Demetrious Cox to Help Young Athletes

Demetrious Cox

Demetrious Cox is using time in the off season to help others, something he has always done throughout his career.

Cox announced his plans to help young athletes hone their football skills as he will be providing group and or private lessons for kids ages 7 and up.  Parents can direct message Cox via his social media accounts (Twitter: @i_AM_SEVEN7 Instagram: @i_amseven_7) or through e-mail to work out an agreeable location and time, as well as pricing.

Cox wants to take the invaluable knowledge and skills he gleaned from his extensive career and use it to aid others in forging their football futures, giving them a step up

About what inspired him to do so, Cox went on to say, “I’ve always been an advocate for using my experiences to give the younger generation in my area another resource to improve and get a step ahead. I have absorbed a lot of knowledge over a lot of years in the athletic business, especially on the football field obviously. So why not come back and use any down time that I have to give kids that knowledge and another competitive edge. Something I would’ve loved for guys to do with me when I was young.”

Using his platform to inspire others and make a difference in the lives of future generations is truly admirable.  Cox is a role model for both his immense talents as well as the leadership he exemplifies as a player and a man!  Cox will not only be setting these young athletes up for success in the game of football but beyond through both his words and his actions as he always leads by example!  He has always instilled in others just how significant it is to carry yourself with honor and integrity in all that you do, something Cox perfectly embodies!