The New York Yankees Should Pursue Nolan Arenado

New York Yankees, Nolan Arenado

The Colorado Rockies stated earlier that they are willing to listen to offers for star third baseman Nolan Arenado. I think that the New York Yankees need to pursue Arenado and at least give the Rockies an offer.

Arenado, just 28, is known for his incredible all-around play. He has arguably the best glove in baseball and hits north of .300 to go with it.

He’s won a gold glove in each of his seven seasons, and has six top-10 finishes in the MVP voting. In 2019, he hit .315 with 41 home runs and 118 RBIs.

Who Could The Yankees Offer?

JA Happ, Clint Frazier, Gio Urshela, Tyler Wade, and Luis Cessa come to mind. Trading Happ would be a huge salary dump, and the Yankees will likely trade him with the signing of Gerrit Cole.

Frazier, Urshela, Wade, and Cessa provide a lot of trade value since they are all young, up-and-coming players. The team could add cash considerations or a PTBNL to increase total trade value.

The Risk:

The huge risk of trading for Nolan Arenado would be the team payroll. Dumping Happ would free up some space, but not all. Unless Brian Cashman seriously works some magic, the team would likely be well into the Luxury Tax.

If they were to go well into the Luxury Tax, they would need to take the risk of loading up for a few years to try and win a few World Series rings. If they choose to do that and fail to win it all, the team may go through a few struggling years without a recent World Series win and a disappointed fan base.

But, this is just hypothetical. It’s very unlikely that the Yankees will acquire him, but you never know what Brian Cashman will end up doing.