Televised New York Rangers Playoff Games Could Prove to be Interesting

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One of the few benefits of having no fans in the stands for New York Ranger playoff games is that the televised look and feel may be different and in some ways improved. Rangers radio announcer Kenny Albert touched on this subject during Tony DeAngelo’s Watch Your Tone podcast that was dropped this past Wednesday.

Different camera angles could be part of New York Ranger playoff games

Albert addressed this issue when he was asked about how he felt the games would be like with no fans. One of the things he mentioned was that this could provide the networks with an opportunity to provide camera angles that they would not be able to do in a crowded stadium.

“I know with the golf event with Peyton Manning. Brady, Mickelson, and Woods the network was able to try some things with technology and put cameras in different areas and I’ve read some quotes from the NHL people that in an empty building, that is something that they might be able to do.” Albert explained. “But if there are no fans in the building, that would lead to some very interesting camera angles.”

Indeed, as sources have mentioned that the NHL and the networks are looking at ways to incorporate either fixed and/or robotic cameras, in addition to the normal manned camera shots, at the selected hub arenas to give fans a unique television experience that they would not be able to in normal circumstances.

Will we get to hear what the New York Rangers players are saying during the games?

During the podcast, Albert stated that he expected the technicians will set audio to be a part of the broadcast. “With the limited people at the arena, you will be able to hear everything on the ice,” Albert said.

The network censors will have their work cut out for them as they try to make sure the Rangers and other teams’ best chirpers do not say something that is not meant for us to hear.

The players will also be aware of that and while it might be strange to play in an empty building, Albert pointed out that many of the players have experienced playing in nearly empty arenas is the minors, juniors, and college so he does not expect that it will be a huge adjustment for them.

Albert also mentioned a downside of this system will be that he and other announcers around the league will be broadcasting from a studio for at least the first two rounds. Among the difficulties that he expects will be that while viewing the game from a monitor, he will not be able to see the entire ice, which means that he won’t be able to pick up a penalty that was called behind the play. Albert also mentioned that picking up jersey numbers is tougher to do from a studio monitor.

Regardless, the fans will get to see the New York Rangers in a playoff game, even if it will be a totally new experience for the players, networks, and the fans.






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