New York Giants might find Zeitler replacement on open market

New York Giants, Kevin Zeitler

The New York Giants aren’t in a good position when it comes to Kevin Zeitler and his contract, but they may be helped by the free agent market this offseason. That’s because they aren’t the only team that’s figuring out what to do with a veteran lineman, and the availability of other players at the position might drive down the costs to bring in a veteran replacement if they do lose Zeitler this offseason.

Zeitler, who came in with the Odell Beckham trade and who has started almost every game for the Giants since then, was their top performing lineman last season but still isn’t quite good enough to justify his current contract – especially with the Giants being over the cap and needing to make changes before the season.

But it has also been reported that the Jaguars are in a similar situation with guard Andrew Norwell. And they aren’t the only team. The veteran guard market is getting more crowded as the offseason continues, as rumors have begun that the Chargers are trying to shop guard Trai Turner. With a market that might include players like Zeitler and Norwell, the Chargers may have trouble finding a partner and have to release Turner for nothing – just like the Giants might have to do with Zeitler.

As for an option that’s already on the market, the Raiders recently released Richie Incognito due to their salary cap but the experienced guard is still looking to play. It remains to be seen if these options are as good as Zeitler, for the Giants.

But thanks to the conditions of the free agent market right now, the Giants should be able to find someone to fill the spot without risking a bidding war that will drive the price high.

Here’s Who The Giants Can Grab After Andrew Norwell Deal Fell Through

The New York Giants lost a bidding war for All-Pro guard Andrew Norwell early on Tuesday to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

An unlikely suitor has stole the show… Thanks Tom Coughlin!

The Jags will be dishing out $66.5 million over five-years, with $30 million fully guaranteed. With no state-income tax in Florida, the Giants were far off from locking down the prized guard. And in the end, it might have been for the best. Allocating that much money to a guard would have been obscene, especially with only $20 million in cap-space to work with.

Here’s who the Giants can grab instead:

On the second-tier market, the Giants could always re-sign Justin Pugh, who is versatile and would likely garner around $10 million per-season. That’s three-million less than Norwell would have earned.

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Additionally, they can re-sign right-guard D.J. Fluker for somewhere in the $4-5 million range. That’s two quality lineman for nearly the price of one ‘great’ one.

Another scenario would be to sign left-tackle Nate solder from the Patriots for around $10 million and Fluker as well. The Giants still have their choice of offensive lineman on the market, but the loss of Norwell will surely be felt. His choosing of a playoff-ready team was likely the deciding factor in his destination.

I wouldn’t rule out a potential Josh Sitton signing for the Giants either. At 32 years-old, the Bears guard has been one of the best in the league for the past decade. Guards can play into their mid-30’s, so I would certainly be willing to take a flier on him for $7-8 million per-year.

This would buy us enough time to address the position in the draft and/or develop a younger player.

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The line could shake out to look something like this:

LT: Nate Solder

LG: Josh Sitton

C: Brett Jones

RG: Fluker/Quenton Nelson

RT: Ereck Flowers

New York Giants Expected To Lock Down Future Starting Center

The New York Giants have a long off-season ahead of them, particularly when it comes to solving the problems that currently plague the offensive line.

For the Giants and general manager Dave Gettleman, fixing the line, and taking the salary cap into consideration will be a difficult task. Rumors have Gettleman linked to All-Pro guard Andrew Norwell in free-agency. He’s set to make the most in guard history according to reports around the community ($12-14 million).

What does this mean for the rest of the line?

If Norwell brings his talents to New York, the Giants will have to settle for lesser quality players on the rest of the line, unless they utilize their first-round pick accordingly.

A quality player that is expected to remain on the team is Brett Jones; a bullish athlete that played well in the absence of center Weston Richburg. Jones is a great value player who can be utilized as a starter with a minimal cap-hit.

He will likely cost somewhere in the $2-3 million per-season range. Even if he doesn’t manage to hold down the spot long-term, he can me a superb depth-player on the line.

This is Jones’ current contract which expired this past season. He was only counting $6.15 million against the cap, which is minimal considering his abilities. Hopefully, he will remain on the team with a friendly-deal.

The only other options outside of keeping Jones would be drafting a center in the later rounds or taking a flier on a veteran like Nick Mangold.

What Andrew Norwell Brings To The Offensive Line For The Giants

Everyone here remembers how great New York Giants‘ Justin Pugh performed on the offensive line before ending the season with a back injury, right?

Well, imagine Pugh on steroids, and that’s what we are getting in All-Pro guard Andrew Norwell. For comparison’s sake, let’s check out their PFF grades. Of course, PFF often does an awful job grading out players, since Pugh only garnered a 52.4 while Norwell earned an 88.8.

But, for shits and giggles, Norwell didn’t allow a single penalty or sack during the entire 2017 season. Impressed? You should be.

The Giants, or specifically general manager Dave Gettleman, is about to splash some serious cash on Norwell (somewhere in the $12-14 million per-season range).

The most enticing aspect of this signing is that we can officially confirm that the Giants are ‘finally’ committed to building through the trenches. If the Giants were to draft a quarterback and have him start behind a make-shift offensive line, it wouldn’t be good. Or, if they drafted Saquon Barkley and he didn’t have a single lane to run through… Disaster waiting to happen.


The cap-space will become an issue with the signing of Norwell, as the Giants will only have about $10 million remaining. So, what should they do?

Cut some players!

Releasing players such as Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Harris, Ray-Ray Armstrong, and maybe even Brad Wing, can open up some serious cap-space to be used on another offensive lineman, linebacker or even cornerback. Additionally, it’s possible that guys like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie take a pay-cut to open up more cap-room. It’s essential that the Giants address positions of serious need like linebacker and offensive line.

We can assume that the positions the Giants fail to address in free agency, they will consider when the draft comes around. But for now, we can just enjoy the shiny new toy we are about to receive on the offensive line.

Here’s How Much Andrew Norwell Will Cost The New York Giants

There’s a growing belief that new general manager for the New York Giants, Dave Gettleman, is looking heavily into Carolina Panthers guard Andrew Norwell. The once undrafted free agent was selected by Gettleman to battle for a starting role on the offensive line in 2014. Four years later, he’s set to become the highest paid guard in the history of the NFL.

When can the Giants sign him?

March 14th will be the day free agency opens, and you can be sure the Giants will be fending off a market of competitors for Norwell’s services. In the situation, it might just come down to who’s willing to pay the most for the All-Pro guard.

In 2017, the Cleveland Browns signed Kevin Zeitler to a 5-year, $60 million deal. He’s making $12 million per-season. Norwell should get even more in today’s market, which will likely see him in the $13 million per-season range.

A likely contract would be five-years, $65 million with $35-40 million guaranteed. That’s about half of the Giants’ current cap space ($23.6 million.) The remaining cap would have to spent sparingly, unless they back-load the contract beyond Eli Manning’s deal.

Overall, the investment would be an upgrade at guard over Justin Pugh, and it would add unquestionably adequate talent to the offensive line. The issue is: There wouldn’t be much cap-space to help at tackle, which means Gettleman would have to address it through the draft.

Norwell is clearly the best guard in free agency, and he will earn his worth. Speaking of his worth, he’s one of the league’s best run and pass blocker, not allowing a single sack or penalty in 2017. He earned an 88.8 Pro Football Focus grade which was third among guards in the league.

The fact that defensive tackles these days are getting to the quarterback faster than ever makes the guard position a necessity. Paying big-bucks to stop guys like Aaron Donald and Gerald McCoy is on the minds of every NFL team right now, and the market for offensive lineman is forever shrinking. This will bode well for players like Norwell, Pugh, and even D.J. Fluker.


New Offensive Lineman Has Hit The Market For The New York Giants

The New York Giants are in dire need of offensive line support, and thanks to the Chicago Bears, one stellar option has become available in free agency.

The Bears have declined to pick up Josh Sitton’s contract which allocated $8 million to him in 2018. The four-time Pro Bowl guard is up for grabs on the market, and he has become a very enticing option for the Giants.

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Sitton, 31, started in 25 of the 26 games he played in Chicago, but saw injury struggles in 2017. Sitton could be a cheaper, more reliable options at left guard over Justin Pugh who would likely garner $9-10 million per-year.

How good is Josh Sitton?

According to PFF, Sitton grades out at an 86 overall, landing him in the “high quality” section. He also is ranked as the 5th best guard in the league compared to his counter-parts. Sitton was a superb run and pass block for the Bears and the Green Bay Pakcers. Adding him would help solidify the left side of the line, and ultimately Eli Manning’s bling-side.

Sitton will be significantly cheaper than Panthers’ Andrew Norwell, but he’s also older and not as durable. If the Giants want to take a cheaper route and hope to find a new left guard in the draft, signing Sitton would be the ideal move here.