How the New York Giants can shake up the offensive line this offseason

New York Giants, Nate Solder, Jon Halapio, Mike Remmers

The New York Giants must prioritize several positions this offseason, especially with $80+ million in cap space and valuable draft capital. New head coach Joe Judge made it apparent that he will seek tough, disciplined players who go 100% on every play, even if they’re down by 30 points.

Finding mentally tough players isn’t an easy task in the NFL when your franchise has been scolded by a lack of effort and negative criticism for years on end. However, the Giants have an opportunity to re-write their legacy in the coming months, and it starts with protecting their franchise quarterback, Daniel Jones.

Jones, who endured his first season in the NFL in 2019, suffered at the likes of LT Nate Solder and center Jon Halapio (38 sacks in 12 games started). Both LG Will Hernandez and RT Mike Remmers struggled in their own ways, primarily due to a lack of cohesion on the line. Offensive line coach Hal Hunter did a poor job developing their chemistry and allowing them to play to the best of their ability. Judge will be on the lookout for a new OL coach, preferably Bill Callahan.

The journey forward will undoubtedly include the injection of better talent on the line. The draft offers ample options in the first two rounds, especially Andrew Thomas, Jedrick Wills Jr., and Tristan Wirfs. All three would cost GM Dave Gettleman a first-round selection, but it could also open up the idea of trading back and collecting more draft capital to use later on.

With the trading of Leonard Williams last season, Gettleman forfeited a third-round selection. If he elects to let him walk in free agency, he will recoup the pick through the compensatory algorithm. However, it will be a later third-round pick than the earlier selection he forfeited for Williams. This opens the door for trading back and adding value in the second round. With several quarterback hungry teams sitting being Big Blue, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Who can the New York Giants target in free agency?

Pending free agents include Jack Conklin, Andrew Whitworth, Anthony Castonzo, Bryan Baluga, and more. This offseason holds plenty of tackle targets for the Giants, but it boils down to price and need. Are the Giants keen on bringing on a cheap player via the draft, or are they confident in reserve OL Nick Gates?

One way or another, Gettleman will bring in an offensive lineman, the method he uses is the big question.



New York Giants news, 12/27 – Steve Tische is ready to tear down the entire franchise and start over

New York Giants, Pat Shurmur

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

The New York Giants have been a perpetual state of disappointment and failure the past few seasons, forcing them into an awkward situation, and a reality they never imagined themselves in after two years of a complete roster overhaul. John Mara has been the more forceful owner of the two, the other being Steve Tisch, who’s advocating for a full franchise overhaul, according to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan.

“It’s been a very frustrating season. At the end of the season John Mara and I are gonna get together and discuss the future. As partners we have to be very honest with each other about where we see this team going into the 2020 season,” Tisch told Bruce Beck in early December.

Both owners have seldom been available to speak with the media, and have preferred to hang their heads low in frustration than face the bonfire they’ve created out of ignorance and a lack of progressive movements. The result after two seasons has been minimal, with most of the silver lining pointing towards Gettleman’s draft picks, which could very well save his job in the coming weeks.

Head coach Pat Shurmur is under the most heat, considering his absolute lack of coaching skills and in-game decisions. However, he has been fantastic for Daniel Jones. To be a good head coach in the NFL, though, you must not make time-management mistakes, and personnel decisions cannot be the downfall of the team. The New York Giants have realistically lost multiple games at the expense of Shurmur’s bone-headed decisions. That’s the narrative Mara and Tisch will follow as the evaluate the state of the player and coaching roster.

I anticipate Shurmur, James Bettcher, and Hal Hunter will all be jobless within the next two months. Gettleman will survive the overhaul, claiming that Shurmur was their best coaching option at the time, and now they will go in 2020 with better targets in their sights.


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Evidence That The New York Giants’ Offensive Line Problems Stem From Coaching

New York Giants, Kevin Zeitler

The New York Giants‘ offensive line has been the team’s biggest problem for years now. The unit let up 47 sacks in 2018 and has already allowed 28 sacks in 2019, putting them on pace to allow 49 sacks on the season. The Giants are often criticized for not placing enough talent on the offensive line.

But this year, New York made sure to bring in two key pieces that should have solidified its offensive line as at least an average unit. So far, that has not been the outcome. The additions of Kevin Zeitler and Mike Remmers have not been enough to improve the Giants’ offensive line so far.

Every year, the Giants’ offensive line makes the same mistakes. Whether it be an offensive tackle not understanding how far the quarterback is dropping back, or the interior linemen not understanding how to pick up a stunt. These mistakes frequently occur, year after year. These repeated mistakes beg the essential question: is there a coaching problem?

Much of the “hot-seat” talk in New York has been centered around the Giants’ and Jets’ head coaches Pat Shurmur and Adam Gase. But maybe the conversation should be centered around a position coach. The Giants’ offensive line coach, Hal Hunter, should be on the hot seat.

Hal Hunter’s Career History

The Giants’ decision to hire Hal Hunter in 2018 was a bit of a confusing decision. Hal had been out of the league for a year after two “one-and-done” stints with the Indianapolis Colts, then the Cleveland Browns. As the Colts’ offensive line coach in 2015, he coached an average unit that allowed 37 sacks (ranked 17th). Still, Indianapolis was not entirely pleased with this outcome and decided to go a different direction in 2016.

Hal Hunter was then hired by the Cleveland Browns for the 2016 season in which he coached a historically bad offensive line. In 2016, the Browns’ offensive line allowed 66 sacks and 140 quarterback hits. Hal was fired after that season and did not have a job in the NFL in 2017. The Giants then hired them to help fix their atrocious offensive line in 2018.

So far, the offensive line has not been fixed. It does not even look close to being fixed. And there is evidence that the reason it is not fixed could be directly coordinated to a poor coaching-job.

Coachable Mistakes That The Giants Continue To Make

Below I will provide a few video clips and breakdowns of some of the mistakes that the Giants’ offensive line has been making. These are mistakes that should be coached out but have not been. These mistakes also happen more than once per game and were happening last season, as well.

Here is a breakdown by Bobby Skinner of the Talkin’ Giants podcast. Bobby breaks down an error that the Giants’ offensive line makes frequently. On this play, the Giants got confused by the stunt that the Cowboys’ defense ran. They failed to recognize it and did not pick it up, allowing their rookie quarterback to be pressured from three different angles and hit by two defenders:

Here is another example. Nate Solder, a nine-year veteran, is seen demonstrating bad footwork and letting the pressure get right to Daniel Jones. This is a simple technique issue Solder has been struggling with all year. It should be coached out by now, but Giants linemen have been making these same mistakes repeatedly this season.

Here are a couple more clips where the Giants’ offensive line is simply not on the same page:

Yes, the Giants’ offensive line lacks talent. But they are also making the same, fixable mistakes over and over. Offensive line coach Hal Hunter has not done his job and has not coached these mistakes out of his unit’s players. At the very least, the offensive line should be on the same page, but they are not.

While it is highly unlikely that the Giants would make a change at this position during the 2019 season, they should strongly consider making a change in the offseason.

Should The New York Giants Make A Change At Offensive Line Coach?

On January 15, the Indianapolis Colts made a position coach change. The Colts fired their offensive line coach, Dave DeGugliemo. This move by the Colts prompted plenty of Giants fans to wonder if their team will make a change on their own coaching staff and pursue DeGugliemo.

Dave DeGugliemo’s Resumé And Connections With The New York Giants:

Dave DeGugliemo actually used to be part of the New York Giants’ coaching staff. He was a part of the 2008 Super Bowl victory in which the Giants had one of the league’s best offensive lines. DeGugliemo served as the Giants’ assistant offensive line & quality control coach from 2004 to 2008.

In 2018, the Indianapolis Colts had arguably the best offensive line in the NFL. They showed massive improvement from 2017 to 2018. In 2017, the Colts had the 25th ranked offensive line according to Pro Football Focus. DeGugliemo helped turn that around in 2018, as they were the 6th ranked offensive line per PFF.

Part of this change came from having DeGugliemo as the offensive line coach. He was brought to Indianapolis in 2018 by head coach candidate Josh McDaniels, who was later replaced by Frank Reich. Dave was the only assistant coach that Reich did not hire himself, so after one season he has decided that he wants to make his own hire.

Dave DeGugliemo has been part of some of the best offensive lines in the NFL over the past 15 years. Aside from working with the Giants, DeGugliemo also worked as an offensive line coach for the Dolphins in 2009-2011. The Dolphins 2009 offensive line unit was ranked second in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus. They also ranked 8th in 2010.

The Dolphins’ offensive line struggled in 2011, and DeGugliemo moved on to become the offensive line coach of the Jets in 2012. The Jets’ offensive line ranked 3rd in the NFL in 2012. He only spent one season with the Jets and did not coach in 2013. In 2014, Dave went to the New England Patriots and coached the Giants’ current starting left tackle, Nate Solder.

Dave DeGugliemo has an extremely impressive track record. The New York Giants offensive line has been struggling for years and did not show much improvement when new offensive line coach Hal Hunter took over in 2018. The Giants could look to bring DeGugliemo back to New York in order to fix their offensive line issues in 2019.