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The New York Yankees Should Reduce The Amount That Gary Sanchez Plays

by Nathan Solomon
New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

Like many other postseason contenders, as September rolls along the New York Yankees will begin to rest their starters much more. The player that I think the Yankees should start to rest now is Gary Sanchez.

Sanchez obviously is a catcher, and catching five or six times a week can be very exhausting. Sanchez is already injury prone, and has spent potions of the last few seasons on the IL.

The Yankees currently have just two catchers on the roster, but that likely will change. Once the Railriders have completed their playoff run, Kyle Higashioka will likely be recalled.

What I think the team should do with Sanchez is play him no more than three games in a row, and don’t let him catch multiple games in a row. He could DH a bit, or even play a little first base. He was seen taking balls there earlier in the week.

Say they could figure out a four day cycle. Gary could catch on days one and three, Romine on day two and Higgy on day four. That way it gives everyone reps and rests Gary at the same time.

Plus, DHing him could give guys like Luke Voit or Edwin Encarnacion a few more days off.

The last thing that the Yankees would want is their all-star catcher on the IL for the playoffs. By reducing the amount that he plays in September, he would be healthier and more rested for October. In 2017 when he was healthy, he had some huge hits in the ALCS against the Astros. The Yankees are hoping for something similar from him in 2019.

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