Yankees news: Aaron Judge arrives in SF to meet with the Giants

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The Yankees have made it very clear that they want to re-sign Aaron Judge and they want to do so as soon as possible. Judge himself has said after he won the MVP that he wants to get his free agency over with as soon as possible so his 2023 team can move on with their offseason plans.

The MVP is holding true to that word as he touched down in San Francisco this evening. MLB Network’s JP Morosi tweeted out a video of Judge arriving in San Fran. The tweet included a nugget that Judge would be meeting with the San Francisco Giants this week to hear their pitch to him.

Worth noting that Judge is also likely in town to have Thanksgiving with his family, but that’s an assumption on my part. Judge said in the short video clip that he was meeting with friends and family while he was in town.

However, with Morosi’s comments, we know that the trip features a little business. The Giants are seen as arguably the biggest threat to the Yankees in terms of signing Judge. San Francisco has been making it clear that they will pay whatever it takes to try and get Judge to sign.

Should Yankees fans panic?

I found myself chuckling at the comments as some Yankees fans were completely melting down by Judge meeting with the Giants. Obviously some level-headed fans were there to remind everyone not to panic about Judge meeting with San Francisco.

Fans should absolutely not worry about this. Judge meeting with the Giants was always going to happen. While Judge is in California, I also fully expect him to meet with the Dodgers who are preparing to make a run at the American League MVP.

Yes, the Yankees want him back. The Yankees have made him a new offer and Brian Cashman said that they want to get this done quickly. However, Aaron Judge will dictate the pace. After the season he’s had, he deserves to take all the time in the world and meet with as many teams as he likes.

Now, I do think his free agency will move quickly. In fact, don’t be shocked if he signs before the winter meetings. I think he wants to get this over with and he will meet with all his interested teams in the next week or so. In the end, I still see Judge signing with the Yankees and meeting with teams doesn’t change that feeling at all.

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