NYCFC’s season starts with a disappointing defeat


The 2024 season began for NYCFC in North Carolina. It was a chance to have a fresh start with a revamped squad. Even the starting XI suggested that the team was ready to make a statement. Hannes Wolf started in the midfield, and knowing that the manager praised him during the preseason had the fanbase with high expectations. But unfortunately, that’s as far as things went, expectations that were never really fulfilled.

NYCFC’s Problems Continue

It could be a harsh take, but the enthusiasm that originated from the new signings came crashing down 8 minutes into the match. Not because they didn’t perform well but because of ongoing issues many thought were fixed ahead of the new season. The first minutes of the match had some mistakes, but they were not bad enough to be concerning. It all changed after Charlotte scored from a corner kick.

Yes, another set-piece mistake came back to haunt the team once again. There was no turning back after that. The team was unable to create chances from that point on. The team went back to the habit of choosing the wings to enter the opposition’s box. This allowed Charlotte to switch the game plan and push back for the remainder of the match.


The second half saw NYCFC gain the ball back, but the change went unnoticed. As I said before, the team was unable to create chances, so it didn’t represent any danger for the home side.

Trust me, I know it’s the first game of the season, and the team is not fully in sync yet. But seeing Matt Freeze take matters into his own hands saved the team from a more critical result. The Goalkeeper was key in two consecutive plays that could have sealed a win for Charlotte early in the second half. The goalkeeper was voted as the man of the match for NYCFC and was the only positive note from a very disappointing game.

Mijatovic saw minutes alongside Talles Magno in an attempt to turn things around, but time was not on their side. Especially the Brazilian, who only played the last 7 minutes of the game. He struggled a bit, but some moments of brilliance showcased how good he could be. Rumor has it that he could be on the move soon, so the minutes that we see from him could continue to drop. Andres Perea should be available for the upcoming match, so Saint Louise could see NYCFC’s real lineup this upcoming week. The team once again has to regroup and address the problems that need to be fixed.

Season #4 has begun, hope to keep having your support throughout 2024. Until next time.

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