Yankees: Normally humble Gleyber Torres torches Houston Astros

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

New York Yankees‘ Gleyber Torres is one of the most humble and kind players you’ll ever come across, but on Monday, he broke the silence on the Houston Astros’ ignorance over the past few years.

The cheating scandal that got both the manager and GM fired from Houston has spread a plague of self-righteousness throughout the league. This is completely justified, opening the doors for quiet players like Gleyber to open up and express their feelings.

“If you cheat in 2017 and you won, why don’t you do that the next year and the next year too?” Torres said. “It’s for sure. … If I play video games with you and we face the TV and I saw your control, and I saw what is coming and I win, and you tell me, ‘(Let’s) play again’? I do the same thing. And they did ‘17 for sure, and they did ‘18, and ‘19.”

Of course, Torres managed to take the blame for losing in the ALCS last season, noting the missed opportunities:

“I don’t want to say they cheat(ed) and we didn’t go to the World Series (last year), because we lost. We missed too many opportunities when we played at home. When we played at Houston, too.”

With the ethical grounds of baseball restored after an offseason of tumultuous actions, the Yankees can now move forward with one of the best teams in baseball, knowing that Houston won’t overcome them again. Stealing their best player in Gerrit Cole will also help in that facet, but banging on trash cans and whistling will not be a part of their illegal game-plan.

Torres was also asked about his relationship with Altuve, who is also from Venezuela and regarded as a hero back home.

“Personally with Altuve, I know he’s a really good guy. Humble. I never heard something bad from Altuve. I still have a really good relationship with Altuve. But I don’t feel good.”