New York Yankees Prospects: Everson Pereira

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One of the most dynamic prospects in the New York Yankees farm system is stud outfielder, Everson Pereira. Pereira was signed by the Yankees in 2017 and the Yankees gave him a $1.5 million signing bonus. Pereira has a lot of tools that make the front office very excited when watching him play. Pereira has shown great maturity for his age and seems more seasoned as a baseball player than the normal 18-year-old prospect. Pereira comes in ranked as the 13th best prospect in the Yankees system but has a lot of room to grow into being one of the best prospects in the system. Pereira possesses one of the best pure swings in the system. Do not be fooled by his numbers this early in his career.


Advanced for his age

Back in 2018, Pereira really showed the New York Yankees a lot when they had him in rookie ball. In 41 games, Pereira hit .263 and drove in 26 runs. Pereira opened a lot of eyes considering he was just 17 years old. The Yankees moved him up to A- for the 2019 season and he did struggle a little. In 18 games, Pereira only hit .171 and struck out 26 times. In looking at the tape, a lot of the mistakes that Pereira was making at the plate seem to be coming from a lack of experience. While he has advanced skills, he can appear to be anxious at times and chases a lot of bad pitches. As he continues to get more experience, I believe that his eye will get better and those strikeout numbers will go down. Pereira has tremendous speed but hasn’t shown it as much as he should. He’s only stolen six bases in 59 minor league games. Pereira’s speed is one of the things that can take him to the next level, so I would like to see him become more aggressive on the bases.

Where to go from here?

Pereira is a really solid prospect for the Yankees. He is very good in the outfield, he has really good speed, and he does show promise with his approach at the plate. I think in a couple of years, Pereira has the potential to turn into a really solid MLB contributor for the Yankees. Whenever the season gets underway, I want to see Pereira cut down on the number of times he’s swinging at bad pitches. A lot of his strikeouts are avoidable with a better eye. I really want to see Pereira also become more aggressive when it comes to running. He’s got really good speed, and I would like to see him utilize it more.

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