New York Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton Set To Return By Thursday

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

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New York Yankees outfielder and former MVP Giancarlo Stanton will be returning to the lineup by Thursday. He has been out since June 25th with a PCL strain in his right knee.

Stanton returned from Tampa on Tuesday and was in the Yankee clubhouse for the game against the Angels. Aaron Boone said that they may activate him on Wednesday, but it will be Thursday at the latest.

Due to an early season injury, he’s only played in nine games. He’s batting .290 with a homerun and seven RBIs. If he can get back to his normal self, it could be very beneficial having a fresh bat in the postseason lineup.

Once he returns, the plan is to get him a lot of bats to try to make up for lost time. He would definitely play more than a guy like Edwin Encarnacion, who will return in a few days. Since Encarnacion hasn’t missed much time, the Yankees need to plug Stanton in more than him.

Giancarlo Stanton is the next Yankee to return from injury, and his impact should be instant. Following him will be Encarnacion and hopefully Gary Sanchez in their returns.

The team suffered a devastating blow when they discovered that Dellin Betances hurt himself in his return on Sunday. He has a partial achilles tear and will miss the rest of the season and at least a portion of next year.

Betances will end the year facing just two batters and throwing eight pitches. Hopefully, the Yankees will be able to rally and get a world series ring for him.


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