New York Yankees: Stanton Out For Significant Time Again

When talking to the media after the initial injury, New York Yankees skipper Aaron Boone said that Giancarlo Stanton was day-to-day with a knee sprain. A day later, Stanton went on the IL. A day after that, we heard that Stanton will be out for a month and some.

The impact

Taking Stanton out of the lineup takes away a lot of power, and it forces Aaron Judge to have to step up more. He’s fresh off the IL and there’s no better time than now to get hot.

For the meantime, the Yankees have recalled Mike Tauchman for the London Series against the Red Sox. With odd field dimensions, 330 feet down the lines and 385 feet to center, the Yankees want a better defensive outfielder for the two games.

Once the team returns to New York on Tuesday to face the Mets in Queens, it’s expected that the team will be recalling Clint Frazier for a better bat. With Gardner in left, Hicks in center, and Judge in left, Frazier will have limited defensive opportunities and will DH. Most of his opportunities would likely be in left rather than right, and Frazier has been better in left.

The Stanton injury is nothing the team can’t handle. They’ve dealt with injuries all year, and it’s just another one to get over. Once he is healthy again, the team needs to keep him healthy for the postseason.