New York Yankees: Wild Card series seeding scenarios

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole, James Paxton
New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole, James Paxton

With just three games left in the regular season, the New York Yankees are sitting fifth in the American League and second in the AL East. Although the team is locked into the postseason, a lot can still happen with seeding.

The team sits two games back of the White Sox for fourth in the American League. Fourth place is significant as that would be enough to host the Wild Card round. If the Yankees finish fifth, it would mean that the team plays the Wild Card series completely on the road. And with an 11-18 record away from home, it’s even more important the Yankees get fourth. But to get there, they would need a sweep of the Marlins and a Cubs sweep of the White Sox. They would also need at least two losses from the Indians, who face the Pirates.

But even if the Yankees don’t get the fourth seed, there’s no guarantee that they will play the White Sox. The AL Central is yet to be decided, with the White Sox, Twins, and Indians all within two games of each other. The Yankees will play whoever finishes second in the AL Central, if they finish fifth.

However, the Yankees don’t have the fifth seed locked up just yet. The Blue Jays sit just two games back of them, and a Marlins sweep of the Yankees and a Blue Jays sweep of Orioles. That would give the Yankees the eighth seed, facing either the Rays or the AL Central winner. The Twins currently lead the central, but that could change.

For everything to work out in the Yankees favor this weekend, they just need to keep on their own path and sweep the Marlins. Losing games puts them in a worse position and matches them against tougher teams.