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Yankees announce major roster moves as Opening Day approaches

Alex and Nick discuss the latest big roster moves from the Yankees!... [...]

20:17 March 28, 2023

Yankees: Main Takeaways and Highlights after 3-0 loss to Nationals

Ryan (@RyanGarciaESM) recaps the Yankees’ 3-0 loss to the Nationals, discussing the final Spring Training game ahead of Opening Day.... [...]


The Yankees may have a secret pitching weapon

Alex and Ryan discuss the Yankees potentially elevating Jhony Brito and what he can do for the team.... [...]


Yankees: Main Takeaways after 8-4 win over Rays

Ryan (@RyanGarciaESM) discussed the Yankees’ 8-4 win over the Rays in Spring Training, highlighting important performances and outings on both sides of the ball.... [...]

08:58 March 27, 2023

The perfect plan for Oswald Peraza after being sent to Triple-A | Yankees Analysis

Alex and Ryan discuss what the Yankees should do with Oswald Peraza after being sent down to Triple-A!... [...]


Projecting the Yankees’ Opening Day Lineup post Volpe promotion

Alex and Sam break down the Yankees’ Opening Day projected batting order and how Anthony Volpe’s promotion affects the team!... [...]


Yankees placing Luis Severino on IL with Lat Strain

Ryan (@RyanGarciaESM) discusses the injury to Luis Severino, a low-grade lat strain that’ll start his season on the IL.... [...]

06:14 March 25, 2023

Yankees: Main Takeaways after 6-4 loss to the Twins

Ryan (@RyanGarciaESM) recaps the Yankees’ 6-4 loss to the Minnesota Twins highlighting important performances and moments of the game.... [...]

05:33 March 24, 2023

High-level Yankees advocating for Volpe promotion | Odd Peraza review from Boone

Alex and Ryan discuss the Yankees’ potentially promoting Volpe, high-level players advocating for him, and an odd review of Peraza from Boone.... [...]


Yankees: Main Takeaways After 1-1 Tie with Cardinals

Ryan (@RyanGarciaESM) recaps the Yankees’ 1-1 tie with the Cardinals, highlighting standout performers on the offensive and pitching sides of the ball.... [...]

05:08 March 23, 2023