NBA Playoff Parlays, Celtics V Heat, Mavs V Clippers, Ladder Challenge: May 1

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks
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HERE WE GO! 2/3 on the day yesterday on the NBA parlays, and we have three more for today, including a ladder challenge Day 1! Leaning on the Mavs to get it done for us and for James Harden to keep dominating with Kawhi Leonard out again.

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NBA Parlay: (+102)

Jrue Holiday: 11.5 Points (UNDER)

Jrue Holiday has not hit this line in any game this series and he’s known as a playoff dropper, with his field goal percentage dropping by 50 points from the regular to postseason.

Derrick White: 10.5 Alt Points

He’s hit this line in all four games of this series, and with the Heat focusing on both Tatum and Brown, it’s giving him much easier looks. 

NBA Parlay: (+110)

PJ Washington: 4+ Rebounds

PJ Washington has hit this line in 16 of his last 17 games in the regular season and four straight games in this playoff series.

Kyrie Irving: 21.5 Alt Points (OVER)

Kyrie Irving has hit this line in three of his last four games, with elite efficiency in the series. Against the Clippers this year, Kyrie has hit this line in 5 of 6 games.

James Harden: 18.5 Alt Points (OVER)

James Harden has cleared this line in every game this series, and with Kawhi Leonard out with that hamstring injury, expect him to continue to put up shots.

NBA Parlay: (+105)

Russell Westbrook 1+ Steals

Russell Westbrook has a steal in over 60% of regular season games, and in the postseason, he has a steal in four straight games

Paul George: 22.5 Alt Points (OVER)

Coming after a 33-point performance, Paul George will continue to be the primary scoring option and in a tied series he’ll have to be the engine of this offense with Kawhi out.

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