New York Yankees: Is Miguel Andujar finally on the right track?

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

After third-baseman Miguel Andujar missed the majority of the 2019 season due to an injury, he got off to a rocky 2020 start. He’s bounced between the alternate training site and the major leagues for the New York Yankees in this odd season, but may have finally found something of late.

Since being recalled, he’s 6-for-12 with a triple and a home run, also drawing a pair of walks. This is just in the last five games. The 12 games prior saw him pick up just four combined hits.

This is just what the Yankees need from Andujar. After his struggles and doubt about his future on the team, he seems to finally be onto something. With Gio Urshela on the IL and Brett Gardner struggling in left, Andujar is seeing his name crack the lineup almost everyday. So for at least the next week, Andujar should continue to see consistent at-bats.

And maybe, consistent playing time was part of the issue to begin with. Urshela proved he could be the third-baseman of the future when Andujar was on the IL last season, and got the most starts this year. So, Andujar wasn’t playing everyday because of that. Could that have been part of the issue?

However, the fielding is still a major problem. In just 68 innings played in the field, he already has -5 defensive runs saved and four errors. Ideally, the team would like to DH him while continuing to develop his defense, but that’s not currently an option with injuries.

Right now, the Yankees should be happy with Miguel Andujar’s recent success. He could be playing for a spot on the team next year, and he’s currently trending the right direction. Maybe, just maybe, Andujar can help the Yankees turn things around and make a late-season push.

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