New York Yankees: So, how is the Houston Astros 2020 shame tour going?

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge
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The New York Yankees are wondering how much shame will be shown to the Houston Astros once this coronavirus shortened season gets underway.  With the COVID-19 virus taking over the 24/7 news cycle, it has shifted the sports world from the cheating Houston Astros to more important things in our life.  However, even though our attention has been diverted, Yankee fans have not forgotten that they may have been cheated out of a 2017 World Series berth by the Houston Astros.

The simple fact is that with the season delayed the Houston Astros have been given a bit of a reprieve from the torture they will endure once the season actually begins.  Back in March Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred issued his report on the sign-stealing that engulfed the Houston Astros 2017 season.  He issued punishments that included the suspension of their general manager and Field Manager A.J. Hinch, both of which have been fired by the Astros owner.  They got the maximum fine that could be levied and were relieved of their 1st and 2nd draft picks.

But even with the punishments by MLB, fans are not satisfied as they didn’t have to return their Championship rings nor were they stripped of their World Series title.  Because of that and the fact that they haven’t made sincere apologies to teams and fans, they are expected to suffer severe shame as they travel around the country if that happens in this messed-up baseball season.

Fans and players alike have not forgotten how they may have been cheated out of deserved stats, game wins, and awards.  In the case of New York Yankee Aaron Judge, he lost out to Astros Jose Altuve for the MVP award for the 2017 season.  Many pitchers and players have made their feelings of disgust over the cheating scheme.

The Boston Red Sox have been recently exposed for their cheating in their 2018 Championship season.  There manager Alex Cora was fired by the Sox and he was suspended by MLB, not for his Red Sox involvement but for being the Astros ring leader in their cheating scheme.  Although the New York Yankees may feel cheated during that 2018 season, they and other teams may look more kindly on the Sox because they at least had the decency to phone every team and apologize, something the smug Astros have yet to do.

When the season starts, wherever it starts the Houston Astros will be humiliated in many ways.  The obvious is boos when the team is introduced and constant boos for Jose Altuve.  But that will be the least of it.  There will be cheater signs, clanging trash can covers, and the like.  Right now Jose Altuve will take the brunt of the shame.  His lukewarm apology and refusal to take questions further infuriated fans, especially the Yankees and Los Angeles fans that were most affected by cheating.

Altuve was thought to even have buzzers under his jersey to alert him of the pitches coming.  Something he has denied.  But his orders not to rip his jersey off upon reaching home plate certainly puts that in question.  Here’s an interesting fact many fans may not be aware of.  Altuve who is undeniably a good player batted .209 in his away games.  But at his home park, Minutemaid where the cheating went on, he batted .355.  Maybe that is just a coincidence, maybe not.

One thing is for sure, the Houston Astros will be showered with shame during every game they play this season.


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