New York Mets: Five Possible Replacements for Carlos Beltran

New York Mets, Terry Collins

Over the last 48 hours, controversy and rumors of Carlos Beltran stepping down from his manager position have been surrounding the New York Mets. Should Beltran leave his job, who are the best candidates to jump in and take the reigns with less than a month until Spring Training starts?

Terry Collins

His name either brings back memories of happiness or causes other Mets fans to begin to gag. Collins would be a solid choice in a one-year role while the Mets try to figure out their manager for the following season. He has a good relationship with a majority of the roster and was a key figure of bringing the Mets out of their chaos from the early part of the last decade. Collins is the latest manager to bring the Mets to the World Series and already has direct experience with the job as Mets manager.

Hensley Meulens

Meulens is currently the bench coach for the Mets and has been involved in baseball since 1985 as a player. His experience and knowledge certainly qualifies him to become the manager. Meulens has managed the Netherlands multiple times in the Summer Olympics and World Baseball Classic. Since 2010, he spent time as the hitting coach and then bench coach under Bruce Bochy in the San Francisco Giants organization. Meulens has respect from players throughout the league and speaks five different languages.

Eduardo Perez

Perez was originally one of the few remaining candidates who lost out on the Mets job. He has experience managing in Puerto Rico along with various coaching roles in the earlier part of the 2010s. As much as Perez would like the opportunity to manage, it would be hard to see him jumping out of a multi-year deal he signed to remain as an analyst on ESPN. Despite the lack of time he would have to prepare, the talent the Mets have on their roster may be too much to pass on.

Buck Showalter

Much like Collins, Showalter would be with the Mets as a short term option. His resume speaks for itself and is the most polished out of anyones on the list. Showalter’s last job with the Orioles did not end as smoothly as he wanted, and his older style of managing could be what the Mets need to get eyes focused on the product on the field, not off it. The seven names surrounding Showalter on the all-time wins list are all in the hall of fame, so he is not a wrong choice to settle on.

David Wright

The chance of Wright taking the job has to be less than one percent, but you have to make the call to ask. With all the negativity surrounding the Mets, Wright is the joyful and hopeful face fans, and the organization can rally around. Wright represents the opposite approach the Mets could take when compared to Showalter. He knows the media, the clubhouse knows and respects him. Much like Beltran, Wright is a former player with a brilliant baseball mine and exceptional leadership qualities. With all the analytics and Brodie Van Wagenen involved, how much managing would he even need to do?

New York Mets: Slow Paced Search

New York Mets

It has been over three weeks since the New York Mets decided to part ways with former manager Mickey Callaway. Immediately after, the search and speculation of the next manager began as numerous names swirled around. Since then, the organization has been on a slow moving, three round interview process to select a candidate.

The list of names shrank from the first to second rounds, but remained mostly the same when the third round arrived. The only major news which has come out of the third round is the Mets are leading towards Eduardo Perez/Tim Bogar and shying away from Carlos Beltran/Derek Shelton.

Small Eliminations

Those four names are the final four now. The bombshell and mystery candidates have faded away which shows the search is coming closer to an end. All signs point to Perez getting the nod for the position. He has a good relationship throughout baseball, his father was a hall of fame player and his former colleague, Aaron Boone, jumped straight from ESPN to the manager’s chair.

Some other mystery names were still in the mix, but the winner of the search should come from our final four. Perez is the favorite, but do not be surprised if the front office goes against what the reports say.

New York Mets: The Third Round of Interviews

New York Mets, Jeff Wilpon

While half the teams searching for managers have made hires already, the New York Mets are conducting their third round of interviews to find their next leader. The list of names was cutdown between rounds one and two, but barely changed for round three. They still feature Eduardo Perez, Tim Bogar, Carlos Beltran, Luis Rojas. Pat Murphy‘s name emerged as a mystery candidate over the weekend, but it is unknown if he is receiving a third interview.

Murphy has been the Brewers bench coach since 2016 and spent 20 years coaching college baseball. He came to the major leagues in 2010 where he was working throughout the Padres organization. He managed them to a 42-54 record in 2015 after Bud Black was let go. The still unknown “bombshell candidate” is still in play as well.

These interviews will feature Fred Wilpon, it what seems like the boss battle in a video game. The Mets interview process is one of the most extensive in baseball and rightly so after Mickey Callaway’s time as a Met was a disaster.

Manager Interviews or March Madness

At this point, we may need bracketology to keep track of the remaining candidates. It is a good sign to see the Mets go this far for their candidates though. It is better for them to be thorough than to pick anyone…even though Joe Girardi was the right man for the job.

What continues to make the dynamics of these interviews interesting is the amount of involvement the front office likes to have. At times during Callaway’s tenure, it seemed like he was stuck with whatever in game decisions they wanted. Since we do not know the questions from the interview, the power of the next manager is up to speculation.

When the season begins, we will receive a better idea. If the team is managed the same way as Callaway, it will be obvious the front office has control. Potential managers like Perez and Rojas have plenty of experience and should deserve the ability to manage the game without the front office’s hand up you know where.

New York Mets: Eduardo Perez vs Tim Bogar

Simeon Woods-Richardson

Reports suggest the New York Mets are leaning towards hiring Eduardo Perez as their next manager. Other reports say the search is not quite complete. Tim Bogar is still high up on the totem pole of potential managers.

Rumors state Perez could have the job within the next couple of days. Half the teams who were searching for new managers have already made their hirings. It has featured an interesting mix of experienced and brand new managers. The biggest issue surrounding the future Mets manager is the unknown amount of power they will receive.

Mickey Callaway Finds a Job

Former Mets manager Mickey Callaway has moved on to the Angels as their new pitching coach under new manager Joe Maddon. Callaway came into the Mets organization as a “pitching guru” but it never quite showed through his two years in Queens. Callaway played two seasons in LA when Maddon was their bench coach and should be able to help out a weak Angels pitching staff.

The new Mets manager will have an interesting relationship with Brodie Van Wagenen and Jeff Wilpon, much like Callaway. Since Terry Collins was replaced, we have seen their increased involvement in every aspect of the team. This led to Callaway garnering criticism he may not have deserved.

The one thing Van Wagenen and Wilpon will not have any input in is the clubhouse atmosphere. Perez is known for his great character throughout baseball. He has a very extensive background in the game and is one of the best baseball personalities the Mets could interview.

The on field decisions is a different discussion. Perez certainly has the knowledge to manage, but will the front office trust him enough to leave him alone?


New York Mets: Eduardo Perez the Favorite for Manager

New York Mets

The New York Mets missed out on their opportunity to bring in Joe Girardi and are left with five candidates left in their managerial search. Reports say Eduardo Perez is the the front runner to become the new manager of the Mets.

Perez impressed the Mets throughout his two interviews and would become another manager who is coming straight from television to the dugout. Should Perez earn the job, he would be the third manager this offseason to make the quantum leap from the broadcast booth/tv studio to the dugout and manage. Two of them have no major league managing experience in their past.

Will Perez Be in Control?

One of the biggest questions throughout the offseason has been on how much control the new manager will have. Will he be able to run things his way? Will the front office control like Mickey Callaway? If the Wilpons want to continue to control in game moves, the manager only becomes a puppet.

There is no doubt Perez is a smart baseball man, but is he ready to manage a team? From what we have seen of Perez through his coaching and analyst career, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Perez is smart enough to understand what he is getting himself into by working for the Wilpons.

Whether or not Perez is named the new manager, the Mets job is one of the best, but daunting jobs in all of baseball. The talent is up and down the roster, but the unfortunate part of it comes in working with the Wilpons.


New York Mets: The Four Managerial Candidates

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The New York Mets have gone through an extensive list of candidates to fill their manager position. After a couple weeks of intense vetting the final four names left are Tim Bogar, Eduardo Perez, Carlos Beltran and Joe Girardi.

Tim Bogar is currently the Nationals first base coach and is a name that has flown under the radar. His experience is no joke though, which has given him to opportunity to make the final four. Bogar is a former Met who spent nine years in the big leagues and has won manager of the year in three different minor leagues.

He spent time coaching in multiple roles during his MLB coaching career. Bogar has coached under Joe Maddon, Terry Francona, Bobby Valentine and Ron Washington. His only managing experience came in 2014 when he replaced Washington and led the Rangers to a 14-8 record to end the season.

From the Booth to the Bench?

Eduardo Perez has a very interesting background compared to the rest of the candidates. He has experience coaching in the bigs, tv experience and comes from a baseball family. Perez is the son of hall of famer Tony Perez and Eduardo was a 13-year veteran who bounced around from team to team.

He has managed in winter ball leagues in Puerto Rico and has experience as a bench and hitting coach for the Astros and Marlins, respectively. Perez is a very likable figure throughout baseball which helped him earn another interview.

Will a Beltran Hire Be Another Strikeout?

Carlos Beltran had a very successful career which included seven good years with the Mets. He was known for his ability to be a strong clubhouse leader, but did have front office conflicts with the Wilpons. Originally, Beltran wanted nothing to do with job but quickly had a change of heart which is paying off for him.

Beltran lacks the managerial experience at any level, unlike the other three candidates. What makes Beltran’s story interesting is he only wants the Mets job. He can definitely add the hitters and base stealing perspective the team lacked with Mickey Callaway as manager.

Will the Wilpons Accept Girardi?

Joe Girardi is hands down the best candidate of the four, which is why the Phillies see him as their top candidate. He is a World Series champion, former manager of the year and has 988 wins over 11 years of managing experience. Girardi also owns the best challenge record in baseball history.

The one red flag, for only Fred/Jeff Wilpon, and Brodie Van Wagenen, is that Girardi would expect to have full control of the day-to-day and game decisions. This had a lot to do with why Brian Cashman decided to move on to Aaron Boone to manage the Yankees. Cashman wanted more control of the team and it has not seemed to work very well.

The Direction of the Franchise

If the Mets bring in Beltran or Perez, expect the same old stuff that happened under Callaway. The one variable here is that Beltran has way too much to lose by become a puppet to the front office. Beltran is a borderline hall of fame and can find a better job somewhere else if he is not happy with what the Mets offer.

Girardi or Bogar should receive full control when they get the job. This situation is very black or white. Unfortunately, the Mets tendencies forces us to assume they will make the mistake by hiring another puppet.

Prediction: Carlos Beltran lands the job

New York Mets: Mike Bell and Eduardo Perez Interviews

Simeon Woods-Richardson

Mike Bell and Eduardo Perez are two of the lesser publicized candidates for the New York Mets managerial position, but have managed to get their foot in the door. Both candidates completed in person interviews on Monday and remain dark horse candidates for the job.

It would be first time either will manage in the big leagues, should they get the job. Each would also come from different situations. Bell has been the vice president of player development for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is one of the most respected executives in baseball and interviewed for the Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers jobs last offseason.

He comes from a baseball family that has spanned three generations. His father and brother have both have managed in the big leagues, with David currently managing the Cincinnati Reds. Mike is a calmer personality, unlike his brother,  which is better suited for the chaos that occurs in Flushing.

Perez Back in the Big Leagues?

Much like Aaron Boone, Perez is looking to make the quantum leap from ESPN to the dugout. Like Bell, he comes from a baseball family, the son of Hall of Famer Tony Perez. Perez has ties to Brodie Van Wagenen through Mets special advisor and ESPN collegaue Jessica Mendoza. Van Wagenen is a fan of managers who connects with their players and Perez has done just that through his career playing, coaching and covering the game.

Perez spent 13 years in the big leagues and managed Team Columbia in the 2013 World Baseball Classic. His only major league coaching experience has come from spending time as a hitting coach and a bench coach.

The Mets list of candidates keeps growing and the amount with actual managerial experience is shrinking. The Mets should aim to hire someone with the much needed experience, after the Mickey Callaway hire was a failure.