New York Yankees to face Washington Nationals on Opening Day

Could the New York Yankees pursue Max Scherzer in a trade?
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Today, multiple sources indicated that the New York Yankees will be playing the Washington Nationals on Opening Day on July 23rd. The entire MLB scheduled hasn’t been released yet, but it was announced that July 23rd will have two nationally televised games to open the season. The Yankees and Nationals will be one of them, and the game is expected to be in primetime.

An Opening Day for the ages

Not just that the 2020 Opening Day will be historic, but the day will provide a big time match-up in a big time environment. When play begins, it will be almost nine months since the last Major League Baseball game. And the last Major League Baseball game featured the Nationals winning the World Series in 2019.

The Yankees were eliminated in six games in the ALCS, but are hungry to bounce back and see themselves in the 2020 fall classic.

What a game we should have to open the 2020 season. Two of the best teams in the league, with it most likely being Gerrit Cole going against Max Scherzer in his first Yankee start. Not just that, but the game will be played in Washington D.C. That’s pretty cool starting the season in the capital city, being that baseball is the National Pastime.

Within a week, official summer training will resume for teams in home ballparks. Players are in transit to meet up with their teams and get the season underway.

Will there be an asterisk this season? Absolutely. But, it’s better than having no baseball and will be a great distraction during these unprecedented times.

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