NFL: The NFL Draft through the eyes of a New York Yankee writer

William Parlee
New York Giants, Andrew Thomas
New York Giants, Andrew Thomas

The NFL Virtual 2020 draft has taken place and this New York Yankees writer is not going to try to evaluate the picks or anything like that, I will leave that to those sportswriters that know much more about those draft picks than I do.  What I do want to tackle is what the draft means to the sports world, MLB, and the New York Yankees.

On the CBS news, this morning NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell explained the first-ever National Football League virtual draft and what it means to sports fans around the world.  He said it gives hope and inspires.  And that it does, instead of draft pics being introduced at a podium America got to see the picks get the news sitting next to their family in their homes.  It was a totally different more personal twist to the annual event. The NFL also implemented a “Draft-A-Thon” fundraiser to support charities that benefit healthcare workers and first responders.

This country going through one of the most difficult times in most citizens’ memory due to the COVID-19 coronavirus and need a little hope and inspiration to get through this never before seen national tragedy.  The NLF virtual draft did just that.  Inspired many and gave hope of a return to some normalcy.  In a country of people restricted to their homes that may be suffering some degree loneliness and depression resulting from the environmental times, sports, whether it be the NLF’s New York Giants, MLBs New York Yankee, or other games, will surely give some relief.

MLB may take a lesson from the NFL in its baseball draft that has been pushed back for June until July or later.  Whether it be baseball or football we are not sure what the sports season will look like but we are all eagerly awaiting it.  It appears the virus will not affect the starting time for football, and they may be able to have a complete season.  For MLB that is already decided as it looks like the baseball season will be completed playing about half of the normal games and later into the season.

Although there may be more questions and fewer answers as it comes to all sports this year, one thing is for sure;  American needs its sports to feel hope and start its way to healing.