New York Giants: Assessing Daniel Jones over the past two weeks

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

If we travel all the way back to Week 8 when the New York Giants played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in New York. The Giants’ defense played very well, and the offensive line had their best game of the season. There was just a significant piece the Giants needed to win, and he did not perform up to par, Daniel Jones. After that loss to the Buccaneers, Giants fans and analysts were hopping off the Daniel Jones train.

The last two weeks of football from Jones have given Giants hope to make the playoffs and hope they have found their franchise quarterback. In the past two weeks, Jones hasn’t thrown an interception or fumbled the ball. These were the two major factors holding Jones back from being a successful quarterback in the NFL. Jones still has tons of more work to be done to become one of the league’s best quarterbacks, but he’s only trending up.

What does the film say?

After watching every professional game for Jones as a Giant, he’s improving. I will make it simple for everyone understands. Jones needed a good running game. I am not saying Saquon Barkley is a bad running back at all, but when you have Barkley as your running back, teams out eight in the box. It is very hard for a running back to be consistent when you have eight in the box. Recently, with Barkley going down due to injury, teams have not been putting eight in the box. Wayne Gallman and Alfred Morris have been able to run the ball effectively for Big Blue. Guess what? When you have a good running game, it opens up the passing game.

The fumbling

The film also shows in the past couple of weeks, Jones has been getting the ball out of his hand very quickly. Jones is learning to throw the under route or the check down to his tight end/ running back. If your first or second read is not there, stuff like that is okay. Doing that too much could get you in some trouble. Jones before had a tendency to hold the ball in the pocket and wait and wait for his receiver to get open, to make the big play. When you hold the ball in the pocket too long, what happens? You get sacked. When you get sacked, what has a chance to happen? You fumble.

The interceptions

The film shows that Jones is not forcing the ball to his receivers as much. The biggest reason why the Giants lost the game to the Buccaneers was Jones forced two passes to his receivers, both of those passes were intercepted. In the past two weeks, Jones has been able to get the ball out of his hand quickly to his receivers, and if not, he has thrown the ball away, or he has checked down to his running back/tight end.

Jones has taken a few massive leaps these past couple of weeks by taking care of the football. If Jones can consistently have success as he has recently has done, the Giants have found their franchise quarterback

Giants vs. Washington: 3 reasons why Giants fans should be excited!

New York Giants, Jabrill Peppers

The New York Giants will take on the Washington Football Team on Sunday afternoon. This will be the second and last time that both teams play each other this year. The G-Men came out of the first game with the close win over Washington, 20-19.

Giants fans, this is the game where the Big Blue gets back on track. After Washington, the Giants play the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Giants can flip those games into wins, they could find themselves in the playoffs.

First Reason: Giants’ Defense 

Over the last couple of weeks, this Giants’ defense is really coming into their own. Last week on Monday Night Football, they made Tom Brady and the entire Tampa Bay Buccaneers team play to the max. The Buccaneers ended winning a very close game, 25-23, with an arguably call at the end.

The reasoning why the game was so close wasn’t the offense and Daniel Jones, it was the defense. The defensive line was disrupting Tom Brady, the secondary with Jabrill Peppers, Logan Ryan, and James Bradberry are starting to look better and better each week, and Blake Martinez forced a big turnover early in the game that Giants offense was able to capitalize on.

Let’s not forget, Patrick Graham, Giants’ defensive coordinator, has been absolutely fantastic week in and week out. With the lack of cornerbacks, he was able to put Ryan Lewis at CB2 and made him look ‘playable’ to say the least. Safe to say, all Giants fans are very happy with Patrick Graham and this defense.

Second Reason: Offensive Line

If this offensive line has a big day today, Daniel Jones has a big day today! Last week on Monday Night Football, the New York Giants were forced to start rookie offensive guard Shane Lemieux for Will Hernandez, who was put on the COVID list last week. Lemieux did not play like a rookie guard, he played like a Pro Bowler against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Lemieux just play good, he made his other teammates look good too, Andrew Thomas and Nick Gates both played their best games of the season on Monday. Lemieux is exactly what the Giants need on the offensive line going forward.

On the other side of the offensive line, you saw Matt Peart come in for Cameron Fleming a bunch last week. When Peart has been in, he has been very good. The Giants hope to have found their new franchise offensive tackles in Thomas and Peart.

Third Reason: Joe Judge 

The New York Giants have missed on a few head coaches over the last few years, Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur. The Giants have found their new long-term head coach in Joe Judge, the team just plays differently when he is leading them.

During training camp, he took off jersey numbers and made his players run laps if they messed up. The Giants players had to ‘buy’ into Judge. The Giants did! You can see the difference when a team plays for their coach and when a team plays for themselves. That is what Judge brings to the table, and you will see the same thing this week against Washington.