New York Yankees: Is Hal Steinbrenner living up to George’s expectations?

New York Yankees, Hal Steinbrenner

Reports from the New York Yankees higher brass has disclosed that signing Gerrit Cole is the top priority for the team this offseason. And they’re reportedly not concerned over how much they’ll pay extra for the luxury tax. It’s “Sign Cole, or else”.

Hal Doesn’t Have the Team’s Interest at Heart Like His Dad

George Steinbrenner, whom I never really cared for as an owner, at least was obsessed with making the New York Yankees the brand name that they are today. In George Steinbrenner’s first 12 years as owner, the Yankees had 5 postseason appearances, 3 pennants, and 2 World Series titles.

Hal started taking over more control of the team in 2007, though he didn’t become the principal owner until after George’s death in 2010, we’ll start in 2007. In Hal’s first 12 years, they have 9 postseason appearances, 1 pennant, and 1 championship. When it’s World Series or bust… 1 for 9 just doesn’t cut it.

Hal is Too Frugal to be an Owner

When George wanted a player, he got that player. Did that player always help the team? No, but it kept the team relevant. When Hal needed a player, it was never to help the team or fill an urgent position, but it followed through on George’s path of “Keep the team relevant.”

We needed pitching last season. 2 pitchers. James Paxton was a dud before the All-Star break. And Happ was completely ineffective. We could have had Corbin, but Hal didn’t want to give the extra year. We could have gotten Cole 2 years ago, but Hal and Cashman killed the deal because… why?!

And Hal was taking over control in 2007… when the Yankees resigned Alex Rodriguez to that 10-year contract. And every year since… “We need to stay under the luxury tax!”

Yea. That one was all on you, buddy boy.

Hal, do the right thing. Sell the team. YOU were the reason why we’ve been so close but oh so very far the last 3 seasons. 

Yea… and that Jacoby Ellsbury deal you signed? You should have been voted off the board for that one.