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Knicks rumored to be interested in Dallas PG Jalen Brunson | Should they trade for him?

Alex addressed rumors that the Knicks may be interested in Dallas PG Jalen Brunson and if he would be a good addition at the deadline.SHOW MORE... [...]

08:18 January 18, 2022

RJ Barrett’s on a Tear + Knicks Win 7 of Their Last 10

Alex and Brett discuss the recent play from RJ Barrett, the win vs Dallas, and possible deadline trades.... [...]

15:07 January 13, 2022

Julius Randle’s Impressive Return + RJ/Randle’s Importance to the Knicks

Alex and Brett breakdown Julius Randle’s impressive return to the Knicks in victory over the Indiana Pacers. Then they discuss how important the duo of Randle and Barrett are for the Knicks success.... [...]

16:27 January 5, 2022

Knicks Bench Saves the Game + Do the Knicks Have a Julius Randle Problem?

Alex and Brett discuss the gutsy comeback from the Knicks bench before debating if Julius Randle is a real problem for the Knicks.... [...]

17:55 December 30, 2021

Knicks Beat the Pistons + Kemba/Deuce and Rotation Questions

Alex and Brett break down the Knicks’ win over the Detroit Pistons, talk about Julius Randle’s struggles, and debate who should be in the rotation when everyone’s healthy.... [...]

18:18 December 22, 2021

Reacting to the Knicks Shootout Loss Vs Brooklyn | Julius Randle Fires Back at Officiating

Alex and Brett react to the Knicks’ loss against Brooklyn, the change to Alec Burks at point guard, and the terrible officiating.... [...]

16:14 December 2, 2021

Reacting to the Knicks’ Embarrassing Loss to Orlando | What’s Wrong With The Starting Team?

Alex and Brett dive into the Knicks’ most recent loss to Orlando and what’s going on with the starting team.... [...]

17:03 November 18, 2021

What’s Holding the Knicks Back? | Julius Randle’s ENERGY | Quickley Starting to Hit

Alex and Brett break down the Knicks’ struggles over the past few games and several standout players.... [...]

14:37 November 9, 2021

Do the Knicks Have an Identity Crisis? | Breaking Down Their Current Struggles After Loss to Pacers

Alex and Brett break down the Knicks’ recent struggles, losing their last two games. Are they facing an identity crisis? What’s going on with the team?... [...]

17:33 November 4, 2021

Main Takeaways After Knicks CRUSH 76ers In Kemba Walker Statement Game

Alex and Brett break down the Knicks’ latest victory over the 76ers and top performers in the content!... [...]

15:25 October 27, 2021