devoted to the New York Jets. When others ran from the task, Adams pioneered the search for better talent. He called out the old front office regime and said, “We Need More Dogs.” He made pleas for superstars and he pushed and recruited hard. The fact is his devotion to this team and this city is often a rarity. No matter what happens, he has been devoted to making the Jets a true contender and for that, as a Jets fan, I’ll forever be grateful.


Jamal Adams is a special player on and off the field. One that rarely comes around. All of this makes a brilliant resume to be labeled the best safety in Pro Football. Now he kicks 2019 off with even more goals in mind and even more fire and passion. He’s fun to watch and I can’t wait to watch him do his thing while finally having assistance.

New York Jets can have one of the best safeties duos in 2019

New York Jets, Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye

Already having one of the most dynamic and versatile safeties in Jamal Adams only helps the New York Jets reach a level of quality the defense has struggled to maintain in recent years. Adding a healthy Marcus Maye to the mix could be the key to unlocking a dominant group in the secondary.

Adams’ aggressive style of play is impressive, as he’s capable of covering the length of the field and making plays in all facets of the game. Playing 137 snaps as an edge defender in 2018 gives him the skill-set to rush the passer. He also played 172 snaps at slot corner, 40 as a wide corner, and 489 snaps as a box safety and 281 deep.

According to PFF, Adams earned grades over 77.0 at every position metioned — he’s a true “swiss army knife.” Allowing just a 67.3 passer rating against him in coverage, he’s proved that he can be trusted against receivers and close to the line of scrimmage. Bringing back Maye from injury will only help him excel in his strengths.

While the 2017 second-round pick only played in six games and 392 snaps last year, he made his time on the field count. Earning a solid 81.7 overall grade with one interception and two passes defended, he’s a capable safety in the deep part of the secondary. Shining in coverage only break the surface of his potential, as he’s a sure tackler and cover-option alongside Adams.

Pairing the two will present the Jets with two fantastic safeties and ultimately lock down the secondary where the cornerbacks may struggle at times.

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Maye commented on his return from injury this season:

“You just have to be smart and practice like a professional, know the situations, play the game between your ears more,” Maye said in June, via the New York Jets website. “But once I get out there and get the green light, I’m definitely going to go.”

Shoulder and thumb ailments sent him to the injured reserve last season, and a fill bill of health in 2019 should see the defense excel to a point beyond their 24th ranking for pass-yards allowed.

New York Jets Snag Fiery Leader for Defense in Gregg Williams

New York Jets, Gregg Williams

Not long after officially introducing Adam Gase as their new Head Coach, the New York Jets secured a new Defensive coordinator in Gregg Williams. Despite a scarred history that includes his role in Bounty Gate, he is the right man for the job. His experience and aggressive style should re-ignite the dormant Jets defense. Williams’ arrival will also allow his similarly bold counterpart, Gase, to right the ship on offense while he focuses all his energy on the defense.

A Veteran Presence:

 Williams joins the Jets with a lengthy resume that includes 20 years of experience as a head coach or defensive coordinator. He recently led the resurgent Cleveland Browns to a 5-3 record as interim head coach. Some thought he had earned the job in Cleveland permanently, but they elected to go with offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens instead.

Regardless, Williams’ success with coaching defenses is impressive. He has led seven top-ten ranked defenses in yards and five top-ten ranked defenses in points . He also helped the Browns reduce their points allowed total for the second straight season, ranking 21st.

Williams brings with him a 4-3 scheme that relies on heavy blitzing, which has garnered positive results. The Browns finished last season with 31 takeaways, the second highest total in the league behind the Chicago Bears. It should be a huge boost for the Jets defense, which couldn’t create enough turnovers under Todd Bowles.

A Potential Fire Starter:

 Williams’ play-calling and bold reputation should spark a Jets defense that has become complacent in recent years. Jamal Adams bemoaned the lack of “dawgs” on the defense, indicating the need for fire in the hearts of his teammates. Williams can bring back that fire. He won’t allow the Jets to lie down; he can give them the much-needed attitude adjustment to spur them and their confidence.

His 4-3 scheme should provide more opportunities for certain players on the defense. With more men up front in the trenches, linebackers like Darron Lee will have the chance to play more freely in the open field. More men at the line will provide the capability to unleash the lion in the “Big Cat”, Leonard Williams. He’ll be less likely to get double-teamed and could certainly see his sack totals increase next season.

More blitzes by the defensive line should also create big plays by the secondary. Adams and co. will wreak havoc on opposing offenses when plays break down due to pressure up front. Meanwhile, underperformers like Trumaine Johnson can certainly redeem themselves. Quarterbacks will have to make earlier throws, allowing Johnson and others to maintain better coverage and create more turnovers.

The Odd, Yet Intriguing, Couple:

 Combining the equally intense personalities of Adam Gase and Gregg Williams on the same staff is daring, but it’s a very good bet by the New York Jets. Williams becomes the sole coach of the defense while not having to worry about the rest of the team, which he had to do as the head coach in Cleveland. All of his passion and prowess will go into resurrecting the Jets defense.

On the flip side, head coach Gase will not have to worry about his defense, knowing it’s in the capable hands of Williams. He will center his attention on the offense and the development of his promising young quarterback, Sam Darnold. Gase’s innovative mind and creativity should enable Darnold and the offense to rise to new heights.

In effect, the New York Jets have hired two head coaches: one for the offense and one for the defense. With young leaders like Jamal Adams and Sam Darnold, the Jets just need to get their drive and motivation back. A new era of discipline, accountability, and tough love can light the fuse. The combo of Gase and Williams can provide the spark.