DWCS Week 5 Recap: Who walked away with UFC contracts last night?

UFC, Dana White

Dana White’s Contender Series was back for the fifth week of 2020. The UFC has shelled out an astonishing 16 contracts through the first four weeks of the shows run this year. Dana White has been blown away by the prospective talent from this show.

The fights last night showed why the UFC uses the contender to sign new talent. The fights were very solid and you saw some real potential from guys last night. After the night was over, White and the UFC signed three new fighters to contracts.

UFC Newcomers

Before we dive into the new UFC fighters, there were two guys who won last night who didn’t get contracts. Melsik Baghdasaryan (5-1) and Tucker Lutz (10-1) both won decisions last night.

However, the UFC President was not ready to hand them contracts to get into the big show. Instead, he’s inviting them back for the Contender Series’ November run in a few months. If they win impressively there, he will sign them.

William Knight

The first UFC contract of the night was handed out to William Knight (8-1). Knight is a light heavyweight who stopped Cody Brundage in the first round. Knight survived some adversity early and finished the fight with some brutal elbows along the cage.

The UFC‘s light heavyweight division is the wild west right now with Jon Jones moving up to heavyweight. It will be interesting to see if the promotion continues to target light heavyweights. Knight is an exciting addition who’s finished all eight of his victories.

Ronnie Lawrence

The second contract the UFC handed out last night went to bantamweight Ronnie Lawrence (6-1). Lawrence put on a clinic last night from the opening bell to the end of the fight shutting out Jose Johnson over three rounds.

While White normally looks for guys who get finishes, he labeled Lawrence as, “Special.” Lawrence is going straight into one of the UFC‘s most stacked divisions. The bantamweight division is insanely deep and filled with killers, and they got another good one last night.

Jimmy Flick

One of the UFC‘s divisions that they are constantly looking to add to is men’s flyweight. The talent pool isn’t extremely deep, but they found themselves a new contender last night. Jimmy Flick (15-5) defeated Nate Smith by arm-triangle in the third round to earn himself a contract.

Not meaning to rhyme, but Flick is slick on the ground. The guy never stops looking for submissions and finishes. That is what really impressed Dana White last night. Given the lack of a deep talent pool, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Flick fighting a ranked contender sooner than later.

DWCS Week 4 Recap: Who won UFC contracts last night?

UFC, Dana White

The UFC hosted their fourth week of the 2020 run of Dana White’s Contender Series. Up until now, White has been very generous giving out contracts through the first three weeks. Already, the promotion has welcomed 12 new fighters to the UFC.

Last night, there were some incredibly impressive performances. We saw finishes, and some solid action all around. With how impressive things were last night, the UFC shelled out four new contracts last night.

The UFC Welcomes Four New Fighters

White had nothing but glowing things to say about the winners of last night’s fights. Only one winner last night didn’t walk away with a contract and that was 23 year old Anthony Romero (8-0).

White said he wants Romero to continue to get better and gain more experience before jumping into the UFC. Now, let’s look at the four fighters who did get contracts.

Collin Huckbody

The first UFC contract of the evening was handed out to middleweight Collin Huckbody (8-2). Huckbody took on Kyron Bowen in the first fight of the night. Huckbody came into last night with five of his seven wins coming via submission.

When the fight started, Huckbody was able to get it to the ground pretty easily. He was able to work his way to mount and secured an arm-triangle for the first round submission. White was extremely impressed and gave the Minnesota based fighter a contract to jump into the UFC‘s middleweight division.

Jeff Molina

The second contact of the evening was handed out to flyweight Jeff Molina (8-2). Molina was in an incredible fight with Jacob Silva in the third fight of the evening. It was an entertaining flyweight scrap that left many saying that both guys deserved contracts.

White said how he loved the mentality that Molina fights with. He said he was perfect for the UFC and that’s what won Molina the contract. While Silva lost and didn’t get a contract, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the UFC sooner than later as well.

Rafael Alves

The third UFC contract was handed out to featherweight contender, Rafael Alves (19-9). Alves had a mishap entering the octagon when he did his signature backflip to entering the octagon. White mentioned in the post-fight press conference how he couldn’t stand that.

Despite that, Alves put on a very strong performance in his fight. He looked dynamic and explosive. He pulled off a slick guillotine in the second round to finish off Alejandro Flores. White called Alves a physical freak, and Alves was awarded a UFC contract.

Jamie Pickett

The final UFC contract of the evening was handed out to a guy who was making his third appearance on the Contender Series. Middleweight Jamie Pickett (11-4) had gone 0-2 in his first two attempt in trying to get into the UFC.

For Pickett, the third time was definitely the charm. Pickett looked fantastic last night and finished his opponent in the second round with an astonishing 22 punch combination. White loves fighters who go for the finish, and that finish was spectacular.

Who earned UFC contracts last night on the Contender Series?

UFC, Dana White

Last night, the UFC hosted it’s third week of Dana White’s Contender Series. There were five action packed fights, and there were several newcomers added to the roster.

Last week, White was feeling very generous as he handed out five contracts to every single one of the winners. Last night he wasn’t quite that generous, but four of the five winners on the cards last night earned their way into the UFC.

12 UFC Contracts

It’s been incredible, but three weeks into this season of the Contender Series, and we’ve seen 12 UFC contracts handed out. The fights have been pretty good this year, and a lot of dynamic prospects have been added. Let’s take a look at the winners from last night.

Josh Parisian

The first UFC contract last night was handed out to heavyweight Josh Parisian (13-3). Parisian knocked out Chad Johnson in the first round of their fight. This was Parisian’s second fight on the Contender Series. Both ending in first round knockouts.

White said that he would love to get Parisian inside the UFC‘s PI to fine tune his skills. One thing is for sure and that is that Parisian has huge power at heavyweight. In 13 career wins, 10 have come by knockout with eight of those coming in the first round.

Orion Cosce

The second UFC contract of the night was handed out to welterweight Orion Cosce (7-0). Cosce was the biggest underdog on the card coming in against previously unbeaten Matt Dixon. Dixon was one of the highlights of the lineup on the card last night prior to the fights.

After losing the first round, Cosce showed his toughness and determination. Came back with a solid second round, and a dominant third. In the third, Cosce secured a crucifix and got the finish.

The only criticism White had was that at the end of the second round, Cosce stopped fighting with seconds left and touched gloves with Dixon. Despite that frustrating the UFC President, Cosce walked out with a contract last night due to his finish of Dixon.

Cheyanne Buys

The third UFC contract handed out last night went to strawweight Cheyanne Buys (5-1). Buys has a lot of fire about her which makes her very appealing to the promotion. She’s got very good overall skills and very crisp hands. Even talks a little trash in the cage.

White said that he’s expecting big things from Buys after her victory over Hilarie Rose. Buys will enter the UFC after winning four straight fights. A lot of potential in Cheyanne Buys.

Louis Cosce

The final UFC contract of the evening was handed out to the fighter that impressed me the most. That would be Louis Cosce (7-0) who knocked out Victor Reyna in the first round of their fight.

Reyna had never been knocked out before and he has been in there with guys like Daniel Rodriguez and Kevin Holland. Yet, Cosce went in and made it look easy. There is just a very easy power about Cosce.

His performance blew Dana White away. All seven of his wins have come via first round stoppage. The kid has never seen a second round, but as White pointed out, that’s a good problem to have.

Cosce is the brother of Orion Cosce who won the second contract of the evening. Both brothers fought at welterweight last night, but Louis said he will likely drop down to lightweight and fight there.