New York Yankees: Things To Do At Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees

We all love going to New York Yankees games at Yankee Stadium. But, for a Yankee game, it’s a sizable investment for many people just to go to one. So, here are some other ways to get your Yankee Stadium fix, while still saving a little bit of money.

NYCFC Matches

America is transfixed every 2 years with soccer. There’s the World Cup, and the CONCAFCA Gold Cup. But how many of you soccer fans know that you can catch a quality soccer match at Yankee Stadium? Home to NYCFC, you can get some of the best seats in the house for a fraction of the cost.

Through the NY Yankees website, field-level seating ranges between $85-280 for Yankee games. Through resale markets like Vivid Seats, those same prices are starting around $250, going high that triple the value for Yankee games. Through the NYCFC website, and those same resale market sites, the same field level seats start at $45-50. And with the length of games starting at 3 hours or more, taking the family to a 90-minute soccer match is a no brainer.


Garth Brooks, Megadeth, Slayer, and other music acts that have performed at Yankee Stadium. Of course, venues are going to set up a stage to maximize total attendance without violating occupancy laws, so seats will be more affordable than for a normal game.

The Pinstripe Bowl

Held during Bowl Season, the Pinstripe Bowl returns football to Yankee Stadium. Dugout seats for the 2019 Pinstripe Bowl start at $42 for section 120A. Do you know where section 120A is? Right behind home plate! Tickets are still available for the 2019 game between Wake Forrest and Michigan State. Act now college football fans!

Charity Events

CC Sabathia’s softball game is a way to get into Yankee Stadium, the Runyon 5K is happening in August, Yankee Stadium offers up a plethora of charity events for you to attend.

This is just a small list of events you can attend at Yankee Stadium if you just need your fix in-between Yankee games.