New York Yankees: Disappointing Start To West Coast Swing

New York Yankees, Masahiro Tanaka
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After a home split against a solid Cleveland Indians team, the New York Yankees headed out west with a lot of confidence. But, that confidence went away rather quickly after they were dominated by the Oakland Athletics, on the wrong side of a three game sweep.

You really can’t put the blame on any one person. The Yankee starting pitching didn’t perform, and neither did the offense. All three starting pitchers that faced the Athletics gave up five runs, and the Yankees scored just nine runs all week.

With this day and age of the game, you can’t score three runs and expect to win. You need to score at least five runs to feel even just alright about winning a game.

The bullpen was pretty solid though. The relievers gave up just two runs during the series and they had their work cut out for them, not that it mattered in the end.

Wipe Away The Week

The last thing the Yankees can do now is think about the Oakland series too much. Just 24 hours later, they are in a new city ready to face the best team in baseball.

To win the series with the Dodgers, the Yankees need to only focus on the game they’re playing in. It’s a big series, but with it being players weekend, everything should hopefully be more relaxed in a sense.

Plus, the Yankees play the Athletics again in just a week, so they can get their revenge against them then. For now, the Yankees just need to find a way to make the rest of the road trip successful.

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