New York Yankees: Luke Voit’s And Greg Bird’s Yankee Days May Be Numbered

New York Yankees, Luke Voit

Now in the offseason, the New York Yankees are forced to make more decisions at first base. They have four guys that could play there, and they likely wouldn’t carry more than two. DJ LeMahieu will obviously be on the roster, but who else will it be? In my opinion, it should be Mike Ford.

Lefty Power

The main reason why I think Mike Ford should be on the roster in 2020 is his lefty power. We know that Greg Bird has lefty power, but bats under .200. Ford can put balls in the seats while still maintaining a decent average.

In 143 at-bats in 2019, Ford hit .259 with 12 home runs and 25 RBIs. He is also a really good defender, with a .985 fielding percentage. The Yankees could even use him as an emergency pitcher. He appeared in one game in 2019 and was the Ivy League Pitcher of the Year in 2013.

Trade Bait

I think that the Yankees should use Luke Voit and Greg Bird as trade bait. I think that both deserve a big league job, just not with the Yankees.

Greg Bird is taking the Hunter Pence approach, playing in the Dominican League this fall. He is trying to rework his swing and improve. Maybe a change of scenery would help him too.

Luke Voit battled a few injuries in 2019 and struggled down the stretch. I’m sure that the Yankees would love to keep him, but that may not be possible.

Trading those two guys could help the Yankees acquire a starting pitcher or even a guy like Francisco Lindor. Mike Ford has earned his pinstripes, and I think that he would make a huge impact off the bench for the Yankees in 2020.

3 thoughts on “New York Yankees: Luke Voit’s And Greg Bird’s Yankee Days May Be Numbered”

  1. We need to be realistic. DJ is now where DIDI was so we need 2 first basemen. What we really need is a new hitting coach – one who can hit and bunt and is old school. We need to dump our idiotic defense. We need to dump Boone and Cashman – Boone because he is an idiot too stuck on this is my this – that and the other thing – if you need your closer in the 4 th inning – use him.Don’t over use and abuse your relief staff and yes definitely do push your starters. If they cannot go 7 – you don’t really need them,

  2. Very good points. Bird should go but how much could he really bring back in a trade? Voit would yield more but what Yankee fan wants to see him go,? And yet how desirable would a package of Voit and Clint Frazier be to the right team? Lots to consider.

  3. I believe that Mike Ford can be the every day 1st baseman for the Yankees. He proved that he could hit lefties too and makes contact more often than Voit or Encarnacion, therefore not as prone to prolonged slumps. He is very affordable for the Yankees making the minimum MLB wage and is a very productive hitter. He’s a lefty which is beneficial for Yankees Stadium, but can hit to all fields too. His OBP is excellent too (.350 in limited time in the bigs and .401 in the minors.) Defensively, he made just about all of the plays required. Everything seems to be on the up and up with Mike Ford. His situation is beneficial for the Yankees and he’s at the age of fulfilling his full potential which. He’s 27 and has at least 8 years of good baseball left. The only concern I would have is his weight. I believe though, that the Yankees can talk to him about that and keep him aware of it.