New York Yankees: Will The Team Make Any More Moves This Offseason?

New York Yankees, Josha Hader
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The New York Yankees made a huge splash this offseason when they signed star pitcher Gerrit Cole. However, he’s really the only move that the team has made this offseason. They resigned Brett Gardner, which was expected, and signed Adam Warren to a minor league deal. The team also acquired a minor leaguer in a trade for Nestor Cortes.

Are the Yankee done this offseason, or will they make more moves?

Bullpen Situation

If the Yankees were to make another move, it would likely be a bullpen move. They are pursuing Josh Hader from the Milwaukee Brewers on the trade market, but there are free agent options as well.

With his large asking price, it would take a lot of time for the two sides to negotiate a deal. The Brewers have asked about the status of Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier, but I’m not sure that the Yankees are interested in giving those players up.

Trading A Starter

The Yankees at least were trying to pursue trading JA Happ, who has $17 million and a year left on his contract. If the team did trade him, they would have Jordan Montgomery as the fifth starter, then Domingo German once his suspension ends.

Unless Happ is involved in a trade for Josh Hader, expect the team to be getting back prospects and international signing money from a possible postseason contender if they were to deal him.

The Hot Corner

With now two everyday third baseman on the team, the team could possibly look for a trade for either Miguel Andujar or Gio Urshela.

Urshela had a great 2019 season, but it could of been a fluke. Andujar is expected to be an elite hitter, but his defense lacks. Trading either player would have pros and cons, so the Yankees might choose to hold onto both for now.

The Yankees could choose to make several more moves this offseason, but there’s a chance that they could stay pretty quiet until Spring Training. What do you think, will they make more moves this Winter?