NFL Weslye Saunders is Truly a Winner

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Choosing to see the positive in every situation is a mantra that NFL tight end Weslye Saunders lives by and perfectly embodies.  No matter what opportunity he is given, he is ever so grateful and appreciative and always gives it nothing but his absolute all, persevering through it all!

Often times, you can find Saunders in the gym working to be his best self.  He knows that what you put in directly affects what you put out.  He not only makes sure to eat wholesome foods but also focuses on ensuring that he takes care of his mental health as well and encourages others to do so with mindfulness and meditation along with highly acclaimed coach Jennifer Grace through his holistic program Beyond the Game.

Not only is he a stand-up guy on the field, supporting his teammates and helping others, but he dedicates himself to making a change off of the field as well!  Saunders is an absolute class act and tries to brighten the days of others.  Whether it be interacting with fans on Twitter and Instagram or in person he does everything with heart!  His latest venture The Love Peace Joy Creativity Project spotlights people who are enacting change and making a positive difference in the world, something Saunders has always done and continues to do.  Saunders has also provided food, clothes, and other items for kids whose parents are incarcerated through Silent Victims of Crime stressed the importance of a good education to the youth.  When COVID-19 hit, Saunders made sure to shed light on the fact that not everyone has a home and encouraged us all to collect unused items of importance to donate to those less fortunate.  He participated in a celebrity basketball game to raise money for various foundations benefiting cancer treatment and research.  He has helped countless people and does so with a pure heart and such humility!  He is a role model and inspiration to all!

Saunders is a loving and doting father to his beautiful daughter Kamryn and not only is he a role model to her through his words, but also his actions.  He lets her know just how amazing and special she is every day.  The bond the two of them share is absolutely adorable and so sweet to see!

There are truly not enough good things to say about Saunders.  He has a heart of absolute gold!  He makes is\t an absolute pleasure to be a fan of his!  Saunders is such a hard-working individual who encompasses so much talent.  He just needs to be given the chance and right opportunity and there is no doubt with his mindset, skills, and determination that he will not only succeed but excel in whatever he does.  Any team would be lucky to have him, as he is an absolute asset!  #WhyNotWes

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