The Rangers could trade overly expensive center

The New York Rangers are poised to take on the 2023-2024 NHL season with a solidified lineup. Fans are keenly observing the dynamics, especially concerning possible trades and adjustments to the roster. With the trade deadline looming and little cap space available, the team may opt for some minor shifts to make the most of the upcoming season.

Potential Trade: Barclay Goodrow’s Future With the Rangers

One name that has been repeatedly surrounded by trade rumors is Barclay Goodrow. Fans have been expressing dissatisfaction with his recent performances. Here’s a deeper look at Goodrow’s situation:

Goodrow as a Costly Fourth-Line Option

Though Goodrow has been mainly playing on the fourth line, he still commands a respectable salary. If he were to fulfill his existing contract, the Rangers would be committed to spending $3.6 million for the next four seasons on this versatile winger and center. While this may not be a colossal sum, the Rangers have a projected cap of just under $2.3 million remaining. In a situation where every dollar matters, Goodrow’s contract becomes significant.

The Rangers may need to make a trade before the deadline to free up more cap space, and Goodrow seems like a likely candidate. There are many veteran centers in the NHL who might offer similar or superior skills for less money.

As reported by AMNY, “With Goodrow supplanted more as a fourth-line piece over the last couple of years, New York could ultimately decide that a cheaper option would be more sustainable for the continued health of the roster.”

Making Room for Emerging Talent: Brennan Othmann

Another factor weighing on the Rangers’ decision is the abundance of young prospects eager for their NHL debut. One standout name is Brennan Othmann, who has consistently excelled at every level of hockey he’s participated in. It’s not a question of if he’ll get called up to the Rangers but when.

The primary obstacle for Othmann has been the crowded left-wing positions on the team, occupied by solidified NHL players such as Chris Kreider, Artemi Panarin, and Alexis Lafreniere. This congestion has left no room for younger talents like Othmann to find their place.

With Goodrow aging and his skills starting to decline, the Rangers could consider trading him to open up space for prospects like Othmann. Injecting new, young talent into the roster could significantly impact the team’s performance.

A Strategic Approach for the Season Ahead

The New York Rangers have tough decisions to make in preparation for the 2023-2024 NHL season. With constrained cap space and a need to continuously evolve the roster, players like Barclay Goodrow may find themselves on the trading block.

Whether seeking a cheaper alternative to Goodrow or paving the way for emerging stars like Brennan Othmann, the Rangers are likely to explore trade opportunities to optimize their lineup.

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