New York Yankees Recap: Veteran Brett Gardner saves the Yankees, Yanks 4 O’s 3

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees blew out the Baltimore Orioles last night 7-2 when Gerrit Cole struggled, but the Yankee lineup picked him up with five home runs. Tonight they were hoping the same with Nestor Cortes Jr. on the mound for the Yankees. On this Roberto Clemente Day at Camden Yards. The Yankees won their third straight game 4-3.

LeMahieu led off the first inning by flying out to center.  Aaron Judge was out on a foul tip. Anthony Rizzo lined out to Mountcastle at first base. In the bottom, Cedric Mullins flew out to center. Ryan Mountcastle foul-tipped for the second out. Austin Hays was rung up on strikes. No score.

Giancarlo Stanton led off the second inning by lining out to second. Luke Voit flew out to right. Gleyber Torres walked. Gary Sanchez hit one over the top of the wall that Cedric Mullins caught as he stole a homer from Sanchez. Anthony Santander led off the bottom by going down on strikes. Ramon Urias doubled to left center, splitting the outfielders. Ryan McKenna went down looking. Pat Valaika walked. With two on and two outs, Kelvin Gutierrez struck out for Cortes’s fifth strikeout of the game. No score.

Brett Gardner led off the third inning by singling to left. Gio Urshela homered into the left-field stands. DJ LeMahieu went down swinging. Judge ground out up the middle. Rizzo flew out to McKenna in left, but the Yankees went up 2 runs in the game. At the bottom, Austin Wynns popped out to first. Mullins flew out to Judge in right. Mountcastle flew out as well for a fast inning for Cortes. New York Yankees 2 Orioles 0.

The fourth inning was led off by Giancarlo Stanton, who singled. Voit flew out to left Torres singled to left. Sanchez popped out to first. Gardner, with two on and two outs, struck out swinging. At the bottom, Hays struck out swinging. Santander struck out swinging. Urias struck out for a strikeout of the side for Cortes. New York Yankees 2 Orioles 0.

Gio Urshela led off the fifth inning by lining out to center. LeMahieu went down looking. Judge ground out to short. In the bottom, McKenna flew out to Judge in right. Valaika singled to left. Gutierrez struck out for Cortes’s ninth strikeout of the game. Wynns hit a scorcher for a lineout to Urshela at short to end the inning. Yankees 2 Orioles 0.

The sixth inning was led off by Rizzo, who popped out to second base. Stanton, on the first pitch, flew out to deep center. Voit walked to end Means night with 103 pitches. Torres faced the new Oriole’s pitcher Conner Greene and struck out.  Mullins led off the bottom by striking out. Mountcastle got Cortes’s 11 career-high strikeout. Then, Hays hit a homer to left. Santander flew out to Stanton in deep left. New York Yankees 2 Orioles 1.

Gary Sanchez led off the seventh inning by ripping one to left that Gutierrez snagged. Gardner doubled and upon review, he was called safe. Urshela ground out, but Gardner reached third on the play. LeMahieu flew out to right, stranding Gardner at third. The bottom was led off by Urias, who ground out to short. McKenna walked, ending Cortes’s night with 11 strikeouts and 98 pitches. Valaika faced the new Yankee pitcher Chad Green and flew out to Stanton. Gutierrez struck out to end the inning. Yankees 2 Orioles 1.

The eighth inning was led off by Aaron Judge, who stuck out. Rizzo ground out to first. Stanton ground out to third base for a fast inning for Cole Sulser. At the bottom, Austin Wynns singled to right. Mullins ground out to first. Torres could have gotten the double play but threw to first instead of second. Mullins went to third on a wild pitch.  Mountcastle, with one out and a runner on third, struck out. With a man on third and two outs, Hays got a two-run homer into the left-field stands for the Oriole’s first lead of the game. Santander faced Wandy Peralta and singled. Urias struck out, but the Orioles took the 3-2 lead. Would Torres completing the double play make a difference… sure would have.

In the ninth inning, with the last licks on the line for the New York Yankees, Luke Voit stepped to the plate and walked. Tyler Wade was brought in to pinch run. Torres singled up the middle. Gary Sanchez, with two on and no outs, flew out to centerfield. Wade stole third base. In a very odd move, the Baltimore ground crew was thrown out of the game. Brett Gardner got a bloop single scoring both Wade and Torres to give the Yankees the 4-3 lead. Urshela reached on a fielder’s choice, but Gardner reached second on a Martin shortstop error. LeMahieu faced the new pitcher Dillon Tate who threw a wild pitch allowing the runners to advance. LeMahieu ground out, and Gardner was called out at home plate.  With two outs and men on the corners, Aaron Judge lined out to short, but the Yankees came out of the half with the lead. Yankees 4 Orioles 2.

At the bottom of the ninth, Aroldis Chapman pitched in his third straight game for the first time since 2018. He faced McKenna, who popped out to short. Valaika struck out. Gutierrez struck out swinging. The final score was the New York Yankees 4 and the Baltimore Orioles 3. The winning pitcher was Wandy Peralta, and the loser was Tyler Wells. The save went to Aroldis Chapman (27).





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