New York Yankees: Strip The Astros Title

New York Mets trade for Jake Marisknick

This week has been unbelievable for baseball.

The Houston Astros were punished for cheating in the 2017 season, but there may be more. What they have done over the last few seasons has stopped the New York Yankees from advancing to the World Series, and has affected many other teams as well.

To go along with the sign stealing, there are accusations that Astros players may of had buzzers on their chest in some games, including the 2019 ALCS game six. The buzzers would buzz a certain amount of times to notify players the pitch.

Jose Altuve, who hit the walkoff home run off of Aroldis Chapman, may of had a buzzer on him. As he rounded third base headed for home, he pleaded to his teammates to not rip off his jersey. Watch:

Absolutely unbelievable. This can’t happen, and it may of happened a lot. The MLB needs to review the entire case again and repunish.

Some may think that it’s extreme, but here’s what I think should happen:

-Alex Cora, AJ Hinch, and Jeff Luhnow banned from baseball

-Loss of 2020 and 2021 first and second round picks (current punishment)

-$5 million fine (current punishment)

-Jose Altuve stripped of MVP

-Players from team stripped of any offensive awards from 2017-2019

-World Series title stripped

There should just be no 2017 World Series winner. With what they did, it’s just completely unfair for them to keep the ring and all the accolades. Kudos to pitcher Mike Fiers, who brought light to the whole situation and was brave enough to say something.

More needs to be done. Not doing so will hurt baseball.

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