New York Yankees: Is Aroldis Chapman On Track For A Hall Of Fame Career?

New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman
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It’s no doubt that New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman has been one of the best relievers in baseball since his 2010 debut. But, do you think that he could potentially be Hall of Fame worthy?

The Cuban Missile For A Reason

Chapman was given the nickname “Cuban Missile” for a very good reason. He’s of Cuban descent and has the strongest arm in the history of the game, literally. In his rookie season, he set the MLB record with a 105 mph pitch.

He now often only reaches 99 or 100 mph, but he’s learned other ways to be effective with sliders and changeups.

Over his impressive career, Chapman has only had an ERA greater than three just two times; 2011 and 2017. He’s also had five seasons with an ERA of two or less. His career ERA is 2.23 over 550 games with 273 career saves. Chapman has had two seasons with 38 saves and was just one short of that in 2019.

In 2016 with the Cubs, Chapman basically willed them to a World Series ring. The team didn’t have a stellar bullpen, and Chapman pitched time after time for them. He faded late that Postseason due to fatigue. He pitched 15.2 innings throughout October into November.

His career postseason ERA is an impressive 2.45 in 32 appearances. His postseason reputation is just hurt because of the 2016 World Series Game 7 home run he gave up to Rajai Davis, and the home run he allowed to Jose Altuve to end the 2019 ALCS. He’s really been great over his postseason career.

Aroldis Chapman has had a great career so far, but should he deserve a Hall of Fame nomination if he continues this play this well over the latter part of his career?