New York Yankees: Could Kyle Higashioka be on the verge of losing his spot?

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Yesterday afternoon, the New York Yankees completed their first sweep of the season when they defeated the Cleveland Guardians 10-2. Gerrit Cole took the mound and finally looked like himself with dominant performance that saw him go 6.2 innings while striking out nine and allowing zero earned runs.

Cole entered the game with an ERA over six after he had struggled through is first three starts. Behind the plate for Cole yesterday was not his personal catcher Kyle Higashioka. Instead, newly acquired Jose Trevino was behind the plate for Cole’s start.

Trevino has been a breath of fresh air for Yankees fans early on in the season. He’s had some timely hits and he’s been tremendous behind the plate defensively. Trevino has a reputation of being a tremendous framer and in every start, he definitely steals a couple of strikes for his pitchers.

So far in his seven starts this season, the Yankees starters have been incredible. Three times they’ve allowed zero runs with a minimum of five innings pitched. Luis Severino, Jordan Montgomery, and Gerrit Cole have all looked sensational with Trevino behind the plate.

Trevino’s start got me thinking about Kyle Higashioka. Higgy has been playing behind Gary Sanchez for the past few years and only really started consistently when Cole was on the mound. However, if Trevino starts catching Cole regularly and they build a solid rapport, Higgy’s job could be in trouble.

Yankees Catching Situation

Right now, the Yankees are platooning the catcher spot with Trevino and Higashioka. However, if the current trend continues, it’s going to be hard arguing for Higashioka playing outside of giving Trevino a rest.

Trevino is having much more competitive at bats, and he’s been much better behind the plate. We’ve seen an uptick in passed balls from Higashioka including multiple in one inning.

Higgy’s one saving grace was the fact that he was Cole’s catcher. However, if Trevino continues to catch Cole and the numbers are strong, Higgy’s limited playing time is going to be less and less.

Look, I know it’s early and people were enamored with Higashioka’s Babe Ruth-Like Spring Training. However, it was just that, Spring Training. Until he does it in the regular season, who cares?

Jose Trevino doesn’t have the track record of a superstar catcher. Neither does Higashioka. With the Yankees catching situation, it’s all about who is looking the best and who is playing better at a given time.

There’s no question, it’s Jose Trevino right now. I see them still platooning for a while so Higgy’s got some time. However, if the results don’t come soon, he’s going to be buried on the bench once again.

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