Draft Prospect LeVante Bellamy is a Gem

LeVante Bellamy may not be a household name yet, but in due time he will.  The Western Michigan University running back has been working hard since day one.  He puts his all into the game that he cherishes so much.  He is full of talent and truly skilled when it comes to playing running back.  Just look at his highlights and it is evident to see just how adept and versatile of a back he is.

Bellamy is someone who truly appreciates every opportunity he is given.  No matter what team he is on from high school to college, every single time he steps out onto that field, he gives it his all.  The gratitude and love he has for the game show each time he fights for yards.

Being a good teammate is something Bellamy does exceptionally well, always showing guidance to others.  He is a true leader to all and leads by example both on and off of the field.

Although he may be young he is still quite experienced. Bellamy possesses a maturity and level of sophistication that makes him a great role model to both his fellow teammates and the youth.

No matter what may happen in the upcoming NFL draft, Bellamy is a hidden gem and any team would be lucky to have him and the talent and intelligence that he brings.  He fills go in his football career and beyond, not only for his talent but also for his wisdom, hardworking nature, and humility.