Giancarlo Stanton makes his decision on future with Yankees

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton

While no one expected Giancarlo Stanton to try to hit free agency, it’s official now. Giancarlo Stanton will void his opt-out for the offseason as expected. This means the Yankees will owe him $218 million over the next seven years. While it is backloaded, it has an AAV of $29 million for the next two years, which isn’t bad. The heavy part is the next three years of a $32 million AAV. This is all before a $25 million cost in year seven and a $10 million buyout in year eight if he doesn’t get the option. He has a huge number and long years, but overall the contract may not be as bad as it’s presumed to be. Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee, and we have to give him a chance in the Bronx.

Giancarlo Stanton’s Health In New York

Despite what most people will tell you when Stanton plays, he’s very, very valuable. While yes, I would still say his contract is an overpay, it’s definitely not a nightmare contract. He has a huge health concern, but that was a risk the Yankees knew they were taking with him. The season in 2019 seemed to be a bit of an anomaly, though, as the last time Stanton didn’t play 100+ games, he got hit in the face with a fastball. He will probably play 120 games, which is around his per year average, and I assume he will be able to post a four fWAR per 120 games as that’s his per 120 average since 2017. That would make him worth a little bit more per year than his contract actually. This is, of course, just speculation, but it is the thought the Yankees should have.

Constant Threat At DH For the Yankees

The New York Yankees, for 120 games a year, will have a 140 wRC+, .360 OBP, and high hard-hit percentage. This is all right between their high OBP guys and solid bats. They know they need Stanton’s presence to win, so him staying will help chase for 28. There really wasn’t a high chance he would leave, but baseball is weird. You never know if or when a player has had enough of a team or a city. I think he will enjoy some success in the Bronx, and he will get the fans on his side with a title in his prime while he’s here.

I can’t give any guarantees as injuries can derail a career, that’s very true. What I can say that if we get 120 games of standard Stanton, we’re going to be fine paying him what we pay him.