Breaking News: Philadelphia Phillies likely infected by the Miami Marlins

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Jeff Passan of ESPN has reported that the MLB Philadelphia Phillies have canceled workouts today after a coach and clubhouse attendant tested positive for coronavirus. Activities are shut down “until further notice,” according to the team.

Joe Girardi‘s Philadelphia Phillies were exposed to the virus during a weekend series with the Miami Marlins.  Since the first day of the Marlins/Phillies series, more than half of the Marlin’s team has become infected by the virus, including some of the crew.

The incubation period for CV-19 is such that more positives for the Phillies are likely coming in the next few days.  They were scheduled to play the Toronto Blue Jays in the coming days.  That now likely will not happen. All of the baseball world thought or at least hoped that the two games postponed on Monday would be the end of this.  This new news put the future into even more unknown.

Further, the Marlin’s had another positive test today according to Ken Rosenthal.  That brings the total of Miami Marline infected to 17. MLB will wind their way through these outbreaks as it endeavors to complete a 60 game baseball season.

Stay with for future updates on the continuing baseball news.



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